Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 426 - Perhaps She Could Pick Him Up?

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Chapter 426: Perhaps She Could Pick Him Up?

&x201C;Juicy updates on the new couple! Jiang Yuning&x2019;s agent had specially gone to pick Su Jinhang up from his agency in the middle of the night!&x201D;

&x201C;Jiang Yuning is really very bold when it comes to showing her love for her younger lover. The both of them spent a lovely night together.&x201D;

This was the front page headlines that was splattered all over the media and Internet early the next morning.

Initially, the netizens and public assumed that it was simply the works of the entertainment news, hoping to get more views by generating more rumors. However, the netizens were all surprised when they clicked into the article because Vera did in fact appear in front of Su Jinhang&x2019;s agency last night to pick him up.

Moreover, if someone spread a rumor about Su Jinhang and Jiang Yuning once or twice, people could still choose not to believe it.

But how many times had it been?

Both of them were already having a secret rendezvous in the studio during the day. To think that Jiang Yuning would actually be so brazen to ask her agent to go to her lover&x2019;s agency in the middle of the night to pick him up!

[Is there something wrong with Jiang Yuning&x2019;s head?]

[Why is Jiang Yuning acting so desperate? Why is she interested in such an ugly person? I feel a little confused with her actions.]

[I really don&x2019;t want to believe that this rumor is true. No! Jiang Yuning cannot be this crazy!]

[Jiang Yuning is really very open minded. Su Jinhang is already blacklisted and his reputation is at its lowest right now. However, Jiang Yuning does not mind at all and she is still so devoted to him. This must be true love.]

[Somehow, I feel that this situation is very similar to what Jiang Yuning experienced just one year ago. Therefore, I think that all of us should think rationally before coming up with any conclusions or assumptions about the situation. After all, there is no connection between both Jiang Yuning and Su Jinhang until recently when they met for the first time and did not even speak was at the Golden Shadow Awards ceremony. Moreover, do you really think that Jiang Yuning is the kind of person who would throw herself at a man that she had just met? I firmly believe that there is only friendship between Jiang Yuning and Su Jinhang. If my prediction is correct, Jiang Yuning only wants to help Su Jinhang through this difficult times and she has no feelings for him at all!]

[The person above is really a loyal fan of Jiang Yuning! It seems as though Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fans will only believe that the love line between Su Jinhang and Jiang Yuning is true only after seeing a picture of both of them in bed together!]

[I used to think that Jiang Yuning was a fairy but now that she is in love, I feel as though she is just an ordinary person like each and every one of us. It seems as though she does not have a good judgment when it comes to love.]

[Just take a look at Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fans. It seems as though they are not worried at all.]

&x2018;Empress Jiang is dragged into yet another love line? Ah. They will just let it be. These rumors will help Empress Jiang to get more popular among the netizens anyway,&x2019; the Ginger Candies thought.

&x2018;Well, it seems as though the media is interested to challenge Empress Jiang. However, the Ginger Candies know best. They have nothing against Empress Jiang at all!&x2019;

Jiang Yuning read the news in the morning and when she saw the efforts that Su Jinhang&x2019;s agency had put into ruining his reputation, she could only snort in disgust.

After that, she received a confirmation from Secretary Ho stating that Lu Jingzhi would be returning to Luo City from his business trip tonight. Perhaps she could pick him up?


As for the public relations matter&x2026;

The young paparazzo brought all the materials that he had gathered and sorted out the previous night to Su Jinhang&x2019;s school at ten o&x2019;clock in the morning. The young paparazzo wanted to meet up with Su Jinhang&x2019;s teacher.

After all, Su Jinhang had been bullied when he was in high school. He had also alerted the police and made several police reports regarding this matter when the bullies went overboard sometimes.

Why did Su Jinhang pretend to be ugly during high school? This was simply because he did not want to be targeted or bullied.

When the teacher heard that Su Jinhang had gotten into trouble recently, he felt a little emotional and upset. It took the young paparazzo some time to calm him down and after calming down, the teacher offered to speak up on behalf of Su Jinhang.

The young paparazzo interviewed the teacher before he placed a mosaic over the teacher&x2019;s face. After that, he uploaded the video onto the Internet. The video garnered immediate attention from the netizens and Su Jinhang&x2019;s fans as soon as it was uploaded onto the Internet.

[We are not ugly! We don&x2019;t want to get bullied!]

