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Chapter 417 - I am Chipping In Too! Jiang Yuning Definitely Has Eighty Other Plans!

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Chapter 417: I am Chipping In Too! Jiang Yuning Definitely Has Eighty Other Plans!

Lin Kaiyan did not reply to the vice chairman&x2019;s warning, but as soon as he stepped out of the vice chairman&x2019;s office, he turned around and asked his assistant, &x201C;Isn&x2019;t there any negative material that we can use against Jiang Yuning at all?&x201D;

&x201C;Brother Kaiyan, Jiang Yuning is an artiste who has finally risen to popularity after being blacklisted and plagued by all the negative news against her. Everyone in the country already know about all of her negative news. Moreover, she has already been whitewashed now. Her reputation is a clean slate,&x201D; the assistant replied immediately. &x201C;Brother Kaiyan, perhaps you should just be patient and hide from the limelight for the time being? Although I understand it might seem a little unfair and suffocating to you, it is better than taking the risk that would put your career at risk.&x201D;

He was a film emperor but he was actually being forced into a dead end by this young artiste.

This matter cannot be explained or justified at all, but it was really happening to him now.

&x201C;I don&x2019;t care who the heck Jiang Yuning is or what she is capable of. D*mn it!&x201D; Lin Kaiyan yelled as he kicked the trash can that was in front of him as he could no longer hold back his anger. This attracted the attention of the employees around him and they all stared at him in surprise.

Was this really the film emperor who used to be so high and mighty all the time?

To think that Lin Kaiyan would end up this way just because he provoked and offended someone that he should not have.

&x201C;Hehehe. He is stuck in a tough spot just like that. He looks a little pitiful.&x201D;

&x201C;To be honest, I am really happy right now. Even though Lin Kaiyan is an artiste under our company, I am a huge fan of Jiang Yuning! Shh!&x201D;

&x201C;Me too! However, I somehow feel that Empress Jiang has not made her final and most ultimate move yet. Do you remember how ruthless she was when she previously dealt with Yi Fan? Moreover, every artiste who had provoked or tried to turn on Jiang Yuning has already been forced to retreat directly from the entertainment industry. Even if that is not the case, the other party would usually go into hiding to avoid the limelight.&x201D;

The employees continued whispering as they took pictures of Lin Kaiyan. At this time, Lin Kaiyan tensed up immediately as he glared furiously at the employees before he left the company with his assistant.


The Ginger Candies finally stepped down and no longer dominated all the comments on the Internet after reading the official statement released by the production team of . After all, there was no way that Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s fans could make a comeback after being defeated in this manner. They could not do anything even if they wanted to. Therefore, the Ginger Candies finally retreated in a victorious manner.

The production team had successfully cleared Jiang Yuning&x2019;s name and also officially announced that they would be replacing Lin Kaiyan with Su Jinhang. Unexpectedly, the production team only received positive comments from the netizens as soon as they made their announcement. At this time, the production team felt as though they should bow down before Jiang Yuning because she was really godlike. She was better than every single person on their public relations team.

The netizens immediately knew that Jiang Yuning was the one who had planned and sorted out this matter but they were still very unhappy because they expected a better outcome than this.

They somehow had a feeling that based on Jiang Yuning&x2019;s character, she would not let Lin Kaiyan off so easily.

[I am willing to bet two packs of chips that Jiang Yuning still has some other tricks up her sleeves!]

[I am chipping in too! Jiang Yuning definitely has eighty other plans!]

[If Jiang Yuning really comes up with any other tricks tomorrow, then I will never speak badly of Jiang Yuning ever again!]

[Hahaha, you are overdoing it!]

Jiang Yuning could only smile when she saw all the messages and comments that the netizens and passers-by were posting on the Internet. It seemed as though everyone really understood her now.

Therefore, Jiang Yuning decided that she should not disappoint the netizens. At this time, she decided to launch the last stage of her attack.

Jiang Yuning knew that she would have to make use of X Society to ensure that she could achieve the greatest impact. After all, Ku Jie had never disappointed her.

In less than half a day, Ku Jie had already prepared all the relevant material and the copywriting process was complete.

As soon as the article was released&x2026;

There was a commotion all over the Internet.

After all, this was a juicy and explosive piece of news that was supported by concrete evidence.

The netizens who were patiently waiting for Jiang Yuning to make her move would never have expected X Society to release the article instead.

