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Chapter 575 - She was the Real Devil!

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Chapter 575: She was the Real Devil!

After watching the video, Jiang Yuning had the same reaction as Li Xuan.

No, it should be said that Jiang Yuning reacted even more strongly compared to Li Xuan. After all, when she was spending the five days with Sister Qin, she kept thinking and coming up with thousands of reasons why that woman refused to protect Dongdong. She finally came to the conclusion that she did not care about her own son and she did not want to protect him at all.

However, Li Xuan dug deeper and she actually unveiled the hatred that the woman felt towards Dongdong.

People would only feel sympathetic towards those with good intentions. Therefore, this woman obviously did not deserve anyone&x2019;s sympathy at all.

Jiang Yuning also requested for X Society to publish everything as it was without embellishing or hiding anything. She wanted them to show the public the hatred that the woman felt for her own son. This was because she wanted those who are enduring and putting up with violence and abuse to finally sober up and realize their own mistakes.

If they continued enduring it, they would only be ushering in more violence and abuse.

After a hectic and tough afternoon, there was finally good news from the Luo City Hospital. Dongdong had finally pulled through the crisis and he was finally in a stable condition.

As he had already recovered from his fever, the doctors tried to determine what kind of operation Dongdong would have to go through. Moreover, the Luo City Hospital has also publicly stated that they would perform the operation for the child, completely free of charge.

There were many old injuries and wounds on the young boy&x2019;s body and there was also an unknown object inside his stomach. Even though it would not be an easy journey to nurse him back to health, the doctor firmly believed that with so many people reaching out to show their care and concern for the young boy, he would definitely recover and regain his health. Perhaps, he would even have forgotten all the bad memories after that high fever.

At the same time, the police also took the woman named Sister Qin away.


The netizens waited to receive the news about Dongdong and his mother from various parties.

However, even though everyone was still curious about everything that was going on, this time everyone was in tacit understanding and they did not spread any rumors at all. Everyone waited patiently for X Society to release news about this matter.

[No matter how hostile and how much hatred adults feel for one another, they should not take it out on a young child. I hope that everyone can be united and treat all young children with love and affection in future.]

[The child&x2019;s fever has finally subsided and I feel as though I can finally heave a huge sigh of relief! As the mother of a two-year-old child, I really cannot imagine what I would feel if all of those injuries and wounds were on my child. I would probably go crazy!]

[I really want to do something for that young boy. Can I give a donation?]

[Jiang Yuning has already said that there is no need for any donations from anyone because she will take full responsibility for any expenses incurred and she would also provide for the child until he grows up. I hope that everyone will be able to offer help to someone in the same situation in future without any hesitation at all. We should not allow anyone to get away with violence and abuse!]

[There has to be a guardian who is willing to take over the custody and guardianship of the child, right? Not every child is as fortunate as Dongdong. Many children end up being orphans after losing their parents. Therefore, I really think that it is already very fortunate if one person ends up being lucky.]

At this time, the netizens continued waiting for further updates about the situation.

X Society had already gotten the article ready at this time.

At twelve o&x2019;clock that night, they finally released the article and video on the official X Society website.

The title of the article was:

The first video that was posted after the title was the video of the interview with that woman named Sister Qin. Moreover, the entire interview was real and there was no modifications or filter to the interview at all.

Of course, the video proved to be essential.

After watching the video, thousands of netizens were amazed. They finally realized who was the person who was really hurting Dongdong all these while.

[It really made all my hair stand!]

[She has no humanity at all! I am trembling all over after watching the video!]

[The most terrifying thing is the fact that this kind of person will be released after spending just a few years in prison. She may even start another new family and give birth to another child. I really cannot imagine what is going to happen then&x2026;]

[Fortunately, Dongdong was saved. He is really fortunate&x2026;]

[I hope that countless Dongdong in this world can also be saved&x2026;]

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