Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 578 - Who Can Handle This Stress and Pressure?

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Chapter 578: Who Can Handle This Stress and Pressure?

&x201C;I heard that you will be the artiste representation to attend the cultural exchange symposium in two days&x2019; time?&x201D;

Jiang Yuning was surprised. After all, she really did not expect the old man to be so concerned about her affairs. Moreover, the itinerary was still private and she really did not know how the old man found out about it.

&x201C;Yes.&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied as she nodded.

&x201C;Make sure that you perform well. You are the only person in the Lu family who can be so active in public in future. The person standing next to you will always be so secretive in everything that he does,&x201D; the old man replied in a dissatisfied manner. &x201C;Go and rest now. Don&x2019;t disturb me.&x201D;

Even though both the grandfather and grandson had already fixed their issue, the way that they communicate was still very awkward.

Lu Jingzhi already knew the old man&x2019;s personality and character, so he did not bother to say anything at all. After that, he decided to walk up to the bedroom on the second floor as he placed his arms around Jiang Yuning.

However, before the both of them could disappear up the stairs, the old man suddenly said to Jiang Yuning, &x201C;Your drama is actually pretty good.&x201D;

In fact, the old man was rather disdainful at first.

He felt that the television dramas nowadays were not worth watching at all.

He thought all the comments and news about the drama were all completely made up.

However, one of his old comrades called him and told him about the plot and storyline of . His comrade also praised Jiang Yuning for her excellent acting skills. That was the reason why the old man reluctantly turned on his television to watch the replay of the drama. After that, he realized that the drama was actually pretty good.

Later, he found out that when Jiang Yuning was filming , she even went out to personally experience life just so that she could play the role of Li Zhimong perfectly.

Well, he had to admit that it was pretty good.

After taking on the role, she made sure that she could play the role perfectly. The old man was glad that this girl was acting because she loved acting, and not simply because she was a vain person.


After going upstairs, Jiang Yuning leaned against Lu Jingzhi as she took off his coat for him. After that, she smiled before she said, &x201C;Are you and grandpa going to continue being so cold to one another forever?&x201D;

Lu Jingzhi placed his arms around her waist before he lowered his head and said, &x201C;What is wrong with it?&x201D;

&x201C;I can tell that grandpa is already trying his best and he is already working hard to give me his affirmation. So, second young master Lu, please stop pushing him already!&x201D;

&x201C;I don&x2019;t want to talk about that old man now,&x201D; Lu Jingzhi replied as he hugged her tightly. &x201C;Come, let&x2019;s do the thing that will make you lose sleep tonight!&x201D;

Jiang Yuning placed her arms around his neck before she laughed and said, &x201C;Then&x2026;do you like that design that I sketched?&x201D;

Lu Jingzhi did not say anything at all. After entering the bathroom, he frowned before he said, &x201C;Erm&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;Fine. Forget it if you don&x2019;t like it!&x201D; Jiang Yuning felt very discouraged at this time.

&x201C;Did I say that I did not like it?&x201D; Lu Jingzhi turned around as he asked Jiang Yuning.

&x201C;Actually, I really want to tell everyone that our relationship has already started a long time ago. I do not want the outside world to continue thinking that you have been unrequitedly in love with me all these years when I have already had a crush on you a long time ago! But how can I possibly explain my feelings for you? I am also confused because I do not understand why our relationship had anything to do with anyone else,&x201D; Jiang Yuning said as she rested her head on Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s shoulder. &x201C;Second brother, I really love you so much.&x201D;

After Jiang Yuning said those words, it was already certain that she really did not need to go to sleep tonight anymore.

It was actually very strange that it was not Jiang Yuning&x2019;s wedding dress that caused all of this madness tonight, but that all of these feelings were all because of the groom&x2019;s suit.

However, because of Jiang Yuning&x2019;s sketchbook, Lu Jingzhi realized that if Jiang Yuning really loved someone, no matter how busy she was, she would always make time for him and think about him. No matter how busy she was, no one could ever push her away from the person that she loved.


