Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 476 - : I am Transparent

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Chapter 476: I am Transparent

That night, An Youqing&x2019;s assistant and the paparazzo had a long discussion before they finally squirmed back into An Youqing&x2019;s bedroom.

At this time, An Youqing was still awake and she was eating some snacks as she waited in her bedroom for the assistant to bring some good news back to her. As soon as both of them entered her bedroom, An Youqing stood up in an eager manner as she asked, &x201C;How did it go? Did you manage to take any pictures?&x201D;

The assistant and the paparazzo glanced at one another before they shook their heads. &x201C;I don&x2019;t know if Jiang Yuning heard anything about our operation. She did not leave her bedroom tonight.&x201D;

An Youqing listened to the both of them before she turned around and glared at them. &x201C;So, are you telling me that both of you have been out the whole night but you have nothing to show me at all?&x201D;

The both of them lowered their heads as they did not dare to look into An Youqing&x2019;s eyes because they had a guilty conscience.

However, the more they acted this way, the more suspicious An Youqing was. &x201C;Are you&x2026;are you two trying to hide something from me?&x201D;

&x201C;No! Absolutely not!&x201D; the assistant quickly denied.

&x201C;Pass the camera to me now,&x201D; An Youqing yelled as she grabbed the camera from the paparazzo&x2019;s hand.

The assistant and the paparazzo panicked immediately because they had completely forgotten about the camera when they were discussing their game plan earlier.

Both of them were extremely frightened now that An Youqing had the camera in her hand.

&x201C;Didn&x2019;t you take these pictures of Jiang Yuning entering the room? Are you two hiding something from me? Why did you decide to come back halfway after taking the pictures without waiting for the entire night? Did you manage to photograph the man and are you hiding the truth because that man is very powerful and is someone that you do not want to offend?&x201D;

&x201C;This is all that we managed to photograph,&x201D; the assistant replied as she waved her hand.

&x201C;Why didn&x2019;t you continue to take the pictures then? Why did you come back and why did you lie to me?&x201D; An Youqing asked three consecutive questions without giving them a chance to breathe at all. &x201C;Or&x2026;did they discover both of you?&x201D;

&x201C;No&x2026;no&x2026;otherwise, how could we have escaped from Jiang Yuning if she found us? Do you think that she would just let us go so easily? We left without taking any more pictures because we almost got caught,&x201D; the assistant continued explaining herself as she waved her hand. &x201C;I am just afraid that you would be mad at me for not being able to take any significant pictures for you. That is the reason why I lied to you. I was afraid that you will blame me and be mad at me.&x201D;

&x201C;You almost got caught? Then, did you manage to see the man who was in the room with Jiang Yuning?&x201D; An Youqing asked as she threw the camera back at the paparazzo. &x201C;Or&x2026;are you protecting the identity of the man who was in the room with Jiang Yuning because he is not someone we should be offending?&x201D;

The assistant and the paparazzo could only stand aside with their heads lowered because they did not know how else to answer An Youqing&x2019;s questions.

When An Youqing realized that she would not be able to get anything out of them, she did not continue pushing them anymore.

&x201C;Send the pictures in the camera over to me. Since we have already discovered so much, I don&x2019;t believe that Jiang Yuning has so much tolerance anyway. I will definitely be able to catch her having a secret affair soon. I just have to be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity.&x201D;

The assistant glanced at the paparazzo at this time and quickly gestured for him to send the pictures over to An Youqing just so that they could appease her momentarily.

When An Youqing&x2019;s assistant thought about Jiang Yuning and everything that she had told her tonight, she could feel cold sweat all over her body and she quickly made up an excuse to leave An Youqing&x2019;s room as soon as she could.


After that day, there were no more gossip about Jiang Yuning secretly coming out of her bedroom in the middle of the night.

The cast were also almost done with their training soon. An Youqing could not help but secretly glare at Jiang Yuning every day. An Youqing could not stand the fact that Jiang Yuning seemed to be placed up so high on the pedestal and that she could be on her cell phone while everyone was training hard. She felt that this was too ridiculous.

So, what if she was a popular and famous artiste? Jiang Yuning was definitely sleeping or having an inappropriate with one of the production team member. Otherwise, how else could she have secured the role of the first female lead of ?

Jiang Yuning remained calm and composed every day because she wanted to see how long An Youqing could hold back.

