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Chapter 420 - Does Jiang Yuning Like Younger Men?

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Chapter 420: Does Jiang Yuning Like Younger Men?

Early the next morning, there were countless embarrassing and humiliating pictures and videos of Lin Kaiyan splattered all over the Internet and various media platforms.

Although Lin Kaiyan was eventually picked up by his agency, they only did so to save themselves from any further embarrassment and criticism.

After Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s pictures were posted on the Internet, Jiang Yuning&x2019;s name and reputation was even more established in the entertainment industry.

This was because other artistes would usually retaliate or deal with their enemies behind their back. However, Jiang Yuning was completely different. She would openly declare war and she would not deny any involvement that she had in the matter.

Other artistes would put on an innocent front as they took any despicable actions but Jiang Yuning would never do so. She admitted to her doings and this was exactly the reason why she was so scary and terrifying.

This only strengthened the fact that no reasonable artistes who had any negative material on them, or any shameful history, would not dare to offend Jiang Yuning at all. Empress Jiang would throw them out to the media without any hesitation at all. Could anyone be as ruthless as her?

At this time, Hou Da took the opportunity to launch the next stage of her plan. Early the next morning, Hou Da released an official statement on &x2019;s official website, stating that the candidate who would be playing the role of the first male lead in the drama would be none other than Su Jinhang.

Su Jinhang? He had just replaced Lin Kaiyan as a regular guest participant on and now, he was going to play the role of the first male lead in a drama that Lin Kaiyan had refused to take on? The production team was also very efficient and they immediately released a poster of Su Jinhang dressed up as the male character in the drama.

The book fans were initially very flustered when they saw the announcement

Su Jinhang would be partnering with Jiang Yuning? They were a little skeptical about their partnership.

However, as soon as the book fans saw Su Jinhang&x2019;s poster, they were in shock. This man was made for the role of Yan Huasu. He was so good-looking and he was perfect for the character.

[Ahh! What should I do now? My goodness! I can&x2019;t wait for the drama to be out already. What is wrong with me?]

[I have always refused to watch all these ancient dramas. Why do I feel as though I am persuaded to watch just because of one poster? There must be something wrong with me!]

[Jiang Yuning&x2019;s poster is not out yet. I am really looking forward to it too!]

[Am I the only one who is curious to find out the reason why Su Jinhang could so easily replace Lin Kaiyan in his variety program and drama? Everyone here knows that is going to be a big drama production, right?]

[You are right. Do you think that this matter is somehow related to Jiang Yuning too?]

[Does Jiang Yuning like younger men? Is that why she is giving him her support?]

[Why do I feel as though I smell some jealousy?]

[It&x2019;s not that surprising anyway. I am really convinced that Su Jinhang will be able to pull off this character. Can anyone try to look into Su Jinhang&x2019;s autobiography and see if he has anything to do with the date, February 19th?]

[Do you think that a love line exists between the both of them? I suddenly feel so excited, as though I am walking in on someone&x2019;s sweet romance!]

Therefore, the netizens started linking Jiang Yuning and Su Jinhang together as soon as Hou Da announced that Su Jinhang would be playing the role of the first male lead in the drama. This was exactly what Vera was worried would happen. After all, it was obvious that Jiang Yuning played a role in getting Su Jinhang casted as a regular guest participant in . That was the reason why it was not surprising for the netizens to assume that Jiang Yuning and Su Jinhang were close or had a special relationship.

However, this was what Jiang Yuning had been waiting for because she wanted to hit the iron while it was still hot. Since they had not started filming and since Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s popularity had not died down completely, she wanted to make use of this opportunity to do some whitewashing and public relations for Su Jinhang. Moreover, if they did not clear things about Su Jinhang&x2019;s background right now, wouldn&x2019;t it be more complicated if negative material on Su Jinhang surfaced when they had already started filming the drama? This would definitely affect the filming progress of .

The netizens were so excited and they could not wait to make a collage of Jiang Yuning and Su Jinhang as soon as his poster was released.

They would not have felt this way if they did not look at his poster, but after looking at his poster&x2026;oh my god. He was really very handsome.

[Don&x2019;t tell me that Jiang Yuning actually sang and wrote the song, &x2018;Holding Hears&x2019; for Su Jinhang?]

&123;Jiang Yuning had always been very discreet with her personal life, but why is she being so obvious now when it came to her love life?]

