Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 429 - Why Don’t Both of You Fight?

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Chapter 429: Why Don&x2019;t Both of You Fight?

Although the young girl had already been very restrained and discreet, she was helpless as many people who were following her quickly forwarded and shared the message that she had posted on her account. After all, there were many people who were interested in the evidence. They wanted to know why February 19th was a significant date for Jiang Yuning and whether it was related to Su Jinhang in any way at all. Therefore, the topic #Jiang Yuning February 19th# appeared on the hot search in the blink of an eye.

The young girl started panicking and she immediately removed and deleted all the information that she had previously posted on her social media account.

However, there were already many people who had seen the post and taken a screenshot of it. They continued sharing and releasing the information on the Internet.

[It seems as though February 19th is the birthday of the heir of the Lu family!]

[Is his birthday really on February 19th? Is that true? So, does this mean that all the scandals relating to Jiang Yuning and Su Jinhang are fake?]

[Oh my. This young sister is really incredible. How did she manage to find out this information?]

[Honestly speaking, I don&x2019;t think that this is really the birthday of the heir of the Lu family. I think that everyone is already mistaken.]

[So, what exactly is the truth right now?]

[I think that the picture is fake! I can also fake a picture right now.]

The young girl who had uploaded the picture in the first place was terrified at this time because she did not expect such a huge reaction from the netizens and the passers-by. Therefore, she quickly emptied out her entire social media account because she did not want to get into any trouble with the Lu family.

It was good enough for her to know that she had already discovered the truth. She did not want to cause any trouble.

However, her move seemed to make the netizens and passers-by even more certain that there was in fact something going on between the childhood friends.

[Childhood sweethearts vs acting sweethearts. I honestly think that the love line between the childhood sweethearts would be more credible. After all, Empress Jiang did make a trip to the Lu family mansion to have dinner just a few days ago and she even stayed over that night!]

[I think that the love line between the acting sweethearts is more credible! Jiang Yuning even asked her agent to pick Su Jinhang up from his agency!]

The passers-by could not help but roll their eyes at this time. &x201C;Why don&x2019;t both of you fight?&x201D;

After that, the Ginger Candies started taking action by throwing out all the evidence that they had to clarify the situation. Yes, it was an undeniable fact that Vera did pick Su Jinhang up from his agency that night but Vera dropped Su Jinhang off at a hotel after that. If Jiang Yuning was really in a relationship with Su Jinhang, why didn&x2019;t both of them spent the night together at her house instead?

There was nothing between both of them. This was simply a made-up rumor.

Moreover, Jiang Yuning was only looking out and caring for Su Jinhang simply because she knew that he was experiencing a situation that she had experienced before. That was the reason she was offering him a helping hand.

At this time, Su Jinhang also came out to refute the rumors and cut off the love line that the netizens had created for both of them. &x201C;I am very happy and I want everyone to know that I appreciate everyone&x2019;s support and concern for me. I am also doing very well right now and I promise that I will try my best to adjust my mentality and to face my career and future with a better attitude and mindset. As for the relationship between Sister Yuning and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that there is really nothing going on between us. Sister Yuning is my benefactor and I am very grateful that she has offered me a helping hand when I am facing the most difficult times in my career and life. The courage and support that she has given me is more than enough for me to stay strong and overcome all the challenges and difficulties thrown at me. I sincerely hope that everyone will stop making baseless assumptions and misinterpret her care and concern for me. We are not a couple and there is no love line between us. If Sister Yuning allows it, I am more than happy to be her younger brother&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;Right now, I also want to clarify that I was in fact at the studio in the afternoon yesterday. However, the only reason I was at the studio was simply to observe and learn from watching Sister Yuning at work. None of the staff at the studio knew that I was there, let alone Sister Yuning. There were so many staff members at the studio yesterday and they can all testify that I did not have any contact with Sister Yuning at all as she had been busy with her photo shoot and makeup the entire day. I hope that everyone will not make any assumptions and create rumors that would harm Sister Yuning&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;There is also a personal reason why Vera picked me up from my agency late at night. However, it is inconvenient for me to explain the reason to all of you. I am certain that everyone of you know that Sister Yuning is a person who is full of integrity and that she would never compromise her own character and personality. She has a strong sense of justice and she is always fighting for the right cause. Therefore, even though she knows that she would definitely hurt herself and her own reputation by offering a helping hand to me, she is still doing so without any hesitations at all.&x201D;

The supporters of the love line between the acting sweethearts did not expect Su Jinhang to step up to cut off and refute the existence of the love line between him and Jiang Yuning. To think that the supporters of the love line between the acting sweethearts were actually trying to pick a fight with the supporters of the love line between the childhood sweethearts&x2026;


[Alright then. Since Brother Jinhang had already steeped up to explain the situation, then we should respect him by trusting in his words. I can tell from the tone of his speech that he really respects Jiang Yuning.]

[What is wrong with the people who said that Jiang Yuning and Su Jinhang checked into a hotel room together?]

[There will always be people like that in this world. However, I find it really difficult to believe that there are people in this world who would offer someone a helping hand even when that means having to put themselves in a compromising and difficult situation. Do people like that actually exist?]

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