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Chapter 466 - Jiang Yuning was Being Mocked Once Again

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Chapter 466: Jiang Yuning was Being Mocked Once Again

After hearing about what had happened in the etiquette and body language class, Hou Da went to Jiang Yuning&x2019;s dressing room as she smiled at her and said, &x201C;You showed everyone what you are capable of as soon as you came to the set. You are Empress Jiang indeed.&x201D;

&x201C;Well, I have no choice but to prove myself since the production crew and the rest of the cast were already making fun of me,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied as she smiled. At this time, the makeup artist was tying up Jiang Yuning&x2019;s hair to keep it out of the way in case her hair got caught during the martial arts practice later. &x201C;Hou Da, everyone is saying that we can&x2019;t stand the sight of each other.&x201D;

&x201C;You still dare to talk about it?&x201D; Hou Da felt a little agitated when she thought about it. &x201C;The next episode of will be broadcasted tonight. Do you want to watch it with me after you are done with your classes?&x201D;

&x201C;No, thank you. Otherwise, people will start rumors about me climbing into the producer&x2019;s bed.&x201D;

After Jiang Yuning&x2019;s words fell, both of them looked at one another before they laughed.

The makeup artist who was standing at the side could not help but think to herself at this time. Who said that Jiang Yuning and Hou Da did not have a good relationship?

Both of them were clearly good friends who had a very close friendship.


In fact, Jiang Yuning had no foundation in martial arts at all even though she had a dance background. Everyone knew that most actresses were usually afraid of having to act in many martial arts scenes whenever they chose their scripts since it would be really difficult for them to perform. Therefore, the production team would usually prepare body doubles for the actresses in a drama so that they could do the martial arts stunts in their place if it was too difficult for them to do so. However, Jiang Yuning really wanted to try to master all the martial arts scene in the drama because Duan Hanyan really had a lot of action scenes in the anime.

At this point, Vera could not understand what was going on in Jiang Yuning&x2019;s mind at all. Why would she want to take on the challenge and perform something that seemed so dangerous?

Anyway, the entertainment industry was not as demanding as it used to be.

However, when Vera saw Jiang Yuning wearing the safety harness as she trained under the guidance of the martial arts teacher, Vera could not help but sigh as she resigned to the fact that Jiang Yuning would always be this way. Jiang Yuning would never refuse any challenge that came her way. In fact, she would always use any of her own shortcomings and turned them around to determine her strength instead.

The group of actors and actresses who witnessed Jiang Yuning&x2019;s performance today was an example of how Jiang Yuning used her own weaknesses and turned them in her own advantage instead.

It was simply because those people thought too highly of themselves.

As for the second female lead, Vera thought carefully and she seemed to recall that there was a scene in the drama where the second female lead would have to hit Jiang Yuning.

Vera could only hope that when the time comes, that young girl would know how to act in the appropriate manner instead of taking advantage of the situation to humiliate Jiang Yuning. Otherwise, things would end up getting very messy once again.


Jiang Yuning was still at the training ground at seven thirty in the evening but at this time, the first episode of had already been aired officially.

At this time, Second Young Master Lu had just gotten home from work. He sent a short text message to Jiang Yuning but when he did not receive a reply immediately, he knew that she must still be busy at work.

Moreover, Lu Jingzhi, who had never watched a single episode of any variety program in his life, suddenly put on his glasses as he sat down in front of the television today.

This was because Secretary Ho told him that if he did not watch it on television, then it would not contribute to the ratings at all.

Therefore, Second Young Master Lu decided that he had to show his support for Jiang Yuning.

After the opening ceremony, Jiang Yuning stepped on stage dressed in a beautiful red dress. Lu Jingzhi could feel his heart skip a beat as soon as he saw her on television.

The little descendant was really trying to kill him.

When Jiang Yuning accepted the spot in the variety program, many people were not so optimistic about it. In fact, they mocked and humiliated her because they did not believe that a high school graduate such as Jiang Yuning would actually have the qualifications to participate in a historical and cultural variety program. They believed that Jiang Yuning would be a bad example to the younger generation.

Therefore, the first episode tonight would finally reveal the outcome.