The grand start up ceremony for was held two days later and all the actors and actresses attended the ceremony to pray for the smooth filming and success of the drama. The first scene in the afternoon would be a battle scene between Jiang Yuning and An Youqing.

Even though the other actors and actresses did not say anything at all, they were secretly placing bets behind the scenes because they did not expect the first scene to be a fierce battle scene. All of them had already seen An Youqing&x2019;s martial arts skills and they could not deny that she was indeed very good at it. No one would have expected Jiang Yuning and An Youqing to do the opening scene together.

What was even more unexpected was that the first scene was a siege.

This was a very late scene in the drama and it was a very cool scene. In this scene, Duan Hanyan would find out that Yan Huasu was the biggest villain and she would run away, as far as she possibly could, in an attempt to avoid him.

At this time, Xuan Yu, the character played by An Youqing, would be the governor of the imperial court who was already engaged to Yan Huasu at this time.

In an attempt to track down her love rival, Xuan Yu led her troops in search of a battle with Duan Hanyan.

As Xuan Yu led her troops to battle, Duan Hanyan was already waiting for her at with a crossbow in her hand.

However, she was also carrying a sword that her mother left behind for her. Duan Hanyan wanted to find out the mystery behind the sword. Therefore, she was willing to sacrifice her soul and remain all alone in this world in an attempt to be one with the sword.

The first person that she wanted to kill after offering her soul to the sword was Xuan Yu.


At this time, Jiang Yuning was waiting at the filming set as she wore a simple black robe with a sword in her hand. She was doing some facial exercises to relax her facial expressions.

As usual, Jiang Yuning was a completely different person now that she was already in her makeup and costume.

Jiang Yuning had very light makeup on and aside from the black robe, she looked exactly like the Duan Hanyan from the past.

&x201C;Yuning, you have to rush in while holding onto the sword&x2026;from that position later&x2026;&x201D;

The director was giving instructions to both Jiang Yuning and An Youqing at this time. Jiang Yuning was paying attention and listening attentively to the director but on the other hand, An Youqing would look back and forth at Jiang Yuning and the director because she did not understand why the director would arrange for the first scene to be a scene where her character would be abused.

This made An Youqing even more certain that the person Jiang Yuning was sleeping around with was none other than the director himself.

&x201C;Alright then, let&x2019;s take a five minutes break before we start filming the first scene&x2026;&x201D;

As soon as the young paparazzo heard the director&x2019;s instruction, he quickly rushed over to Jiang Yuning&x2019;s side before he handed a glass of water to her. &x201C;Sister Yuning, will you be okay to act in such a hectic battle scene right from the start?&x201D;

Jiang Yuning took the glass of water from the young paparazzo and took a sip of water before she handed the glass back to the young paparazzo. After that she nodded her head before she said, &x201C;I will be fine. I will go over there and get ready now.&x201D;

&x201C;Good luck, Sister Yuning!&x201D;

On the other side, An Youqing&x2019;s assistant was extremely flustered and frustrated. &x201C;I don&x2019;t know what is wrong with the director! How can he arrange a scene that you will be abused in to be the first scene to be filmed for the drama? Moreover, you are going to have your hands and feet broken in this scene! Is he doing it on purpose?&x201D;

&x201C;If someone is sleeping around with the director, anything is possible. Besides that, she is a popular artiste and I am just a college graduate. I am transparent to everyone here. So, it is normal for them to do everything in her favor,&x201D; An Youqing replied as she laughed in a cold manner.

At this time, An Youqing was wearing a neat and clean set of silver armor but after a short while, she would look very rough and ragged after the battle.

&x201C;Okay! Everyone get into your positions now!&x201D;


As soon as the cameras started rolling, Jiang Yuning flew down from the cliff. This was a very difficult scene and the production crew were already prepared to have countless number of NGs. However, when the filming started, they were all startled to see that Jiang Yuning&x2019;s movement was very stable and smooth. It seemed as though she was a natural at this.

Everyone knew that Jiang Yuning was already having martial arts training in advance when the other actors and actresses were still having their etiquette and body language classes.

However, no one expected Jiang Yuning to show such excellent results in such a short time.

Moreover, what was even more surprising was the fact that Jiang Yuning seemed to be a completely different person as soon as she started acting.

After sacrificing her soul to the sword, Duan Hanyan lost her ability to love but she still had the ability to hate.

All the love that she had turned into hatred.

That was the very reason why she had engaged in battle with Xuan Yu at the cliff that very day.

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