Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 582 - This Was All Because the Little Descendant was Simply too Beautiful

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Chapter 582: This Was All Because the Little Descendant was Simply too Beautiful

In fact, the foreign media were already starting to mock some of the artistes before the event had even begun this year.

They were really ready to mock them.

However, they posted a picture of one of the foreign artistes who participated in the event on the news page as they mocked and humiliated Jiang Yuning.

[How can anyone possibly be her fan?]

[If anyone wore this kind of dress and walked on the streets in the United States, they would definitely be considered as a sweeper on the street!]

[So ugly! Oh my god. Is that the old witch that my daughter hates the most?]

[She has such a horrible figure!]


The foreign news media mistakenly identified a low-key artiste as Jiang Yuning and Jiang Yuning as the other foreign artiste instead. Moreover, they also mistakenly praised the other artiste.

This was because the young lady who looked like a goddess was simply too beautiful and she stood out in all of the foreign news page.

[How could anyone have such beautiful eyes? Isn&x2019;t this simply amazing?]

[It seems as though she is wearing a cheongsam from China. I saw one of my friends wearing it when she was traveling in the past. I felt that it looked really strange at that time. However, now that I am seeing this young lady wearing the cheongsam, I feel that it is really very beautiful.]

[Yes, it is beautiful! It is really so beautiful!]

[Where can I buy this cheongsam? It is really a beauty&x2026;]


The foreign media made a big mistake and this was quickly seen by the local and domestic media in China. After taking screenshots of the mistake, they translated the article and placed it on their domestic website and this immediately aroused a heated discussion amongst the netizens.

The foreign media were obviously out to mock Jiang Yuning.

This was the reason why they actually assumed that Jiang Yuning was someone else instead.

So, the netizens quickly posted their comments on the internet.

[Cough. Cough&x2026;this foreigners&x2026;are really blind. I am just contemplating whether we should let them know how stupid they are, or should we continue letting them act stupidly?]

[Erm&x2026;this is the first time that I feel that the foreigners are quite stupid. Hahaha! They should know that the person that they are praising and boasting about is none other than Jiang Yuning. I think they will definitely be shocked to death when they find out the truth about this matter!]

[Jiang Yuning is really beautiful. It seems as though it has already been internationally certified!]

[Hahaha. It would be really funny and embarrassing when the truth is revealed.]

[My friend from abroad called me earlier to tell me that the Jiang Yuning from our country is really ugly. The only explanation that I gave him was that the fair and gorgeous young lady that you were praising and calling out in excitement for eighteen times is the real Jiang Yuning. Hahaha.]

[Good job!]

[Even though the foreign media made a huge mistake, somehow, I am still feeling very happy and excited.]

[I am abroad and I just took some of Empress Jiang&x2019;s pictures and posted it on the school forum. After that, everyone started gushing about her beauty. It seemed as though none of them had ever seen such a beautiful girl in their lives. I think they have never seen the world before.]

[Hahaha. Are they coveting Jiang Yuning&x2019;s beauty? Wait until we show them a picture of our brother-in-law! He is so incredibly handsome and perfect that I think all of the foreign women overseas would definitely be overwhelmed as soon as they saw his picture!]

[After being bullied for so many years, Jiang Yuning finally turned things around! I really want to show her off now!]

[I really want to call out all of the foreign media and let them know that the woman that they had just publish was just one of the low-key artiste! Even though they are not as beautiful as the other artistes, they are still very dignified and beautiful in their own ways! I don&x2019;t think that they should be humiliated in this manner at all! Thank you.]

[In view of this, I am one of the Ginger Candies who have a little money to spare. I want to teach all of these sand sculptures a lesson. Therefore, I would like to announce that I have already booked numerous big screens in several countries. For the next twenty four hours, all the beautiful pictures of our Sister Yuning will be shown on a rolling basis! I will blind all of these foreigners to death!]

[Great job!]

[I like the rich sister V587!]

There were also domestic reporters and people from the media who were currently abroad at this time. After learning about this matter, they also carried their cameras in their hands as they head out on the street in the middle of the night to do a sudden interview.

They wanted to ask the foreigners some questions.