The Dongdong incident was about to come to an end and there would be special lawyers who would be responsible for the subsequent lawsuits.

There was only two to three days left before the International Cultural Exchange Symposium. Guangying Media arranged for the best clothing and makeup team for Jiang Yuning because the dressing and makeup of the artiste was very important.

To attend this kind of international event, she did not only need to wear a set of beautiful clothes on her body. For this kind of international event, the color, texture, style and even the slightest embroidery on her clothes mattered. Everything had to be exquisite.

&x201C;There is still two days left before the event so I have no choice but to remind you that you are not allowed to roll your eyes at all no matter what happens. Moreover, you are not allowed to fight back even if there is something that you are unhappy with. Don&x2019;t even let anyone see you gritting your teeth at all! Do you understand me?&x201D;

Vera leaned against the dressing table and nagged at Jiang Yuning as she was trying on her clothes.

Even though Jiang Yuning had her head lowered, she simply gave Vera an okay gesture after listening to her words.

&x201C;I heard that some of the foreign artistes who would be attending the international event have some special issues. The probability of them finding fault with you is about ninety nine percent. Therefore, I would like to remind you again that you are representing not only Guangying Media, but you are also representing our country! Do not get frustrated! Do not lose your temper! Do not be so stubborn and strong willed!&x201D;

At this time, Jiang Yuning raised her head before she glanced at Vera and said helplessly, &x201C;Vera, are you done nagging at me? This is already the tenth time today! When are you ever going to stop?&x201D;

&x201C;It&x2019;s just because I am afraid that you will make a mistake! You have to know&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;That you are representing the face of the country.&x201D; Jiang Yuning completed Vera&x2019;s sentence for her in a casual manner. &x201C;This is about the eight hundredth time now. Vera, seriously stop already! Stop it! If you keep nagging at me, I am really going to collapse soon.&x201D;

&x201C;In a nutshell, it is better for you to respond to all sorts of changes. The public and netizens have been spreading rumors about which artiste would be representing our country for the international cultural exchange this time. However, all the information is still confidential and the news would only be released on the day of the event. Even though the entertainment media had already come up with a list of artistes, none of them include you at all. I guess it is probably because everyone thinks that it is not appropriate for you to show up at this time because you are still caught in the midst of the Dongdong incident.&x201D;

&x201C;Come on. I think they simply think I am not suitable or worthy enough to attend this kind of event.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning exposed Vera&x2019;s lies immediately.

Vera was speechless at this time.

In fact, the International Cultural Exchange Symposium had already been held for many years but it was always held in different cities and different countries.

In previous years, there were also many local artistes who went on the battlefield and encountered all sorts of unfair incidents.

This was also one of the main reasons why those big and famous celebrities refused to attend the event even though they knew that it was a very glorious thing.

Moreover, if a celebrity had to attend the event abroad, they would often receive very cold reception because of the cultural differences.

Even though a lot of improvements had already been made to the event, anyone who had experienced it would also feel the anger and frustration that they felt before.

At the very beginning, they were indeed some celebrities who wanted to do well. Therefore, they tried their best to compete with the foreign artistes. However, in the end, they simply decided to complete the tasks given to them just because they had to.

[I wonder which unlucky artiste would be sent to attend the International Cultural Exchange symposium this year. Last year, Caini was mocked by the internet because of her dressing. Everyone shared the picture of her and they said that she looked like an alpaca!]

[The international event would be held in Luo City this year. Is anyone looking forward to it?]

[Who would be able to excel under this kind of stress and pressure?]

[Why didn&x2019;t anyone consider Jiang Yuning?]

The masses were silent, not because they did not consider Jiang Yuning, but simply because they felt that she would not be the first choice because of her education level.

[Who cares if it is her anyway? Anyway, we should love whoever it is because it ends up the same way every year. I just hope that the host will not make things too difficult for them this year.]

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