Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 539 - Dream On!

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Chapter 539: Dream On!

&x201C;Brother Han, do you want the truth?&x201D;


The agent thought about it for a short while before he replied in a serious manner, &x201C;No matter what you do, as your friend, I will always stay by your side. Although I might sound a little impolite by saying this, I feel that I have to tell you the truth. Your personality&x2026;is indeed a little flawed.&x201D;

&x201C;I&x2026;I don&x2019;t want to act anymore. I want to retire from the entertainment industry.&x201D;

What? Again?

Was he threatening him again?

&x201C;Brother Han, stop acting like this, okay? It is very hard for the team to catch up with you. Furthermore, I really think it is very difficult to work with you if you act like this all the time.&x201D;

&x201C;I am serious. After we are done with this event, I want to resign from the entertainment industry immediately.&x201D;

As soon as he saw Gu Hanwei&x2019;s reply, the agent lost his temper immediately. &x201C;You fool! Everyone will be thankful if you choose to resign from the entertainment industry! Seriously. People like you are really causing unnecessary trouble to the entertainment industry. Go, go. You can put all your projects on home and do whatever you want to. If anyone invites you to come back to the entertainment industry after you choose to retire, then I will write my name backwards!&x201D;

After that, Gu Hanwei&x2019;s agent got up before he left the backstage immediately. This is so ridiculous!

In fact, Gu Hanwei&x2019;s agent felt that he was actually rather pitiful after hanging up the phone.

There were so many other opportunities in life. Moreover, it seemed as though Gu Hanwei would probably do better out of the entertainment industry. The only issue was the fact that Gu Hanwei would always lose his temper and threaten to quit the entertainment industry every time he got into an argument with his agent.

Alright then, he should hurry up and retreat immediately!

What was even more surprising was the fact that Gu Hanwei left, halfway through the charity dinner as soon as he got into the argument with his agent. As soon as his agent stopped replying him, he got up and left the scene immediately.

The guests present at the charity dinner were shocked. So, was he throwing a tantrum simply because the actress refused to switch seats with him?

[This film emperor, Gu Hanwei&x2026;is really sick, isn&x2019;t he?]

[Wow. He just left the charity dinner without giving the organizers any face at all.]

[It is really very unfortunate to meet someone like this in the entertainment industry.]

As soon as the agent heard the news from the other employees, he did not seem to care anymore. He simply called the agency directly before he told them what he thought about Gu Hanwei.

At this time, the agency also felt that Gu Hanwei was simply a ticking time bomb that had done too many strange and uncontrollable things.

&x201C;I know that you do not want to do this anymore but I hope that you will be able to accompany him so that he could complete his schedule for the next few days. After that, we can release an official statement, stating that Gu Hanwei has fallen ill and will be unable to film anymore. This way, we will be able to minimize our losses,&x201D; one of the senior management people instructed the agent immediately.

Gu Hanwei&x2019;s agent really did not want to spend another minute with him. However, since the agency has already given him instructions, he did not dare to neglect their instructions.

However, the fact that Gu Hanwei was about to break his contract with the production team of would be a fatal blow to the agency. Was this retribution for what the director and the producer had said to Jiang Yuning?

Who would have expected this to happen?

Therefore, the charity dinner proceeded smoothly without any other issues after the film emperor left. After all, Jiang Yuning could not be bothered about him at all.

However, before the charity dinner ended officially, news suddenly broke out stating that the film emperor, Gu Hanwei had announced his permanent revocation in front of the media and he stated that he would be retiring from the entertainment industry immediately. He would not be starring in anymore.


Was he trying to steal the limelight and appear on the headlines tomorrow?

At this time, Gu Hanwei&x2019;s agency also quickly stepped up to control the public relations. They said that Gu Hanwei&x2019;s illness had resurfaced and since he was so depressed, there was no way for him to continue filming or staying in the entertainment industry. In fact, his agency could not be bothered with him anymore&x2026;

However, at this time, the production team of was fuming with anger&x2026;

They had already come this far but the film emperor was actually leaving just because he wanted to?

[If you are really ill, please get treated as soon as possible. I do not want to criticize or insult you because I am seriously against cyberbullying.]

