Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 470 - I was a Hater Who Turned into a Fan!

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Chapter 470: I was a Hater Who Turned into a Fan!

[Stupid entertainment gossip! How can they tell that Sister Yuning looked haggard when she was wearing a mask? Can they really see right through her face mask?]

[These entertainment news are always the ones spreading all the rumors to cause all the bitterness and unhappiness amongst everyone else.]

[Why are the reviews about Jiang Yuning all so terrible? We can&x2019;t even see any positive comments about Jiang Yuning anymore.]

[Why did she leave the cast when she had just joined it a few days ago? Is the rumors that has been circulating around the Internet true? Is that why her resources are already getting affected? Moreover, has any of you ever seen Jiang Yuning dressed so casually when she is out? She looked so sad and miserable. She didn&x2019;t dress like a celebrity at all.]

[Why would she wear a face mask if she does not look haggard? This is not Jiang Yuning&x2019;s style at all.]

[Don&x2019;t you understand? It&x2019;s because she has a guilty conscience! Hahaha&x2026;]

[If Jiang Yuning fails to clear her name and reputation through her public relations method this time, then all the effort that she had put in to build up her career for the past year would have all been in vain. Even if she really contributed a lot to society through her online platforms that she set up for charitable purposes, all the money that she spent would be wasted.]

[If she really had a way to clear her own name, she wouldn&x2019;t have allowed this matter to go so bad. Jiang Yuning wouldn&x2019;t have allow her reputation to be at stake.]

Many of Jiang Yuning&x2019;s haters left their comments under the disguise of being passers-by and after that, many marketing agencies also took advantage of the situation to share their views on the matter.

Didn&x2019;t Jiang Yuning say that all the Ginger Candies were very obedient and loyal? Well, since things had already gotten to this state, it would be the perfect time to see whether her so-called fans were really so loyal and would stick with her all the way to the end after all.

Since Jiang Yuning had a few million fans, it would not be believable if none of them were shaken after hearing all these rumors. However, the management team stepped up to handle the situation very quickly.

The management team also issued an announcement as soon as Jiang Yuning appeared on the hot search for all the wrong reasons.

&x201C;No matter what the netizens or public are saying about Empress Jiang, we should always remember what she had done for us throughout the past year. We should be loyal and stay by her side to support her no matter what happens.&x201D;

&x201C;We should always remember the help she has offered to us, the courage she has given us, and the laughter and joy she has brought to us. I believe that all of these are irreplaceable.&x201D;

&x201C;Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan club will issue an announcement today. Please continue to stay firm in your belief in our idol. Please continue to stay loyal to Sister Yuning and the other Ginger Candies as we work through this negative and difficult situation. Please always remember that Sister Yuning did not only set up an educational and counselling platform for us, but that she had also set up a lawyer consultation platform for us so that we could get free legal advice. Remember that only the Ginger Candies are entitled to all these privileges and please do not forget the protection and love that Empress Jiang has given us.&x201D;

&x201C;Finally, we will not stop you from leaving if you decide that you do not want Empress Jiang as your idol anymore. However, we also hope you will always remember you were once a Ginger Candy. If you happen to regret your decision one day, then the only person that you can blame for this reckless mistake is yourself.&x201D;

&x201C;The statement below is a joint public declaration from the anti-defamation club and also from the Ginger Candies&x2026;&x201D;

[You did well! Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan club is the best!]

[Those who do not want to be fans anymore can just leave! I was a hater who turned into a fan!]

[Hahaha. The person above is just too funny! Are you trying to kill me from laughing too much? Hahaha&x2026;]

[I am really very proud to see that everyone is still so united in trying to fight against Sister Yuning&x2019;s haters and those who are trying to bring her down. There will always be so many disgusting people in this world who forget what everyone else had done for them. They will always take things for granted and then turn around to blame everyone else when they face a problem in life.]

[It feels as though Sister Yuning has really met her match this time but it does not mean that Sister Yuning will not be able to come through victorious at the end of the day. Unfortunately for the other party, Sister Yuning is no longer in the same vulnerable position that she was in one year ago. She has the full combat support of the Ginger Candies now!]

Therefore, it seemed as though the Ginger Candies were all as loyal as ever.

In fact, Xue Li, the leader of the Ginger Candies, was also a hater who had become Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan because she personally experienced kindness and love from Jiang Yuning. Therefore, she would never turn her back on Jiang Yuning no matter how bad the situation turned out to be.

This was because most of Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fans were converted and harvested from the battlefield. That was the reason why they had such strong combat effectiveness and high psychological endurance when dealing with this kind of negative news. The netizens and passers-by who were waiting to watch a show would be absolutely disappointed.


After returning to Royal Dragon Villa, Jiang Yuning changed out of her outfit before she drove out of Royal Dragon Villa from the back entrance. At this time, Vera also drove out from the main entrance of the Royal Dragon Villa to attract and divert the media and paparazzi&x2019;s attention.

