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Chapter 440 - Did She Give Them Any Attention?

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Chapter 440: Did She Give Them Any Attention?

&x201C;There are many foreign artistes without good character but there are a large number of fans in China who seemed to have been blinded by their love and affection for them. This is the norm for the artistes from abroad. However, I guess An Shengyan must have been very unlucky this time to have encountered Yuning.&x201D;

&x201C;You find it funny too?&x201D; Vera asked as she glared at Shen Yichen. &x201C;Yuning is going to make me die of exhaustion sooner or later.&x201D;

&x201C;But don&x2019;t you think that Yuning has always been a very patriotic person who would stop at nothing to defend her own country? I think that her love and her courage in defending the country is worthy of recognition. Since the lawyer consultation platform that she had set up for the Ginger Candies is about to go online soon, I think that this is the right time for her to gain official recognition.&x201D;

So, should there be a bloodbath again?

Although Vera understood that this was the norm, she was still very worried because she knew that there were many people out there who were waiting for Jiang Yuning&x2019;s downfall so that they could take over her place.


At this time, the rumors on the Internet were spreading like wild fire and all of An Shengyan&x2019;s domestic and international fans were united as they fought against Jiang Yuning. Therefore, at this time, there were already two or three hot search terms about this incident on the Internet.

#Jiang Yuning bullying the friendship ambassador#

#Jiang Yuning embarrassing herself#

#Screenshot of Jiang Yuning bullying An Shengyan#

A few days ago, some of the passers-by had said that they would no longer pay attention to any hot search terms about Jiang Yuning as they were sick of it. However, as soon as they saw the hot search term about Jiang Yuning today, they clicked into it immediately. Was Jiang Yuning really starting a war with a foreign artiste this time? Was she really that incredible?

In fact, when they clicked into the hot search term, all that they could see was nothing more than pictures that were taken during the promotional event of Easygoing. How could anyone say that Jiang Yuning was bullying An Shengyan simply based on these pictures alone? Jiang Yuning had always been very serious and focused on her work. Was that wrong?

[I give up. I really give up. It&x2019;s not that I want to speak up for Jiang Yuning but seriously&x2026;how can anyone say that Jiang Yuning is bullying An Shengyan just based on this pictures alone? What is wrong with An Shengyan&x2019;s fans?]

[I think that the people in H Country are all absolutely ridiculous. How can they insist that Jiang Yuning is bullying the friendship ambassador? If An Shengyan&x2019;s fans did not create a huge scene and spread baseless rumors, then the situation would not be so terrible right now.]

[That group of fans are always putting artistes from H Country on a pedestal all the time.]

[I think that they enjoy riding on Jiang Yuning&x2019;s popularity and fame.]

[I bet ten packets of beef jerky that the other party is simply trying to gain some attention by riding on Jiang Yuning&x2019;s popularity.]

[It seems as though Jiang Yuning is not giving them any attention at all.]

[I can tell that Jiang Yuning is really nailing the event just by looking at the pictures. However, I really feel like vomiting when I look at the other party&x2019;s face. I really wonder how many plastic surgeries she had gone through previously.]

At this time, the Ginger Candies were all very obedient and they did not reply to any of the criticism or negative comments at all.

In fact, the people that were defending Jiang Yuning at this time were merely passers-by and netizens who were there to watch the show.

However, An Shengyan&x2019;s fans strongly believed that they could pressure Jiang Yuning if they joined forces with An Shengyan&x2019;s fans from abroad. After all, they had caught Jiang Yuning bullying the friendship ambassador.

[Sisters, continue fighting! Continue reporting Jiang Yuning! We cannot let her off the hook so easily. We should also leave a message to the officials in this country so that we can finally take Jiang Yuning down and defeat her!]

[I have a hunch that the officials will definitely deal with Jiang Yuning instead of allowing her to continue acting in such an arrogant manner. After all, Jiang Yuning did not give face to the friendship ambassador at all.]

[I hope that Jiang Yuning will be blacklisted again! Let&x2019;s persevere and continue fighting for Yanyan!]

[It is really over for Jiang Yuning this time! She should have thought twice before she made the decision to bully Yanyan!]

The passers-by could not help but shake their heads when they saw the reaction from An Shengyan&x2019;s fans. Young fans, are you all suffering brain damage because your teachers have given you too much homework and you cannot handle the stress?

Um? Did you really think that the officials would be so free to interfere in such matters?

At this time, no one was really interested in how the officials would react but the netizens were in fact more interested to find out how Jiang Yuning was going to react.

