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Chapter 572 - The Weak Do More Evil

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Chapter 572: The Weak Do More Evil

Things progressed very quickly and the police quickly issued an official statement.

The man named Wang Yao had already been taken away by the police for investigation on suspicions of physical and domestic abuse. They also said that they will update the public and make an announcement on the follow-up progress.

Everyone started cheering on the internet.

However, this does not mean that the matter had already been resolved because it had just begun.

After that, Jiang Yuning posted another message on the internet.

@JiangJianglovestheScenery: &x201C;The child is still in the ICU and he is not out of danger yet. However, the child&x2019;s grandfather and grandmother are currently taking care of the child in the hospital. Even though Wang Yao had already been arrested for further investigation, this does not mean that the issue had already been resolve. It is not the end yet. We need the prosecution to file for the subsequent lawsuit so that we would be able to fight for the transfer of the child&x2019;s guardianship over to his grandparents. I promise to pay close attention to this matter and I will definitely do all that I can to help the young boy. Of course, those who spread rumors about this matter will also receive a lawyer&x2019;s letter from us. This includes some of the media and reporters too.&x201D;

&x201C;For the media and reporters who infringed and damaged my reputation without looking into the matter, I will issue a lawyer&x2019;s letter to you for defamation. This is necessary in order to correct public opinion and to provide the rights protection models for children who are enduring domestic violence and abuse. I will also entrust X Society to sort out and report anyone related to this matter. My lawyer will be supporting the young child and the grandparents in their litigation matters and rights protections.&x201D;

&x201C;People only live once. There are some who pursue fame, there are some who pursue wealth and I have already repeatedly emphasized that I simply pursue a decent life. I pursue a life that is worthy of everyone&x2019;s respect. Regardless of whether it is domestic violence or cyber bullying, I do not condone it at all. I think that the law should deal with all this people in a serious manner and I hope that everyone will look forward to a happy ending.&x201D;

&x201C;Secondly, I hope that the netizens and media will not come out and accuse me of destroying a young boy&x2019;s home and family. After all, I have already said that this matter is not worthy of any attention. However, since the netizens and media insisted on prying into this family&x2019;s issues, then please do not blame me for the consequences. Even though this child will no longer have any parents, we should be thankful that he will be able to live with his grandparents who love him dearly. Finally, I hope that this matter can be resolved in a satisfactory manner and that Dongdong will be able to fully recover and return to full health as soon as possible.&x201D;

&x201C;Finally, I hope that everyone can help to share the news and I hope that all the women and children who are suffering from domestic violence and abuse will be able to use my legal consultation platform, where you will be able to consult a lawyer&x2019;s advice for free. I hope that the women and children who are suffering from these domestic violence and abuse can be brave and courageous enough to step up for themselves and fight for their own rights. I will also work on more anti-domestic violence activities in future to ignite more hope and confidence in the public.&x201D;

Countless netizens were moved by Jiang Yuning&x2019;s message.

The netizens commented below.

[When Jiang Yuning don&x2019;t want to do something, she will not do anything at all. However, if she decided to do something, she will definitely give her best!]

[I agree. As a passer-by, I must praise Jiang Yuning for everything that she had done. She is really grounded in her actions and she is very humble and not overbearing at all. She really deserves to be complimented!]

[I can only wish&x2026;that I had met such a good person back then. If I did, I would not need to suffer so much hardship. I hope that anyone who is suffering will be able to meet their guardian angel, one just like Jiang Yuning!]

[We all need to grow up and work on ourselves. Jiang Yuning has really helped a lot of families today.]

[Jiang Yuning is really amazing. I hope that those children who are enduring all these pain and abuse can go and seek help and advice from Jiang Yuning&x2019;s lawyer consultation platform.]

[Jiang Yuning has always done her best for everyone. I am one of the Ginger Candies and I will never stop being Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan!]

[It is really quite surprising for Jiang Yuning and X Society to show an interest and publish an article on domestic violence and abuse, side by side. In fact, X Society is the top paparazzi website and they had already posted several black materials on Jiang Yuning in the past. However, it seemed as though X Society had been supporting Jiang Yuning a lot more in recent times. No matter what it is, I look forward to seeing good news about the child!]

[This is really very upsetting. There is really a lot of media and reporters who do not report the truth nowadays. There are always posting any news that they hear of without investigating or finding out the truth behind the matter.]

[I am glad that Jiang Yuning is working with X Society because we can be certain that everything that they post is nothing but the truth! This will really arouse and awaken people in society! For example, I can never understand how Dongdong&x2019;s mother could bring herself to treat her son like that.]

In fact, no one would ever be able to understand Sister Qin.

Jiang Yuning did not understand her and she did not want to understand her anymore. After spending five days with her, Jiang Yuning really could not comprehend how a human&x2019;s heart could be so complicated when it could actually be so simple. For instance, Sister Qin&x2019;s husband had always been a scumbag and he had already hurt her so many times but why was she still willing to protect and defend him regardless of his actions?

People might think that Sister Qin was a bad person, but she did not do anything evil.

However, sometimes, the weak do the most evil.

This was another form of cancer.

The news about Jiang Yuning caused a huge sensation amongst the netizens and the public because this time, the hot search was not anything negative but it was all about positive energy.

The officials also gave positive comments about this incident. &x201C;One person is trying to gain attention while the other person is promoting awareness amongst society. In terms of attitudes and intentions, as well as practical actions, Jiang Yuning provides an accurate template for her fellow artistes and friends. She is using the attention in the right way to give society a positive vibe and energy. This should be the responsibility and obligation of every artiste. I hope that everyone will remember this today. After all, all of us are working hard to promote the protection of young children, especially those who are living in poverty or remote areas. I really hope that all the children in this world will be able to grow up healthily.&x201D;

At this time, Guangying Media also step up to give their respond, &x201C;Yes, we should praise her but please do not boast too much about it.&x201D;

Moreover, those people who made fun of Jiang Yuning before this were finally convinced. How many artistes would have reacted in the same way as Jiang Yuning did? This was an eye opener, especially for those people from the older generation who thought that Jiang Yuning would definitely have to pay a huge price when they saw that she was already in the social news.&x201D;

They thought that the only way that she would ever be able to get rid of this issue was if she forked out a huge sum of money.

Now, they finally understood that there would not be injustice in this world because as long as you do not have a guilty conscience, then there is nothing that you should be afraid of.

Jiang Yuning made them understand that no matter how big the trouble is, there would always be a solution for is. The bigger the problem is, the more they should not retreat.

Since Jiang Yuning was able to handle this difficult matter, would anyone still dare to say that Jiang Yuning is low or despicable?

I am afraid that no one would dare to say anything about her anymore.

The most terrible thing about Jiang Yuning was her strong sense of justice. As long as she was determined to solve a problem, she would do whatever she can to solve the issue. Moreover, even after solving the problem, she would also follow-up on the matter to ensure that everything was perfect. This was also the reason why X Society was tasked with organizing all the facts of the matter and working to get Dongdong&x2019;s mother to cooperate with the police.

[I really want to know what is going on in Dongdong&x2019;s mother&x2019;s mind now.]

[I know! How can she live like nothing is wrong when her child is suffering and hurting so much? Don&x2019;t she blame herself for the pain that her child is going through?]

[I agree with Jiang Yuning and I will never engage in cyber bullying. However, I also agree that even though domestic violence and abuse is really scary, Dongdong&x2019;s mother&x2019;s inaction is also another form of violence towards her own child. This is even more terrifying than having to endure any physical pain. I am just curious&x2026;to find out if she actually knows that her weakness will ultimately hurt the person who is closest to her?]

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