[The reason why Su Jinhang pretended to be ugly is simply because he did not want to be bullied and targeted anymore!]

[Hanghang has never been ugly from the start. He was just pretending to be ugly on purpose. Why is everyone bullying him all the time?]

The video of the interview with Su Jinhang&x2019;s teacher was quickly shared on the Internet.

&x201C;When I first saw that young boy, Su Jinhang, I already felt that he was a very gorgeous and beautiful young boy. At that time, I thought to myself, how could a boy be even more beautiful than a girl? When he first entered high school, he was very well-groomed, clean and also very well-educated. After that, I heard rumors that the other boys in class would always provoke and bully him because he is too beautiful and they felt that he was too girlish and not manly at all. At first, I did not have any evidence supporting the claims that Su Jinhang was constantly bullied by the other boys. It was only after Su Jinhang stopped grooming himself and intentionally made himself out to be very ugly that I started to realize that the bullying must have been more serious than I had imagined it to be. One of the most serious times that Su Jinhang had been bullied was when the other boys locked him up in the bathroom for two days and two nights. At that time, nobody realized that Su Jinhang was locked in the bathroom because it was the weekend and there was no one at school at all.&x201D;

&x201C;After that, the cleaner found him after two days. He was sent to the hospital immediately because he came down with a high fever and he was sick for more than four days. After that incident, he transferred out of this high school immediately and I had not seen him again since. I have always felt very distressed for this young boy and I felt that I had let him down as I found out from the other teachers that he had already been bullied for more than half a year before he finally decided to transfer out of this school. Even though he was bullied, he had never once complained to me at all. I still feel extremely sorry whenever I think about him.&x201D;

&x201C;There are too many defamatory comments about him on the Internet lately and I have also seen the pictures that people are circulating all over the Internet. I feel that cyber bullying is getting more and more serious nowadays. Jinhang is a really beautiful child. I do not understand why people are constantly targeting him. I even have a picture of Jinhang that was taken shortly after he entered high school. Why are people attacking him again when this incident had already passed so long ago?&x201D;

&x201C;Moreover, I know that part of the reason why he is being targeted right now is because of his aunt. Everyone should know that his aunt was also a very famous celebrity in the past. However, regardless of whether we are referring to the past or the present, the fact is that Jinhang and his aunt are two completely different individuals. So, how can the public and netizens blame Jinhang for what his aunt had done? How can you judge him based on someone else&x2019;s actions?&x201D;

&x201C;Therefore, I really cannot understand this at all.&x201D;

After that, the teacher took out a picture of Su Jinhang that was taken a short while after entering high school.

&x201C;Take a good look at this picture. I even have a picture of him wearing a Taekwondo suit. He is a really handsome and beautiful young boy.&x201D;

&x201C;Finally, I would like to say that our appearance is something that we are born with and we do not choose to be this way at all. Therefore, we should not use our words to attack and hurt others simply because we feel insecure and jealous. Instead of looking good, why don&x2019;t we aim to live beautifully instead?&x201D;

And so&x2026;

Su Jinhang had never undergone plastic surgery in the past. He only pretended to be ugly because of the bullying and violence that he experienced from his classmates for more than half a year.

[Oh my god&x2026;I feel like crying right now. I am so sorry, my little brother. I did not know that you had suffered so much in the past. I really want to apologize for everything that I said about you. I am so sorry. Sob&x2026;sob&x2026;]

[I really did not expect Su Jinhang to have such a miserable past.]

[Ahh! I hate high school violence and bullying the most. I would never have expected Su Jinhang to have encountered and personally experienced this kind of situation!]

[Our brother is so handsome. We really do not know what kind of bullying he had experienced that made him decide to look ugly instead. My heart is aching for him!]

[Cyber bullying! How could you judge and criticize a person when you do not even know what he had experienced or gone through in his life? I am so annoyed right now.]

[Little brother is really too pitiful. Sob sob. Come to sister, I will dote on you.]

In a blink of an eye, the netizens who criticised and attacked Su Jinhang received a slap in the face because the truth was finally revealed. Moreover, Su Jinhang did not even try to justify the situation or explain himself when the accusations were false and he only pretended to be ugly because he had been bullied in high school. The netizens quickly apologised to Su Jinhang and some of them even spontaneously decided to become Su Jinhang&x2019;s fans.

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