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Chapter 494 - Klling Him Heartlessly

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Chapter 494: Klling Him Heartlessly

When the Han family found the young master Han in the bar, he could not even walk in a straight line and his face was flushed because he had been drinking.

At that time, it was already nine o&x2019;clock at night.

The Han family did not know anything about this bastard except for the money that he had, so it took them a lot of work and effort to finally drag the person out of the bar.

When he heard that his father was the one who had summoned him, young master Han was overjoyed. He was even more excited because of the aftermath of drinking alcohol. So, when he saw his father&x2019;s car, he immediately rushed over to the car but in the next second, he was kicked in the stomach as soon as his father got off the car.

After that, two men got off the black car and quickly dragged young master Han into another car.

After reaching a forest on the outskirts of Luo City, young master Han was kicked off the car. As he laid on the ground, he was hit from the back by a tall and muscular man before he could even react at all.

&x201C;What are you doing? What are you doing? Let go of me!&x201D; Han Shao shouted hysterically.


In the other car, young master Han&x2019;s father heard his assistant&x2019;s reminder and he quickly adjusted his suit jacket before getting out of the car.

At this time, it was raining and there was mud on the ground. Therefore, Director Han looked down at his leather shoes and frowned. If it wasn&x2019;t because of Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s threat, he would not have to take actions on his own at all.

&x201C;Hand me the items,&x201D; Father Han reminded his assistant in a dissatisfied manner.

The assistant immediately handed out a yellow paper bag over to Director Han.

&x201C;Dad&x2026;What are you doing, dad? Please ask them to let go of me.&x201D;

Director Han walked in front of young master Han before he squatted down, and sneered directly: &x201C;Who is your father? I&x2019;m not your father. Your mother is nothing but a bitch who set up a trap to deceive me, just so that she could cling onto the rich and powerful. Who said that a bastard like you can ever be my son? Han Xiaozheng, no way! You are not worthy enough to bear the surname Han!&x201D;

Young Master Han was taken aback after listening to his words. After that, he simply smiled before he said, &x201C;Dad, I have already done a DNA test. We&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;That is all fake. This is the true report,&x201D; Director Han replied as he took the new DNA report out of the yellow paper bag before placing it in front of young master Han. After that, Director Han asked his assistant to flash a flashlight in front of him and show the details written on the report. &x201C;Take a good look at this DNA report. You are not a member of the Han family at all! You are just a bastard that belongs to no family!&x201D;

&x201C;No&x2026; I am from the Han family, I am&x2026; Dad&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;From the very beginning, the both of you, mother and son has tried every means possible to try and squeeze into the Han family&x2019;s doorstep. Are the both of you blind? I already have a wife and a son. How did you expect me to react? Did you really think that I would welcome you into the Han family just because you did all those things to get my attention? Han Xiaozheng, you are too na&xEF;ve. It is impossible for you to ever step through the doorstep of the Han family in this lifetime! Do you really think that I would acknowledge a bastard as my own son? Don&x2019;t you know your own place at all?&x201D;

&x201C;You should be grateful that I have given you and your mother enough money to last you in this lifetime. You should have just quietly enjoyed your life and be grateful to me. Do you really expect me to give you some sort of status and identity? What kind of identity are you expecting? Who are you? Do you really think that you can be my son just because I am giving you and your mother some money? I have always been generous to women, not only to your mother, but also to others.&x201D;

&x201C;However, you are nothing but simply a burden that has been creating trouble for me from beginning to end. If your mother did not secretly give birth to you, you would never have a chance to come into this world.&x201D;

&x201C;I have already tried countless times to get you to face reality. You are an obstacle in my life. A stain that reminds me of my shameful past. From now on, I will no longer have to worry about your affairs. I do not care if you are dead or alive because you are completely worthless to me.&x201D;

When Director Han said these words to young master Han, it seemed as though he was looking at some disgusting garbage. Every single word that he said struck Han Xiaozheng right in his heart.

