Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 561 - This Drama is so Damn Good!

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Chapter 561: This Drama is so Damn Good!

Opposing side: [Don&x2019;t talk about history. I have also read up on the background of the history and I found out that Li Zhimong had been together with three different men! Moreover, one of her husbands was a general from the enemies&x2019; party.]

Supporter: [Do you have brain damage? How can you verify or prove that what you just said is true? Li Zhimong had never been married and she definitely did not spend her life with three different husbands! Li Zhimong had always dedicated her life to her country!]

Another hater: [Well, then let me just say that Li Zhimong has a son.]

The live passers-by: [So, whose son is it?]

Just because the haters and the supporters were fighting on the internet, this evoked a strong thirst for knowledge and evidence amongst the passers-by. This was because they really wanted to find out if Li Zhimong really disguised herself as a man to participate in the war. Why didn&x2019;t they have any knowledge about this history at all?

After that, the passers-by turned on their phones and computers one after the other. No. They had to find out the truth for themselves!

After conducting their investigation, they wanted to see how Jiang Yuning performed in the drama. Therefore, the passers-by had no choice but to turn on their television.

Even though they could only start watching from the second episode, the plot was not really affected and they did not miss out on too much.

At first glance, Jiang Yuning&x2019;s performance and acting skills were not that great but after fifteen minutes passed by, many of the passers-by realized that the dram was actually pretty good.

Something must be wrong&x2026;

After watching the second episode, many of the netizens who watched the second episode, waited for the first episode to be released online. After that, they took advantage of that to quickly catch up on the first episode before they started posting their comments about the drama. Well, they did not understand what the haters were saying at all as it did not make any sense!

After that, there was confusion and chaos on the internet.

The more lively the forums on the internet, the more curious the netizens got. After that, more and more people searched for the history of Li Zhimong before they watched the drama, . Eventually, more and more people came up to oppose the haters.

This interaction was getting more and more intense.

Aside from the haters on the forum, more and more people were coming out to express a different opinion about the drama.

[I heard that anyone who praised will be banned and criticize. I would really like to see the haters attacking me. I watched the drama and it was really so damn good!]

[Finally, someone courageously stepped up to tell the truth. How can the haters be so confident that the drama will definitely have a rating lower than 5.0? I will definitely give this drama a five star rating tomorrow because I delete the hate comment that I posted earlier.]

[I promise that this forum will be completely killed in a few days because Jiang Yuning&x2019;s acting skill is really pretty impressive. I am just going to leave all the posts and comments as it is to serve as proof in future.]

[I guess people must really hate Jiang Yuning because they did not even bother to give the drama a chance before posting their comment and negative opinion about the drama. They were only busy posting their screenshots on the social media account and because of their negative comments, more and more people are attracted to the drama. Do you really hate Jiang Yuning that much?]

[After analyzing the situation, I think that the reason why the director and the production team gave up on the third wave of marketing and promotional efforts and the reason why Jiang Yuning acted as though she had already given up was just because they wanted the viewers to see for themselves. They wanted the haters to continue hating and posting negative reviews so that the end results would be better when the audience realizes that the drama is actually pretty amazing. The actors and actresses are all incredible and the storyline is on point. I guess they can really be compared to X Society now.]

[I think you might be absolutely right about that!]

[If this is really the case and if Jiang Yuning had planned for all of this to happen, then I swear that I am about to get on my knees!]

[I feel like I had just been used by Jiang Yuning but it is too late to say anything now. Jiang Yuning is really the best at dealing with public relations. This is terrible&x2026;]

[As a hater, I started to secretly watch the drama, but unexpectedly I ended up watching both episodes in one go. I think I might even become Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan! No one can stop me anymore!]

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