As the reporters and paparazzi had already placed their focus and attention on Royal Dragon Villa, Jiang Yuning could enter the Lu family mansion without attracting any attention or arousing any suspicions at all. After picking Lu Jingqi up, Jiang Yuning quickly drove out of the Lu family mansion as the both of them headed over to Jin Mingchen&x2019;s agency.

Since Jiang Yuning had already began filming for , Third Uncle Lu had to assume the responsibility of bringing Lu Jingqi to Grandpa Tan to receive his treatment.

At this time, Lu Jingqi was very quiet as he sat down in his car and his attention were placed on the flowers and greens outside the window.


Jiang Yuning called out as she drove. &x201C;Are you feeling okay?&x201D;

&x201C;Sister Yuning&x2026;my&x2026;my head is hurting. I feel like it&x2019;s a mess inside,&x201D; Lu Jingqi replied as he held tightly onto his head.

Jiang Yuning quickly sped up the car and brought him to Jin Mingchen&x2019;s agency before she made a phone call to Wang Jing.

Wang Jing came to the ground floor to meet both of them so that she could bring them to the dance studio in a discreet manner without attracting too much attention. When Wang Jing saw Lu Jingqi holding onto his head, she frowned immediately.

Didn&x2019;t Jiang Yuning say that there would be no problem at all?

This was the situation now. So, how could there be no problem?

&x201C;What is wrong?&x201D;

&x201C;He just received treatment this morning so I think that the effects of the treatment have not worn off yet,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied as she crouched down in front of Lu Jingqi in an attempt to comfort him. However, at this time, Lu Jingqi hastily pushed Jiang Yuning to the ground because he was feeling extremely uncomfortable and unwell.

&x201C;Leave me alone.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning looked up at Lu Jingqi in surprise and at this time, Wang Jing reached out her hand to help Jiang Yuning to her feet.

&x201C;Why don&x2019;t you two just go back and rest today?&x201D;

Jiang Yuning understood the meaning behind Wang Jing&x2019;s words as soon as she heard it. She knew that Wang Jing must have already made her decision. However, Jiang Yuning refuse to accept it just like that. It was all her fault. She did not give Lu Jingqi any time to rest after receiving his treatment simply because she was trying to avoid all the reporters and paparazzi who had been stalking her for the past few days.

Jiang Yuning did not want to give up just like that. &x201C;Please let us rest for a short while in this dance studio.&x201D;

&x201C;Please go ahead,&x201D; Wang Jing replied as she nodded.

At this time, Jin Mingchen suddenly ran over to the dance studio. He saw the three of them as soon as he opened the door to the dance studio. When he saw Lu Jingqi sitting on the stool as he held onto his head, he gasped and asked, &x201C;What is wrong?&x201D;

&x201C;Jingqi will not be able to dance. He is having a very bad headache,&x201D; Jiang Yuning explained the situation to Jin Mingchen.

&x201C;Then he should rest for a short while. I will leave first,&x201D; Wang Jing said to Jiang Yuning as she glanced at the time on her watch.

Jin Mingchen knew that something was not right as soon as he heard Wang Jing&x2019;s words. Therefore, he quickly pulled Wang Jing&x2019;s sleeves before he said, &x201C;Sister Jing, just give me a minute.&x201D;

After that, Jin Mingchen turned on the music in his cell phone before he started dancing in front of them.

This was a new dance and Wang Jing knew that it had just been choreographed.

However, Wang Jing did not understand Jin Mingchen&x2019;s intention. It was only until&x2026;Jin Mingchen&x2019;s dance moves caught the attention of the young teenage boy who had been holding onto his head. At this time, Lu Jingqi could not help but raise his head and looked at Jin Mingchen who was dancing in front of him. After that, Lu Jingqi instantly forgot all about his headache and he subconsciously began to follow Jin Mingchen&x2019;s dance moves as he moved to the rhythm of the music.

When Jin Mingchen saw that Lu Jingqi was following his dance moves, he took the initiative to guide him and teach him all the dance steps. In a short while, both of them were dancing to the music.

Two minutes later, both of them finally stopped dancing. Jin Mingchen dragged Lu Jingqi towards Jiang Yuning and Wang Jing before he exclaimed excitedly, &x201C;Sister Jing! Did you see what happened? This is my new dance. It was just choreographed yesterday.&x201D;

Of course, Wang Jing saw everything. It was no wonder why Jin Mingchen could not stop raving about Lu Jingqi. The young master of the Lu family was indeed very talented to a point that it was scary.

Jiang Yuning looked at the expression on Wang Jing&x2019;s face before the corners of her lips curved into a smile. After that, she walked over to Lu Jingqi before she asked him in a gentle tone, &x201C;Tell Sister Yuning. Is your head still hurting?&x201D;

Lu Jingqi had not even turned seventeen yet but he was almost as tall as Lu Jingzhi. At this time, he looked at Jiang Yuning before he shook his head. &x201C;It no longer hurts.&x201D;

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