[I would suggest that you seek help from Jiang Yuning&x2019;s counselling platform. I think that the platform would be very useful for someone like the film emperor right now.]

[I really do not know what else to say. I cannot believe that the film emperor is ill. All of the movies that he had starred in had always turned out amazing!]

[After all the trouble that he had caused Jiang Yuning, I really hope that he can leave her alone from now on.]

[Who would want to be in a love line with him anyway?]

Of course, there were also people who stepped up to defend the film emperor.

However, there were also some people who were still struggling with the sudden news. They felt that the agency was mistreating their artiste and this was the reason why things turned out this way.

When Gu Hanwei&x2019;s agent saw these comments, he could not stop himself from exploding and revealing the truth to the public.

&x201C;Open your eyes and take a good look at the truth! How did we mistreat him?&x201D;

&x201C;Would any other agency give their artiste this kind of preferential treatment for the past three years?&x201D;

&x201C;Moreover, after working with him for the past few years, I really want to save him some face. However, I really cannot accept the fact that he would threaten to retire just because Jiang Yuning refused to contact him and give him a chance to apologize to her. I have never met a more irresponsible actor than this! I have no objections at all if you want to love him but please stop saying that the agency had mistreated him in any way.&x201D;

[I really sympathize with the agency and the poor agent&x2026;but please stop dragging Sister Yuning into this situation! My Sister Yuning is innocent and this has nothing to do with her at all!]

[Even though I really want to comfort you for everything you have gone through, please do not drag Sister Yuning into another scandal!]

Things quickly escalated and within a short period of time, this news was already on the hot search.

However, this matter did not involve Jiang Yuning at all.

The only thing that was really a pity was the fact that Gu Hanwei had really good acting skills.


In fact, there were many people who were waiting for a showdown between Jiang Yuning and Gu Hanwei during the charity dinner. However, since there was no confrontation at all, they felt that it was very boring.

However, there were also some people who felt that the charity dinner turned out to be particularly interesting become of the sudden turn of events.

Towards the end of the charity dinner, Vera suddenly sent a text message to Jiang Yuning. &x201C;The film emperor is really one of a kind. It seems as though he really lost his temper at the director and the producer of . I think that everything ended very badly for them. However, I do not feel sorry for the director or the producer at all because of the way they treated you in the first place. I guess there is really karma in this world.&x201D;

&x201C;If the film emperor was really capable, he would not have requested to switch seats with someone else.&x201D;

&x201C;Do you think that he does not know that he is wrong at all?&x201D; Vera asked out of curiosity. &x201C;Can he really be that clueless?&x201D;

&x201C;Well, I guess he is the only one who knows the answer to that question. He lives in a world of his own,&x201D; Jiang Yuning simply replied. &x201C;The dinner is already coming to an end. It is almost time to pick me up.&x201D;

&x201C;Alright. Do you know how much I am suffering after spending the past few hours with the second young master Lu? I feel as though I am locked up in a freezer.&x201D; After that, Vera turned around to peek at Lu Jingzhi with a guilty conscience.

&x201C;Do you know how many people are actually dreaming of spending time with that handsome man?&x201D;

&x201C;Dream on!&x201D;

Who would want to spend any more time with that cold man?

Vera was very emotional at this time but she suddenly heard Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s voice behind her. &x201C;How do I delete this entry?&x201D;

&x201C;What entry?&x201D;

Lu Jingzhi was too lazy to explain himself. Therefore, he simply handed his cell phone over to Vera.

Vera looked at the cell phone before she finally realized that Lu Jingzhi was referring to a search term relating to Jiang Yuning and Gu Hanwei.

Vera understood the second young master Lu&x2019;s intentions immediately. He did not want his little descendant to be involved with that man at all.

&x201C;I will ask Director Gu to deal with it,&x201D; Vera replied immediately.

After that, Vera handed the cell phone back to Lu Jingzhi after secretly looking at the second social media account that he had been using to follow Jiang Yuning&x2019;s profile.

&x201C;In addition, I would like you to free up Yuning&x2019;s itinerary for the next few days.&x201D;

The old man from the Lu family was back and they had to deal with him first.

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