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Chapter 567 - Let Me Do It Myself

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Chapter 567: Let Me Do It Myself

Later that afternoon, Secretary Ho got Jiang Yuning a new cell phone number. Jiang Yuning did not know how he did it but he managed to get her a cell phone number that was similar to Lu Jingzhi, except for the last two digits of their number.

Even though Jiang Yuning&x2019;s mood was really affected because her private phone number was leaked and it was very troublesome to inform all of her friends and family about her new phone number, Jiang Yuning felt much better after seeing her new phone number. She felt that this was not that bad after all.

Vera transferred all of Jiang Yuning&x2019;s contacts in her address book into her new cell phone number before she notified all of her contacts that Jiang Yuning had already changed her phone number.

Lu Jingzhi also helped Jiang Yuning to change the cell phone verification number for all her online banking transactions and social media accounts.

Alright then&x2026;

It felt pretty good to be pampered.

However, the matter continued fermenting that night because the netizens somehow traced the source of the leak. They found out that the person who leaked Jiang Yuning&x2019;s private cell phone number to the public was none other than the scumbag.

The netizens did not hate Jiang Yuning that much but the only reason why they wanted to trace the source of the leak was because they wanted to gain some popularity and attention themselves.

This scumbag was just a poor man who had nothing at all so why would he know Jiang Yuning&x2019;s private contact number?

Was there some sort of hidden secret behind this matter?

After that, rumors started exploding on the internet and it felt as though the monsters and demons were unleashed on the internet.

[I feel that things are not that simple. After all, it is not easy for anyone to get the private contact number of a celebrity! I feel that anyone would only be able to get a celebrity&x2019;s contact number only when they have a very close personal relationship.]

[Are you serious? Why would Jiang Yuning have a close relationship with someone like him?]

[This is really very suspenseful. Some people knew that Jiang Yuning had met that man before but they did not know how that man found out Jiang Yuning&x2019;s private number or why he had a handle over her.]

[No way! Why isn&x2019;t Jiang Yuning fighting back against that person?]

[I feel that Jiang Yuning is hiding a secret.]

Vera could not help but laughed helplessly when she saw all the news and rumors spreading all over the internet.

She really did not understand why the netizens could not just leave Jiang Yuning alone. Did they really have to do this? Would they die if they just left her alone?

Jiang Yuning also saw all the news and rumors on the internet but she did not want to step up to give an explanation about the matter. After all, she did not want this matter to make it to the hot search. Moreover, Jiang Yuning also knew that once this matter got a little more serious, the child, that poor child would suffer a more tragic fate.

Even though she felt that the couple did not deserve her sympathy or help at all, Jiang Yuning really wanted to protect that young boy.

However, the scumbag was about to hit the edge of the knife because he was trying to push her to a dead end. In fact, Jiang Yuning had already been very patient with him but she lost her temper when she saw the news the next day.

[I have already gotten in touch with the person who leaked out Jiang Yuning&x2019;s private phone number to the public. I finally understand why everything was happening. The other party explained that he did not intend to leak Jiang Yuning&x2019;s private phone number to the public but he only did so because he could not hold it in anymore.]

[According to that man, Jiang Yuning had rented and stayed at an apartment owned by him for a few days and she felt a lot of sympathy for his young son at that time. He also said that she had promised to help his son by bringing him to a hospital for treatment. However, after Jiang Yuning left the apartment, she did not fulfil her promise to them at all. The man said that he had asked his wife to make a phone call to Jiang Yuning to ask her to help their son but Jiang Yuning turned down their request without any hesitation at all. The man got angry and that was the reason why he decided to expose Jiang Yuning&x2019;s private phone number to the public.]

[Besides that, the other party also provided relevant evidence to prove that Jiang Yuning had indeed lived in an apartment owned by the couple for a few days.]

[Some of us have already paid the man a visit and we found out that his young child is currently lying in bed because he is seriously ill. The young boy is really very pitiful.]

[The man also said that he did not expect Jiang Yuning to lend them a helping hand but no matter what it was, he hoped that Jiang Yuning would give them a compensation for the psychiatric pain that both he and his wife had suffered because they had delayed their son&x2019;s treatment because they were waiting for Jiang Yuning to help their son.]