However, Jiang Yuning refused to expressed her position or release any statements about this matter. This was because she was still in the midst of gathering her evidence in order to bring down all of the foreign artistes who had criticized and insulted the local artistes and her country all at one time. She wanted to kill two birds with one stone.

Therefore, Jiang Yuning did not say anything. On the other hand, Vera officially announced that Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan benefit for her forty million fans was already ready. Vera informed the Ginger Candies and the public that aside from the educational and counselling platform, Jiang Yuning had also decided to set up a lawyer consultation platform for the Ginger Candies.

The public were speechless when they heard the news.

The educational and counselling platform that Jiang Yuning had set up for the Ginger Candies had been operating for quite a while and she had already helped many students and people in need via her platform. Now, she was even setting up a lawyer consultation platform for the Ginger Candies. Everyone could tell that Jiang Yuning was really serious and that she would never hold back in terms of charitable deeds.

Moreover, the netizens also recalled that when she was interviewed, the editor had already asked Jiang Yuning what she was going to do for her fan benefit since she had already hit forty million fans and followers.

Jiang Yuning replied that she would put some serious thought into it.

Now that she had already announced the official fan benefit, everyone could tell that Jiang Yuning really put some serious thoughts into this matter.

[Wow. What kind of fairy is Jiang Yuning? She is actually creating a lawyer consultation platform as a fan benefit for her forty million fans?]

[I saw some of the well-known lawyers in China announcing that they would be offering their services on the lawyer consultation platform created by Jiang Yuning!]

[I am really proud of Jiang Yuning even though I am not one of her fans. She is a really very attentive and amazing person.]

[No one else can compare to Jiang Yuning in this aspect. She is really very attentive and caring towards her fans.]

[Do you think that Jiang Yuning is only coming up with this lawyer consultation platform just because she wants to get back at An Shengyan?]

[Come on. Please be more realistic. Jiang Yuning had already mentioned that she would be putting some serious thoughts into the fan benefit that she wanted to provide her fans with even before this incident. Moreover, Vera announced that all the necessary preparations are ready and they can go online at any time now. So, what does this have to do with that person? Jiang Yuning can really help out the students and the people in need but what can that plastic artiste from H Country do for you?]

[I suddenly feel very jealous of the Ginger Candies&x2026;why are all of you so lucky to have an idol who cares so much for all of you?]

After Vera&x2019;s official announcement, Jiang Yuning also logged into her own social media account to share the news.

@JiangJianglovestheScenery: &x201C;I have been thinking about what I can do for the Ginger Candies for a very long time. After putting much thought into the matter, I realized that my concern and protection for the Ginger Candies might not be sufficient. Therefore, I have decided to set up the lawyer consultation platform for the Ginger Candies so I can offer more comprehensive protection to each and every one of you. However, I also hope that you would not require any of the lawyer&x2019;s services or advice. I wish all of you a lifetime of success with no suffering and pain.&x201D;

The haters were all criticizing and insulting Jiang Yuning on the Internet.

An Shengyan&x2019;s fans were still insulting her at this time.

However, Jiang Yuning did not give them any attention at all. Instead, she was concentrating on her own priorities.

Early the next morning, the netizens discovered that the officials had indeed responded to the comments and posts requesting for Jiang Yuning to be blacklisted.

However, the officials only had a short reply: &x201C;Jiang Yuning is worth it!&x201D;

An Shengyan&x2019;s fans clearly requested for Jiang Yuning to be blacklisted but little did they expect the officials to actually acknowledge and affirm Jiang Yuning&x2019;s contribution to the country and society.

Jiang Yuning is worth it!

Did the officials care about An Shengyan&x2019;s fans complaints?


However, the officials noticed all the good deeds that Jiang Yuning had done.

Jiang Yuning had accomplished an impossible feat by establishing a lawyer consultation platform for the Ginger Candies. This was something that not everyone in the entertainment circle could easily achieve.

Later that morning, Vera received several calls, including calls from several official legal channels, requesting for a collaboration with Jiang Yuning&x2019;s lawyer consultation platform.

Although Vera had already predicted that this would happen, she did not expect things to turn around so quickly.

Everyone already knew the kind of person that Jiang Yuning was.

At this time, the officials even invited Jiang Yuning for a personal interview.

As for the other party?

She should just take her fans with her and ask them to stop their nonsense already.

If they continued acting in this manner, she might not be able to deal with the consequences at the end of the day.

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