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Chapter 579 - She Would Fight Back if She Had to

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Chapter 579: She Would Fight Back if She Had to

One day later, Jiang Yuning’s itinerary was updated. There was an addition to her itinerary but there was no specific mention about what the addition was. Only the location of her event was mentioned but the location of the event was none other than the political and cultural center.

After seeing the update in Jiang Yuning’s itinerary, the Ginger Candies suddenly had a bad feeling.

[Don’t tell me, that the unlucky person this year is none other than out idol?]

[Last year, the artiste was mocked by all the netizens on the internet. After returning to the country, she did not return to work for a long time. This was because she was ridiculed as soon as she came out and she finally decided to retract like a tortoise instead. Was the unlucky person this year really Empress Jiang?]

[Ginger Candies! We better be prepared!]

[If anyone dared to taunt Empress Jiang, then I will definitely go all out to kill those group of haters!]

[Shh. Perhaps Empress Jiang is very busy recently since she is also preparing for her new movie, . Maybe that is the reason why she did not make any official announcements about this matter at all.]

[Silly girl! There will not be any official announcement on this matter!]

[Oh no! I hope that the gods and heavens will look over Sister Yuning bless her so that she will not be so unlucky.]

In fact, the entire cultural exchange meeting only had a one-day itinerary. Early in the morning, the participants would have to participate in the symposium before attending the lunch held in the afternoon. After that, they would pay a visit to all the intangible cultural projects with the foreign guests in the afternoon. Last but not least, they would have to attend a formal dinner in the evening.

Jiang Yuning would be changing into four different sets of clothes throughout the entire event.

One set for the seminar, one set for the luncheon, one set for the cultural exchange activity in the afternoon and the most important outfit was for the formal dinner at night.

Jiang Yuning’s costume designer was also trembling because of the lessons that he had learnt in the past. Moreover, he did not want to be kicked out of the designer circles and he did not want Jiang Yuning to get mocked.

However, since Jiang Yuning was born with the face made for ancient traditional outfits, she would always shine whenever she put on a Chinese traditional outfit or cheongsam.

The costume designer was initially thinking of doing something strange because he wanted Jiang Yuning to stand out. However, Jiang Yuning was startled and she disagreed.

“Just make it as simple as it is. I do not want anything too fancy. Otherwise, since they already made fun of the artiste last year and called her an alpaca, are you intending for me to be mocked for a peacock this year? Even if you go along with the regular and simplest plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemu.m embroidery, wouldn’t it be amazing already?”

After that, the costume designer decided to reduce the complexity of the outfits and he finally came up with four sets of simple but extremely elegant outfits for Jiang Yuning.

This was because the costume designer could tell that Jiang Yuning clearly wanted to use the most simplest and elegant items to become the brightest shining star on that day. She was extremely confident of herself.

Moreover, China’s cultural heritage was so profound and beautiful and not many people would understand it at all.

The night before the International Cultural Exchange Symposium, Vera took out her notebook and she continued nagging endlessly in Jiang Yuning’s ear.

“Please ask the second young master Lu to refrain from doing anything reckless tonight. You have to be very energetic tomorrow and there should be no identified marks on your body at all. Therefore, please go home and tell your dear second young master Lu to behave himself tonight.”

During this period of time, Jiang Yuning had been enduring Vera’s endless nagging and she really felt that it was starting to annoy her. Therefore, before Vera could continue nagging at her, Jiang Yuning stopped her before she said, “Actually, there is a question that I have been meaning to ask you. Am I really such an unreliable person to you? Is that the reason why you are nagging me continuously for days without letting me off at all?”

“It’s not that. I am just nagging at you because I am nervous. I am really worried. Do you know that the last artiste who attended the symposium ended up after participating in the international event? I really do not want you to ruin your great future because of this.”

Jiang Yuning could not help but rolled her eyes at Vera at this time.

“I will not give anyone a chance to taunt me or bully me. Just trust me…”

Vera looked at Jiang Yuning for a moment before she finally nodded. She knew that she was the one who was too worried and nervous. “Alright then, I will not stress myself over this matter anymore. Make sure that you rest well tonight.”

“You should have behaved this way from the very beginning…” Jiang Yuning replied after she was done removing her makeup. After that, she got up from her chair before she started stretching a little.

She already knew that she had to do and what she should not do.

However, she would still be frustrated if someone touched her bottom line and she would fight back if she had to.

This was because she represented not only the grandeur and dignity of her country, but she also represented their self-confidence and self-esteem.

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