Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 515 - Don’t Believe Any Rumors

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Chapter 515: Don&x2019;t Believe Any Rumors

After dinner, Jiang Yuning quickly made a phone call to Vera to inform her that the rumors might spread.

After listening to Jiang Yuning, Vera felt that the film emperor was really incredulous.

&x201C;Is there really a problem with his brain? How could he actually do this kind of thing? Does he really think that everyone would stick up to him just because he is the film emperor? I am really speechless to have met such a man. I hope that this is not the reason why your appetite is affected lately. I heard the young paparazzo saying that you have been eating much lesser lately.&x201D;

&x201C;Of course not.&x201D;

In fact, Jiang Yuning&x2019;s main purpose in calling Vera is to remind her that the news might leak out to the public.

&x201C;The second young master Lu will not be jealous because of this right? After all, at this level, he can&x2019;t possibly&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;I can handle Second Brother on my own.&x201D;

The king of jealousy would always get jealous over all sorts of matter. However, the extent of his jealousy would also depend on the size of the threat. If the situation involved something as petty as this, the second young master Lu would usually not take it to heart at all. However, he would request for the little descendant to clear things up.

Jiang Yuning was already used to it.

It was obvious that she was the victim in this situation.

In fact, there was a hot search about Jiang Yuning, shortly after but it was about the fact that the production team of had actually contacted Jiang Yuning personally.

Moreover, someone also revealed on the internet that Jiang Yuning was also one of the main candidates that had been considered for the role of the first female lead. After that, someone also revealed that the film emperor&x2019;s assistant actually went to the filming location of to visit Jiang Yuning.

Jiang Yuning already knew that she would not be able to keep this matter a secret as there were just too many people in the crew. Everyone in the crew knew that the film emperor, Gu Hanwei&x2019;s assistant actually visited the set that day and he even carried a bouquet of flower in his hand when he arrived at the set. Moreover, there were even pictures to prove that he was really there today.&x201D;

[Looking at this, it seems as though Jiang Yuning and Gu Hanwei are going to form a love line soon? He even sent someone to visit her at the filming set! According to my experience, this means that they are trying to make their relationship known to the public, right?&125;

[I heard rumors that Jiang Yuning is going to take on the role of the first female lead in . If that happens, isn&x2019;t that equivalent to her agreeing to become Gu Hanwei&x2019;s girlfriend then?]

[Wouldn&x2019;t that be impossible? Jiang Yuning has always regarded all of her co-actors as her brothers. She is not interested in forming any love lines at all. I think she has already made that point very clear.]

[Wow. He actually visited her at her filming set! That is so cool.]

[Do you really think that Jiang Yuning and Gu Hanwei would be a good match?]

[Yes, yes, it seems as though a love line is in place now. I really like both the actor and actress anyway!]

[So, did Jiang Yuning choose the film emperor, Gu Hanwei in the end?]

[I am betting a pack of beef strips that both of them are only doing this to get more hype for themselves.]

[If Jiang Yuning is really in a relationship with the film emperor&x2026;I do not have the appetite to eat anymore&x2026;I really can&x2019;t&x2026;]

[Is the god and goddess finally together? Oh my god. I am so excited&x2026;]

[Sob. Sob. This is impossible. Our childhood sweetheart love line is real!]


When Vera saw all the comments on the internet, she was really down with a massive headache. The other party had already been in the entertainment industry for such a long time. So, wouldn&x2019;t he be aware that he could cause a lot of trouble to others just because of his hasty act?

Was he trying to get the public and netizens to feel sorry for him?

Vera quickly reported everything to Shen Yichen and she immediately requested for the public relations department in Guangying Media to draft a public statement as followed:

&x201C;Recently, there has been a lot of false rumors about one of our artiste, Jiang Yuning. The company has decided to make an official statement to clarify this matter. First of all, our artiste, Jiang Yuning has not decided on any future television drama or movies that she would be participating in after filming the drama . Therefore, I hope that everyone will not trust in all the rumors that are circulating online. Secondly, Jiang Yuning and the actor, Gu Hanwei had never collaborated on any work or projects before in the past and they are not involved in any personal relationship with one another. We hope that everyone will respect their privacy and that please do not fabricate any relationships between the both of them. Thirdly, Jiang Yuning has always been a very sincere person and she is very diligent when it comes to work. The fans that she had gained along the way is proof of her hard work and dedication. Therefore, I hope that the public will not speculate or have any malicious assumptions about Jiang Yuning&x2019;s character and personality.&x201D;

As soon as Guangying Media released their official statement, everyone felt that their statements were indeed very true.

