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Chapter 506 - She is Really Capable

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Chapter 506: She is Really Capable

[That younger brother looks like he is at least one hundred and eighty three centimeters tall! Moreover, he looks so slim! He is born with such a nice physique and he look so cool when he is dressed in black. I feel like hugging him tightly in my arms now! Ahh, come into mommy&x2019;s arms, little boy.]

[I could literally feel goose bumps all over my body after watching him perform that head spin. He should become famous very soon!]

[After comparing the dance video with pictures from before, I think that he is the young master of the Lu family.]

[So, it is impossible that he is mentally retarded, right? How can a mentally retarded person dance on stage and do such a difficult head spin?]

[Ahh! I really want to know what his full name is. I really wish that we can actually see more pictures of his face! This young brother had seriously aroused my curiosity.]

[Has K Agency signed him up as one of their artistes yet? K Agency must sign him up!]

[All the netizens are waiting for K Agency to sign him up as an artiste!]

[I am willing to pay any price as long as K Agency can just stop and take another look at my younger brother.]

After the scandal regarding the mental retardation and after watching the dance performance just now, the netizens were really curious about the young master of the Lu family.

He was so talented and amazing but the public did not even know his real name, let alone his height, weight or any other personal information about him.

The young lady who was extremely concerned about this matter had almost blown up the K Agency&x2019;s social media account at this time.

&x201C;Sister Jing, what should we do now?&x201D; Wang Jing&x2019;s assistant asked as she was still unable to adapt to the sudden change in the situation. Wasn&x2019;t Lu Jingqi a little too popular?

Wang Jing read through the comments on the internet before the corners of her lips curved up slightly. After that, Wang Jing could not help but said, &x201C;She is really capable.&x201D;

Everything was under control this time.

At this time, the public and netizens have already started paying attention to Lu Jingqi and Jiang Yuning had already planned for him to take the mysterious and cold route.

&x201C;Sister Jing, everyone is inquiring about the young master Lu now. What should we do? Didn&x2019;t we record the interview video before this? Do you want to&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;No.&x201D; Wang Jing shook her head immediately. &x201C;Don&x2019;t put anything up first. Jingqi is still a little unnatural whenever he is in front of the camera. We should just let the public and netizens observe him from afar. Didn&x2019;t the photographer just take a set of photos of him stepping off the stage earlier? Well, we can just release some of those pictures and I will also share it on my social media account.&x201D;

&x201C;But&x2026;shouldn&x2019;t we help the newcomers to gain some attention too?&x201D;

Wang Jing looked at her assistant before she suddenly realized the gap and difference between people.

Jiang Yuning had been planning for this looming sense of mystery. This aroused the curiosity of the audience and it was this sense of mystery that was keeping them intrigued.

After satisfying the audience&x2019;s thirst and curiosity, would they be able to figure it out?

&x201C;Just do your own thing, and listen to me for all the other arrangements.&x201D; Wang Jing did not want to waste any more time explaining things to her assistant.

&x201C;But netizens still have a question. They wanted to know whether the young master is really mentally retarded or not,&x201D; the assistant replied as she scratched her neck with a confused expression on her face. In fact, most of the people in K Agency did not know the answer to that question.

&x201C;You watched the dance performance earlier, but you are still asking me this question? Are you blind? I would have thought that you were smarter than that.&x201D;

Wang Jing was really annoyed at this time.

In fact, there was a reason why the netizens felt this way. This was because Lu Jingqi had been acting and behaving like a fool in the video that was leaked before this.

That was why they had this thought so deeply ingrained in their mind.

Initially, Jiang Yuning and Wang Jing planned to send Lu Jingqi abroad to Japan to undergo further training after clarifying news about his mental retardation.

However, who would have expected him to recover so quickly? Since Lu Jingqi already had such a huge following even on his first day up on stage, Wang Jing felt that they could just proceed with Lu Jingqi&x2019;s subsequent training in the country. Since he had such a cool appearance and a mysterious aura around him, Wang Jing felt that he should not make his debut as part of a boy group, but as a solo artiste instead.

Of course, his main focus would be dance competitions, dance variety shows and all sorts of challenging dance shows.

After that, Wang Jing looked at her cell phone before choosing pictures from three different angles.

Bowing his head and stepping down.

Kicking with one hand in his pants.

In the last picture that she chose, he was looking up at the stage lights, and it was an absolutely beautiful sight.

Wang Jing uploaded the pictures online with the caption: &x201C;Lonely teenager, have a look. The stage is just under your feet now. Rumors and gossips could spread all night but Jingqi, you were shining so brightly like a star on stage tonight.&x201D;

Wang Jing&x2019;s caption was very impressive.

Firstly, there were no frontal pictures amongst the three pictures and all that could be seen was Lu Jingqi&x2019;s back. This was especially so for the picture where he was looking at the stage lights. Somehow, that picture really made people feel distressed.

Second, the rumors and gossips refereed to the allegedly leaked video, which caused a lot of harm to Lu Jingqi. Therefore, he really looked very miserable and lonely. Wang Jing was also indirectly clarifying that Lu Jingqi was not mentally retarded.

Thirdly, Wang Jing was just praising Lu Jingqi for his talents.

After the pictures were posted online, it really attracted the attention of many fans.

[I feel so sad just by looking at these pictures. Sob. Sob. I feel like crying now.]

[Our younger brother has been laughed at and accused of being mentally retarded. He must have felt really tired. That is why he looked so lonely from the back.]

[Gosh, I really can&x2019;t imagine how sad this young brother was since he was called mentally disabled on the internet every day.]

[This is all because of those bored and lifeless keyboard warriors who have nothing better to do but to spread malicious rumors about others. Jiang Yuning clarified before that there is no such thing as a mentally retarded person performing on stage tonight. The younger brother already danced so well tonight so why are people still attacking him?]

[His agent is really very good at handling public relations. I really feel like crying when I looked at the pictures and the captions.]

[It turns out that his name is Jingqi. It sounds so good. Young brother, please come out more and let us make you laugh.]

[Debut! Debut! Debut! Let us love and protect him together!]

At this time, Jin Mingchen and his teammates also shared Wang Jing&x2019;s post on their social media accounts.

@JinMingchen: He is a really super amazing kid! @WangJing: &x201C;Lonely teenager, have a look

@BrightShiningStar: Our youngest and most talented. @JinMingchen

Initially, the fans of Fixed Star were not happy. After all, it was supposed to be a dance performance by Fixed Star. They did not care if Jiang Yuning was a special guest but they felt as though K Agency was sacrificing the members of Fixed Star just become they wanted to support the newcomers.

However, when the fans saw the members of Fixed Star interacting in this way, they suddenly felt that the boys really loved Lu Jingqi.

Moreover, they had a really close relationship with one another.

Jin Mingchen had never been good at lying and hiding his emotions. Therefore, his fans could immediately tell if he liked or disliked something.

If he could laugh like that, then it could only mean that he really liked this lonely boy.

As their fans, they could only show their love and support in a similar manner.

Therefore, the news that the young master of the Lu family was not a mentally retarded person was clarified and this information quickly circulated online. After all, the dancing videos were already released. Wasn&x2019;t it only possible for normal people to perform such difficult dance moves?

But, what happened to the video that was released before?

Were they twin brothers?

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