It had been Han Xiaozheng&x2019;s long-cherished wish to be acknowledged and recognized by his father. The only reason why he launched all those attacks on the Lu family was simply because he wanted to attract Director Han&x2019;s attention.

Little did he know, in Director Han&x2019;s heart, he was nothing but just a stain and a shameful reminder of his past? What was even worse was the fact that Director Han said that he was nothing but a bastard to him.

&x201C;Your mother, being the bitch that she is, has already run away as soon as she heard the news. I will give her face and let her off this time. However, bastard child, if you continue going out in public to use the Han family&x2019;s name as your own, then don&x2019;t blame me for being ruthless and merciless. I will make sure that you live a life worse than death itself!&x201D;

After speaking the last sentence, Director Han threw the yellow paper bag at Han Xiaozheng&x2019;s face before he stood up and ordered his assistant: &x201C;Hand in his new ID and revoke his own identification card. Make sure that this disgusting fly never appears in front of me again!&x201D;

&x201C;No&x2026;no&x2026;I am from the Han family, I am!&x201D;

&x201C;Look at this dog that is barking continuously. Should I bring it home and take care of it for a few days? Han Xiaozheng, have you officially entered the door of the Han family? Is it that difficult to admit that you are just a piece of trash?&x201D;

In Director Han&x2019;s eyes, Han Xiaozheng&x2019;s existence meant nothing to him at all.

After speaking the last sentence, Director Han turned around and waited for his assistant to wipe the mud from his leather shoes before he stepped into his car again.

As for Han Xiaozheng&x2026;

He stared at his father&x2019;s back and waited until the door was closed before he said the last sentence: &x201C;I will make sure that you regret your actions today&x2026;&x201D;

After listening to his words, Director Han&x2019;s assistant gave some instructions to his other subordinates and took one last look at Han Xiaozheng before getting into the car.

Han Xiaozheng was obviously Director Han&x2019;s son. That was the truth. The new DNA report and paternity test was forged because Director Han wanted to eliminate him from his life so that he could not create any more trouble for him in future.

The assistant could not help but feel pity for Han Xiaozheng because he knew that the only reason young master Han tried provoking the Lu family time and time again was simply because he wanted his father&x2019;s attention.

He knew that Han Xiaozheng had always wanted to be recognized by his father, and he wanted the Han family to recognize his identity.

But Director Han never took Han Xiaozheng seriously, and he even said that he regarded Han Xiaozheng as a stain and shameful reminder of his past. He wished that Han Xiaozheng did not exist in this world at all.

He wanted him dead.

For Han Xiaozheng, these words felt like a hundred daggers stabbing into his heart.

Han Xiaozheng cried and howled as his father left him on the road but at this time, Director Han could not hear it at all. This was because, at this moment, all that he could think of was how he could finally explain the situation to the Lu family.

In the darkness, the two tall and muscular men punched and kicked Han Xiaozheng but Han Xiaozheng wanted to chase after Director Han&x2019;s car&x2026;

&x201C;Dad&x2026;don&x2019;t leave me behind&x2026;&x201D;


But the car drove further and further away.

The light was also getting dimmer and dimmer.

There were some things that you would never obtain in life even if you wanted it desperately.

Entering the gate of the Han family was a dream for Han Xiaozheng.

He wanted Director Han to admit his identity but all that he was to him, was nothing but a piece of worthless trash.

A piece of trash.


At ten o&x2019;clock in the evening, Lu Jingzhi received the news that Director Han had already taught his son a lesson. At this time, Director Han simply asked Lu Jingzhi: &x201C;Are you satisfied now?&x201D;

&x201C;I have already dealt with the matter as you have asked.&x201D;

&x201C;Do you need me to settle the rumors regarding the young master Lu?&x201D;

&x201C;No need.&x201D; After saying that, Lu Jingzhi hung up before he blacklisted Director Han&x2019;s number.

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