[I guess this is Jiang Yuning&x2019;s personality. Once she is certain about what she wants, she will not hide it from the public anymore. Don&x2019;t you think that Su Jinhang is really lucky?]

[The Ginger Candies will congratulate Sister Yuning is she decides to make her relationship public. If Sister Yuning does not make anything public, then we will not make any assumptions of our own!]

[All of the male actors or celebrities who have worked with Jiang Yuning in the past would only have a mentorship or brotherhood relationship with her. Otherwise, he would have been directly abducted by her own friends. I am really happy that Jiang Yuning has a beautiful love story of her own!]

At this time, the netizens came up with their own speculations because they felt that Jiang Yuning&x2019;s attitude towards Su Jinhang was simply too amazing.

Therefore, there were also some people who started to look into their timeline.

Of course, the netizens were finally according to Jiang Yuning&x2019;s prediction. If they started investigating Jiang Yuning and Su Jinhang&x2019;s history, then negative material on Su Jinhang would definitely surface whether they wanted it to or not. When that happens, Jiang Yuning would help Su Jinhang to deal with his public relations and to clarify any negative material that surfaces, one at a time. Jiang Yuning believed that everything would be resolved before they started filming .

Vera felt that Jiang Yuning was seriously pushing her limits when she saw all the posts and comments on the Internet later that night.

She should know that the king of jealousy, Lu Jingzhi, was extremely possessive.

Would he try to stop Jiang Yuning from filming her drama?

However, Jiang Yuning had already discussed this matter with Hou Da before she promised to help her deal with Su Jinhang&x2019;s public relations issue.

Her requirements were very simple. She simply wanted Hou Da to make some minor changes to the drama script of just so there would not be too many romantic or intimate scenes in the drama.

It would be even better if there were no romantic scenes at all.

&x201C;Generally speaking, what is the probability of a first female lead asking for fewer romantic scenes in a drama?&x201D; Hou Da asked as she mocked Jiang Yuning. &x201C;Do you really care that much about your other half&x2019;s feelings?&x201D;

&x201C;This is called self-restraint,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied as she smiled. &x201C;Just tell me if you can agree to my request.&x201D;

&x201C;Okay. I will make some changes to some romantic scenes and I will send you the final version of the drama script when I am done.&x201D;

Therefore, Jiang Yuning was not worried that there would be any intimate scenes between Su Jinhang and herself when filming the drama. This was because Jiang Yuning trusted that Hou Da would even write off the only kissing scene in the drama because of her. The public would not even be able to try and form a love line between the both of them after the drama ended.

It might be a little tough at the start, but Jiang Yuning would definitely look for the right time to clarify the nature of their relationship, preferably after Su Jinhang&x2019;s negative material appeared.

Moreover, she had only met Su Jinhang for the first time recently.

The fans and media would not be able to dig out any juicy information regarding both of them.


Later that afternoon, Vera called Jiang Yuning as she said in a helpless manner, &x201C;Director Gu just called Director Shen to ask him what is going on with your love line with Su Jinhang!&x201D;

&x201C;Uncle?&x201D; Jiang Yuning asked as she laughed. &x201C;And what did you say then?&x201D;

&x201C;What else could I have said? I said that the rumors were started by the netizens and that both you and Su Jinhang have only met each other twice before!&x201D;

&x201C;Relax, I will definitely find time to go and explain this matter to Uncle. You don&x2019;t have to worry about me. By the way, I will be going to the Lu family mansion for dinner tonight,&x201D; Jiang Yuning told Vera over the phone.

&x201C;Don&x2019;t hang up first. You will have to go to G City on the day after tomorrow to participate in some promotional activities and events. Your performance during this event will determine if you will be able to secure an endorsement contract for a high-end luxury product. Therefore, I hope that you will be well prepared and please do not act sloppily on that day.&x201D;

&x201C;I understand,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied as she nodded.

As soon as she hung up the phone, Jiang Yuning quickly browsed the Internet to see what the netizens were saying about Su Jinhang and herself.

[What love line is there? I already checked the timeline between both of them. They only got to know each other recently. I really do not know what to expect any more if there is really a love line between the both of them.]

[There is no link between both of them at all!]

[February 19th&x2026;obviously has nothing to do with Su Jinhang at all. Jiang Yuning did not write or sing that song for Su Jinhang.]

[Everyone should just think about Jin Mingchen. I think that Empress Jiang is just looking out for the younger actors as though they are her brothers. I don&x2019;t think that she is in love with any of them.]

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