However, there was still no explanation as to why Gu Hanwei&x2019;s assistant had visited Jiang Yuning at the filming set today.

Was there really nothing going on between the both of them?

[I can understand why Guangying Media released that official statement, but somehow, I do not believe them&x2026;&x201D;

[I feel the same way too&x2026;]

[He has already sent his personal assistant all the way to the filming location to visit her. Who would believe that they had not had any private contact with one another before?]

[Well, if Jiang Yuing wants to be in a relationship, then just let her be. Even if she is in love with the film emperor, that is her own choice. I am her fan and I really want to see her acting in a movie where there is a romantic relationship between her and the male actor. Don&x2019;t you think that would be nice?]

[I don&x2019;t think that it is wrong for Jiang Yuning to fall in love but I really hope that I would be much simpler without so many interests involved in the situation. Otherwise, the end will come soon.]

[Hey! It&x2019;s simply because Empress Jiang hides her preference for men so well. No one know what her view on love is, or what type of man she likes at all. Therefore, none of us can judge or say anything even when there is a scandal about her.]

[Exactly! Empress Jiang should just come up and clarify this matter.]

[I am worried&x2026;]

[I feel as though that male actor is not good enough for Sister Yuning&x2026;]

[Are you kidding me? Gu Hanwei is an internationally renowned actor! Everyone is usually lining up to get involved with him. Jiang Yuning is lucky that she is actually involved in a scandal with the film emperor. I can&x2019;t believe that you would actually say that he is not good enough for her.]


At this time, Jiang Yuning also scanned through the comments on the internet and she realized that she had never told anyone what her ideal type of man was.

Whenever anyone asked her about her love life, she would always use her second brother as her shield.

Who would have known that this would cause her own demise?

Because of this, Lu Jingzhi had been overcome with jealousy on so many different occasions.

As she thought about it, Jiang Yuning finally felt that it would be necessary for her to appease someone. Therefore, she went online immediately.

As she typed sentence after sentence.

My ideal type: An outside, capable of keeping me grounded, all-rounded, cool on the outside, but absolutely loving and warm on the inside.

Love concept: My feelings are like a glass of water; clear and transparent.

Conclusion: Don&x2019;t believe any rumors unless I make an official announcement about my relationship.

As soon as Jiang Yuning posted her comments on her social media account, it drew the attention of many netizens in an instance because she was directly refuting all their speculations.

[Ahh! Is Jiang Yuning coming out to explain herself because she saw what I posted on my social media account? Am I being targeted now?]

[The party involved has already spoken up and given us a slap in the face! Her first condition is that the person is an outsider who is not in the entertainment industry. Moreover, she already mentioned that we should not believe in any rumors unless she makes an official announcement about it. I think that those who are hoping for the love line can just step aside now.]

[So, will the fact that Gu Hanwei&x2019;s assistant visited Jiang Yuning at her filming location today remain an unsolved mystery?]

At this time, Hou Da who had seen everything that was going on could not help but stepped out to explain the situation. &x201C;As one of the party who was present at the filming location today, I want to clarify that it is indeed true that Gu Hanwei&x2019;s assistant had made a trip to the filming location today. However, I would also like to emphasize the fact that he had appeared to be very impolite and disrespectful as he showed out of nowhere without asking for permission or informing anyone at all. Furthermore, the entire crew and cast were dumbfounded because Yuning did not even know the other party at all. Finally, in all honestly, the other party did deliver some French cuisine to us today but Yuning had already paid the bill for the meal. So, the entire cast and crew would like to thank Yuning for buying us the delicious meal today.&x201D;

&x201C;I would also like to advise everyone to act like adults. Instead of just thinking about yourselves, please put yourself in other people&x2019;s shoes and consider their feelings before you make any unnecessary moves. This might cause a series of trouble to others.&x201D;

&x201C;In fact, I did not want to interfere in this matter, nor did I ever have the intention of stepping up to clarify this matter on behalf of Yuning. However, it seems as though everyone is getting the wrong idea and there is no way that I can tolerate it any further. That is why I chose to clarify this matter here today&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;Please let me say one last sentence. We are just a small production and we have no intentions of using any one of our actors or actresses to make it to the hot search just so that we can gain hype for our upcoming drama. Therefore, I sincerely hope that everyone can just give us a chance to be peaceful and quiet. Thank you.&x201D;

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