Of course, Jiang Yuning adhered to the title that had been given to her and she remained the king of variety programs once again. Jiang Yuning unexpectedly lived up to the expectations and the gameplay in . Moreover, her presence was very strong in the variety program.

After the episode was aired, Jiang Yuning appeared on the hot search once again.

#Jiang Yuning knows everything#

#Jiang Yuning&x2019;s red dress#

#Jiang Yuning is a bug#

The passers&x2013;by were all amazed after watching the variety program.

[I think I can really kneel down before Jiang Yuning. Is there anything that she does not know at all?]

[I feel that the television station has already given Jiang Yuning all the answers to the questions in advance. Is the production team trying to make Jiang Yuning stand out on purpose?]

[She is merely a high school graduate but she actually knew all the answers to the questions that even the professors, who are experts in this field, could not answer. I find it really difficult to believe that this is not scripted at all.]

[This is just too fake! Seriously. I major in history and I do not even know as much as Jiang Yuning does. That is why I am feeling a little skeptical right now. I think that the production team is just trying to place the focus on Jiang Yuning because of her popularity.]

[Isn&x2019;t it too obvious that the production team is trying to make Jiang Yuning the center of attention? It feels as though the entire program is all about Jiang Yuning.]

[I really have nothing to say. Jiang Yuning really blew my mind away! Moreover, she looks extremely gorgeous in that beautiful red dress. I want to look for a dress that looks like that too!]

[Drama queen!]

[What bug? Jiang Yuning is just insulting my doctorate!]

There were three hot searches on Jiang Yuning and most of the comments were questioning Jiang Yuning&x2019;s intelligence. This was because no one could believe that Jiang Yuning was really so intelligent. It seemed as though there was really nothing that she did not know at all. How could that be possible? No one could be this intelligent unless the answers had already been given to her right from the start.

The production team of had not expected to receive so much negative feedback from the audience. In fact, they had already made Jiang Yuning stand out less when they edited the episode.

However, what could they do if Jiang Yuning was really that amazing?

Now, the audience were even suspecting that everything had been scripted from the start.

How can this problem be solved?

Moreover, three hot searches appeared at the same time and it seemed as though the hot search was shared all over the internet. If X Society did not help to clarify the truth, then there would have been absolutely no way that the production team and the television could keep things under control. It was obvious that someone was deliberately creating a scene.

The ratings of was still excellent because Jiang Yuning was undoubtedly a very popular actress. However, there were also people who intentionally rated the program one star to spoil the ratings.

The production team finally understood the meaning of this famous phrase.

Where there is success, there could be failure too.

The audience and passers-by suspected that Jiang Yuning had been given all the answers in advance.

[If Jiang Yuning really answered all the questions on her own, then I really have to admit that she is amazing. However, don&x2019;t you think that they really overdid it this time? Who would believe that Jiang Yuning would actually know the answers to questions that neither the experts nor professors had any answers to? Isn&x2019;t it too fake?]

[Although I really enjoy watching the drama that goes on in the entertainment circle on a daily basis, I really feel that Jiang Yuning should consider recording the show all over again. It seems as though the production team really favor her too much.]

[Just take a look at what Jiang Yuning was doing one year ago and look at where she is standing in the entertainment industry right now. It is really scary if you think about it&x2026;]

[Jiang Yuning is really too powerful now. It seems so unreal.]

[She is just a twenty-four year old child. I feel that everyone placed too much expectations on Jiang Yuning and there is just no way for her to step down now.]

[I really wonder how Jiang Yuning is going to deal with her public relations issue now.]


As soon as Guangying Media heard the news, Shen Yichen contacted Vera immediately.

Jiang Yuning was being mocked once again!

Moreover, Shen Yichen had a hunch that the public relations team in Guangying Media would not be able to handle this issue.

This was because the public relations team in Guangying Media had already witnessed Jiang Yuning&x2019;s public relations skills. Therefore, they did not dare to come up with any plan that would not be as good as Jiang Yuning&x2019;s plans.

They felt that Jiang Yuning might as well switch her career to public relations instead as she would probably earn more than she would as an actress.

Vera made a phone call to Ku Jie as soon as she was done talking to Shen Yichen.

At this time, Ku Jie had just looked through the date on the Internet. &x201C;I have just read through everything. So, who did Yuning offend recently?&x201D;

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