This was simply because they wanted to see their reactions.

Firstly, they asked if any of them watched and kept up with the International Cultural Exchange Symposium.

Secondly, they asked if any of them knew who Jiang Yuning was.

Thirdly, they wanted to know if they knew that the media had mistaken someone else as Jiang Yuning.

As a result, fifty percent of the people that they interviewed knew about this matter. However, when they told the truth to people who did not know about the mistake, the expression on their faces were so incredible! They were in utter disbelief.

Most of them felt very embarrassed and they said that they were all very interested in Jiang Yuning&x2019;s outfit. Moreover, they also said that they would definitely want to make a trip to Luo City and experience it for themselves if they had the opportunity to do so.

At this time, there was one person who directly shot at the foreign media on his social media account. &x201C;This group of idiots can never be compared to my Sister Yuning!&x201D;

In short, the secret operation made everyone feel very happy inside.

At this time, the luncheon for the International Cultural Exchange Symposium had just ended.

Jiang Yuning was heading to change into a new outfit at this time, but she realized there was not enough time for her to do so because her schedule was too tight.

In the end, Jiang Yuning decided not to change out of her modified cheongsam. After all, she had to go and prepare for her performance after the luncheon.

In fact, Jiang Yuning did not know that she caused a scene during the luncheon.

She had been so graceful and elegant when she was dining that one of the foreign guests had been so captivated and distracted that she almost fell down&x2026;

It seemed as though all of the foreign guests had placed all of their attention on Jiang Yuning at this event.

&x201C;You can leave after you are done with your meal, okay?&x201D; Dinghua quickly reminded Jiang Yuning in a low voice after she saw that she was already done with her lunch. &x201C;Don&x2019;t be nervous. You should go and get ready for your performance later. You should leave now.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning looked around before she nodded, &x201C;Alright then, I will go and get ready now.&x201D;

Dinghua patted the back of her hand gently. She was really starting to like this young girl more and more.

How could a young girl in her twenties possibly have such good manners?

Jiang Yuning left the banquet hall under the leadership and guidance of the staff because she knew that she still had other responsibilities in the afternoon.


At this time, Jiang Yuning&x2019;s photos were already circulating on the internet for the whole morning. Unfortunately, Lu Jingzhi only had the opportunity to see those photos at this time.

He realized that the picture that the media had captured of Jiang Yuning laughing was really beautiful.

Sometimes, he really felt like hiding Jiang Yuning at home. This was especially because she was a famous and big celebrity! Every time there was something good or beautiful, he could only see it on the internet. Moreover, he always had to share all those beautiful photos of his wife with everyone else.

The picture that he was looking at now was exceptionally beautiful.

In fact, even Secretary Ho was already using it as his screensaver.

However, when Lu Jingzhi saw the screensaver on his phone, he coughed slightly as he looked at Secretary Ho.

Secretary Ho was so shocked that he trembled a little before he quickly changed the screensaver on his cell phone.

He was too carried away&x2026;

Even though he felt that the principal was being overly possessive as he was treating his wife as a sacred object, for the sake of his own life, Secretary Ho decided to change his screensaver into a picture of his new &x2018;idol&x2019;, a girl group.

&x201C;Can these pictures&x2026;be copyrighted?&x201D; Lu Jingzhi suddenly asked.

&x201C;Principal, I am afraid&x2026;that it would be extremely difficult to do that,&x201D; Secretary Ho replied in a trembling manner.

&x201C;I just do not want anyone else to see this picture.&x201D;

Secretary Ho: &x201C;Principal, wouldn&x2019;t you have seen all sorts of angles of the young mistress when you are home? You have a clear three hundred and sixty degree view of the young mistress!&x201D;

But Lu Jingzhi had never seen such a ridiculously beautiful image of Jiang Yuning.

Lu Jingzhi immediately set this picture of Jiang Yuning as his screensaver. He could only blame the little descendant for being too beautiful.

However, Secretary Ho felt that it was still too early for the principal to consider that this was the most beautiful picture of Jiang Yuning.

There would still be pictures from the activities in the afternoon and also for the grand dinner tonight!

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