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Chapter 441 - Foreign Artiste Fishing for Money

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Chapter 441: Foreign Artiste Fishing for Money

Everyone in the entertainment industry knew that Jiang Yuning was no longer someone as simple as a popular artiste. Jiang Yuning represented something much more than that right now.

Moreover, it was obvious that the friendship ambassador did not care about how she treated the local artistes at all.

She was a foreign artiste but she did not even hesitate or think twice before creating trouble abroad. What else would she have expected then?

Now, An Shengyan&x2019;s fans were even requesting for the officials to get involved in this matter. Did they really think that the officials would just turn their backs on their own local artiste?

The groups of fans were still in denial and they continued expressing their dissatisfaction online.

[Is there something wrong with the officials&x2019; brains? They are actually supporting and backing Jiang Yuning up simply because she created a lawyer consultation platform for the Ginger Candies? Are they really intending to offend and allow the friendship ambassador to suffer this kind of grievances?]

[Jiang Yuning, be a man! Step up and apologize now! I am so frustrated and angry every time I look at all the comments on the Internet.]

[Yanyan is really all I care about right now. I just hope that Jiang Yuning will just stop her nonsense and stop creating trouble for everyone. Jiang Yuning should just come forward and apologize to Yanyan now!]

[Do you really want to destroy the friendship between the two countries just because of Jiang Yuning? Why do I feel as though the officials do not care about this matter at all?]

When the netizens and passers-by saw how An Shengyan&x2019;s fans were reacting, they felt as though this group of people had been brainwashed. What could they do to wake them up from their dream?

Well, Jiang Yuning would definitely make sure that they learned their lesson.

Who would have thought that the fans would continue to push this matter and turn this into such a big issue?

Alright then, Jiang Yuning would start off with pointing out how these foreign artistes were dissing the country and the local artistes while frantically making money off the country.

This news was shared by X Society and the young paparazzo used his second social media account to actively share the article all over the Internet.

The article contained information on everything that the foreign artistes had done and how they had insulted China and all its local artistes. Despite constantly criticizing and looking down on the country, these foreign artistes would depend on China to make most of their money and profit.

At this time, many of the people who were fans of foreign artistes came forward because they wanted to clear their idol&x2019;s reputation. However, since the evidence was so firm and conclusive, they was absolutely nothing that they could do to whitewash their idol&x2019;s reputation at all.

The article quickly became a very hot and popular topic on the forum and was subsequently shared all over the Internet.

Someone started speculating that the timing of the article was too coincidental, as if it was suggesting something greater than this.

[I feel that X Society is trying to tell us something more. The article has appeared at such a good time. I feel as though there is a message behind this article itself.]

[I feel the same way too! Can anyone investigate further into this matter?]

[I also think that that An Shengyan person is hiding something. She seems like one of those foreign artistes who is only visiting our country because it is profit generating for her.]

[I hope that someone who can read and understand H language will look into it and enlighten us on this matter. What is so bad about our local artistes? Are our local artistes really so incompetent in the eyes of foreigners? Although it has already been established that art has no limits or borders, everyone would still despise artistes or celebrities who are only passionate because they wanted to generate profits for themselves.]

At this time, An Shengyan&x2019;s fans started to panic because they were not sure if their idol had really visited their country and agreed to participate in the event today simply because she was in it for the money. Moreover, they did not know whether their idol had said or done anything excessive in the past.

However, at this time, they had already criticized and insulted Jiang Yuning for the past two days and nights. They had been continuously trying to force Jiang Yuning to admit her mistake and apologize to An Shengyan for bullying and mistreating her.

Why don&x2019;t they ask An Shengyan to apologize instead?

Jiang Yuning was going to be the spokesperson for a very high-end luxury brand, okay?

Moreover, the matter regarding the lawyer consultation platform had already been resolved and the platform was already going online soon. As for An Shengyan&x2019;s fans, Jiang Yuning did not care if they wanted to continue being arrogant at all. After all, Empress Jiang was a person with dignity and at the end of the day, the fans would suffer more humiliation when all their accusations were proven to be wrong.

True enough, two days later, someone who was proficient in H language actually posted and released a video that he found on the Internet.

The video contained an interview that An Shengyan had participated in when she was on a popular variety program in H Country just a few months ago.

At that time, An Shengyan was very arrogant and haughty because she had just found out that she was very popular abroad.

The person who shared the video was afraid that people would not understand H language and so, he specifically inserted subtitles in the video so that everyone would know what was going on in the video.