At this point, Jiang Yuning called Secretary Ho and Vera who were on the way to resolve this matter with that man to say: &x201C;You don&x2019;t need to go there anymore. Let me do it myself.&x201D;

What else could she do if the netizens had already associated her with that scumbag?

Jang Yuning felt very nauseous and sick when she thought about that scumbag. She really could not believe that the scumbag could actually act as though he was so pitiful on the internet when he was actually beating his wife up every night.

After that, Jiang Yuning went online directly to talk about this matter.

@JiangJianglovestheScenery: &x201C;Yes, I admit that I did ask the woman if I could help her and her young child. However, that was before I found out the truth. After finding out the truth behind this matter, I can only say that I would never help this couple! Never! I would also like to advise anyone who feels any sympathy for this couple to first understand the truth behind their family status, their characters and how they are living day to day. I am not short of money but I would never waste my money on this kind of devil. I would rather use my money to do even more meaningful things for society. Therefore, I hope that the netizens can find out and verify the truth behind the matter before talking about this matter on the internet. Otherwise, I am afraid that you will get slapped in the first at the end of the day.&x201D;

&x201C;In fact, I felt very nauseated for a few days and I even suffered from insomnia for a few days after finding out the truth. However, I was not feeling upset for the adults, but I simply felt very sorry for the young child. Even if my private phone number had been leaked to the public, I had never thought of exposing the couple because I did not want the young child to suffer. I did not want this family to suffer. They obviously did not take my kindness seriously. I hope that the netizens who are spreading all these rumors will be able to bear the consequences of their own actions after finding out the truth. Don&x2019;t blame me for not reminding you that it is almost impossible to close the Pandora Box after it is opened.&x201D;

&x201C;Dear netizens, I hope that you will think about your own family situation and whether there is any unspeakable scandals or things that you find very unwilling to share with the public. If there is, then I would like you to imagine how you would feel like if that matter about your family is exposed to the public!&x201D;

&x201C;Even though this man seems like a very pitiful and nice person, I can assure you that he is nothing more but a&x2026;destruction to the people around him!&x201D;

&x201C;Finally, to answer everyone&x2019;s question, the reason why I was staying at that apartment for a few days was because I wanted to experience life and prepare for my new role in my upcoming movie.]

As soon as Jiang Yuning posted her messages on her social media account, it became viral immediately. The Ginger Candies immediately understood the severity of the matter because under any normal circumstances, Empress Jiang would never speak or address anything in such a serious and direct manner.

[The messages posted by Empress Jiang is a little too long. Can anyone summarize it for us?]

Some netizens started questioning Jiang Yuning&x2019;s posts.

[1. She will not help them because she feels that the couple is not worth it; 2. She did not want to expose the family and their situation because she feels that the child is innocent; 3. She is warning the netizens not to continue digging into the family&x2019;s background; 4. She recommends and advises that the netizens do not follow this matter just because you feel that it is exciting; 5. The only reason why she was staying at the apartment owned by that family was because she was experiencing life and preparing for her upcoming role in a movie.]

[Thank you for the summary! Another thing that we should take note of is that Jiang Yuning&x2019;s new role in her new movie is about a single mother who has an autistic daughter. The heroine&x2019;s husband was also very disgusting and despicable in the movie. Does this mean that Jiang Yuning had intentionally chosen to live nearby a family who was in a similar situation? Does this mean that there is something wrong with the man?]

[I guess you might actually be right! That must also be the reason why Jiang Yuning asked everyone to stop digging into the family&x2019;s background and to stop placing so much attention on this matter. This is probably because she knows that the only person who would be suffering in the end is the young child. If the netizens find out the truth about their family, she is afraid that someone would commit suicide.]

[1. Jiang Yuning has already developed three charitable platforms for her fans and each of these platforms costs more than tens of millions every year. However, Jiang Yuning does not seem to care at all. This proves that money is not an issue to Jiang Yuning at all. 2. Jiang Yuning had already said that she has offered to help the other party before she found out the truth behind their family issues. If she refused to help them after finding out the truth, this can only mean that there is something wrong with the other party. 3. I have already seen many similar social news like this and whenever any member of the family are subjected to any criticisms, insults, online violence, and assaults because they have been exposed, some of them cannot deal with the pressure and they would eventually commit suicide. I think that the reason why Jiang Yuning is asking us to stop prying into this matter is because she wants to protect the family.]

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