The interviewer asked, &x201C;I heard that you are very popular in a certain country right now. There are tens of thousands of people who are asking and hoping that you would visit their country and participate in any events or activities that would be held in their country. What is your opinion on this matter?&x201D;

An Shengyan replied, &x201C;I do not want to go there at all. I heard that the country is very poor and underdeveloped. I also heard rumors saying that mice can be found even in the most expensive hotel over there. Moreover, I really do not like the people there because they are always trying to imitate us.&x201D;

[I am so thankful that someone actually took the time to edit and insert subtitles into this video for us. It turns out that An Shengyan is really one of those money-faced foreign artistes after all.]

[I hope that An Shengyan will get out of our country right now!]

[How can a piece of trash like this have so many fans of her own? Are her fans blind?]

[These young kids should really go home and focus on their homework and schoolwork already. Why are they out here chasing after an idol like this?]

[We should change the title of the video to &x2018;Foreign artiste fishing for money&x2019;.]

[To think that An Shengyan&x2019;s fans actually have the audacity to scold and insult Jiang Yuning for so many days? If my daughter was one of An Shengyan&x2019;s stupid and blind fans, I will strangle her personally.]


Of course, just this article alone was not enough to get rid of An Shengyan.

At this time, an anonymous person came out to share the actual events that had occurred backstage that day. During the day of the Easygoing event, An Shengyan and Jiang Yuning really did have some friction and disagreements backstage.

[I cannot disclose too much but all I can say is that there is really something wrong with An Shengyan&x2019;s agent. It seems as though she has brain damage or something worse than that. When everyone was having a private event backstage, An Shengyan&x2019;s agent pushed one of the staff members simply because she was Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan. I thought that the matter would end just like that but Jiang Yuning could not sit by and watch her own fan being bullied for no reason. Therefore, she confronted An Shengyan&x2019;s agent immediately and demanded that she apologized to the fan girl for pushing her intentionally.]

[In fact, I feel that Jiang Yuning could be the one who arranged for the article to be released by X Society. After all, she did spend some time with An Shengyan backstage the other day. Therefore, it is not surprising if she had overheard something but finds it really difficult to share it to the public herself. That might be the reason why she decided to use this method to share the information to the public and netizens instead. Empress Jiang is always the wittiest.]

[Moreover, Jiang Yuning had already arranged and planned for the fan benefit that she would be giving her forty million fans way before this incident occurred. This was because her team had officially announced the fan benefit right after the incident. It would be impossible for anyone to come up with this kind of benefit in a blink of an eye without any preparations at all.]

[I really feel that the local industry is really guilty of giving all the foreign artistes too much preferential treatment. For instance, when An Shengyan came over to Luo City to participate in the event this time, she was given preferential treatment compared to the treatment received by Empress Jiang. This is simply because An Shengyan&x2019;s team demanded for VIP treatment when they were signing the contract. This is one of the ways that all of our local artistes are being bullied. However, this time, things have taken a one hundred and eighty degree turn simply because Jiang Yuning&x2019;s presence is too strong and powerful, and simply because she has many supportive fans.]

[I really hope that these young fans can open up their eyes and see their idol&x2019;s true colors. Jiang Yuning had already done so much charity and opened three platforms to help society. Yet, not everyone is truly convinced?]

[Lastly, I want to share a very important piece of news with everyone. I heard that An Shengyan is about to sign a contract with one of the local television stations to collaborate and star in one of the local dramas. Moreover, An Shengyan is simply using Jiang Yuning&x2019;s popularity and fame to get some attention for herself.]

Since this anonymous person had shared several reliable and true information in the past, the netizens believed everything that this party posted.

Everything finally made sense now.

It turned out that the friendship ambassador was not bullied at all but in fact, the person who had been bullied from the beginning to the end was none other than Jiang Yuning herself.

As one of the most popular artistes in Luo City currently, how could Jiang Yuning not receive any VIP or preferential treatment during the event? This did not make sense at all!

[I was present at the scene that day. I was just a passer-by who was sandwiched between many of the Ginger Candies. At that time, there were almost the same number of fans who were present at the scene to support both An Shengyan and Jiang Yuning. However, there was a dispute between both the fan groups and at that time, An Shengyan&x2019;s fans were really very rude and arrogant. That was the reason why the Ginger Candies decided to call for backup. Much to my surprise, the Ginger Candies were all so loyal and supportive, with hundreds of them turning up at the event in just fifteen minutes. Because of this, the entire mall was filled with Ginger Candies and the event subsequently turned into a support and personal fan meeting event for Jiang Yuning. This is the power of the Ginger Candies!]

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