Moreover, this piece of information was simply too incriminating!

[Oh my god, is Lin Kaiyan really a person? How could he force his girlfriend to have an abortion when she was already eight months pregnant just because he did not want to be connected to Su Xindi in any way? Is he a beast?]

[This young sister must have felt so upset and desperate at that time. She must have been feeling so depressed and that is why she committed suicide. I can&x2019;t believe that the only thing that she left behind was a suicide note, begging her family not to blame Lin Kaiyan for her death.]

[Lin Kaiyan is really a scoundrel! Can someone please call the police on him?]

[Even though I really wanted to defend Lin Kaiyan because I have always been his loyal fan, I feel like slapping myself across the face when I saw the evidence of his crimes. How could he be this heartless? I guess I can only blame myself for being so oblivious and blind all this while!]

[Sister is really very pitiful. She lost her baby and then she felt so depressed that she committed suicide because of the scumbag. Lin Kaiyan, you are nothing more than a beast!]

[Sister&x2019;s family members must have been so upset. I can&x2019;t imagine how they survived, knowing that Lin Kaiyan caused her death.]

[Sob. Sob. Sister is really too pitiful. Are there any lawyers who can help her family members get justice for her? Can this scumbag be prosecuted under the law?]

[Murderer! Murderer who took two lives! To think that Lin Kaiyan had been living so glamorously even after this happened!]

[How can there be such a trashy person in this world? Lin Kaiyan is not worthy to live in this world!]

[I feel really disgusted right now. I have been Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s fan for the past seven or eight years and all I feel is nausea right now.]

In a blink of an eye, the netizens and even Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s fans were all reprimanding and cursing at him. At this time, Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s agency was also placed in a tough spot.

They simply had no way to defend Lin Kaiyan at all because the news was released by X Society. Moreover, X Society had compiled all the information and evidence in such a comprehensive manner that there was no room for any struggle at all.

Lin Kaiyan would never have expected X Society to be able to get their hands on this information.

When Lin Kaiyan saw the picture of him and his ex-girlfriend on the Internet, all that he felt was fear and extreme guilt.

This was murder!

Lin Kaiyan locked himself in his house and he could feel his heart beating frantically whenever he heard any noise or movement outside his door.

The entertainment industry?

He would not be able to stay in the entertainment industry anymore. His greatest worry at the moment was his own safety.

Would the police come to arrest him?

No, he did not break the law. Yes, he did not do anything wrong.

However, there were countless comments on the Internet stating that someone should teach Lin Kaiyan a lesson or that someone should give Lin Kaiyan a &x2018;gift&x2019;. No, he did not want those gifts. He did not want anything at all.

He should run now. He should go abroad and hide himself for the time being. However, when Lin Kaiyan pulled his curtains aside, he saw that the reporters and paparazzi had already gathered outside his mansion and they were simply waiting for him to come out.

He had no way to escape at all&x2026;

[Lin Kaiyan is garbage! He should be dead!]

[Lin Kaiyan, you had better stay locked up in your house! Otherwise, you will really be beaten to death if we see you out in the streets!]

[Lin Kaiyan is really disgusting. How can he still enjoy his life and continue living like a king after forcing his girlfriend to abort their eight months old baby? Lin Kaiyan can easily take the first place amongst all the scumbags in this world!]


Of course, Su Jinhang and his uncle were also implicated in the matter as soon as the news was released.

Su Jinhang stopped the reporters in a very professional manner when they arrived at his uncle&x2019;s house requesting for an exclusive interview, but Su Jinhang&x2019;s uncle was very brave and courageous at this time. He opened the door for the reporters and media to come in. &x201C;I know that all of you are here today because you want to find out if the article released by X Society is true. Everything is true&x2026;my daughter is gone because of that scumbag.&x201D;

The old man spoke as he wiped the tears off his face.

&x201C;Initially, I wanted to keep my promise to my daughter and that is the reason why I chose to protect the person she loved instead of exposing all of his evil deeds. However, I feel really happy and relieved after exposing the truth to the public now. The public have finally learned of all the bad things that Lin Kaiyan has done in his lifetime. I hope he loses everything that he has and that he will live a life worse than death itself!&x201D;

&x201C;I also want everyone to know that this matter had nothing to do with my nephew, Su Jinhang. I was the one who released this information to X Society because I wanted justice for my daughter. Therefore, I hope that everyone will leave my nephew alone and not harass him because he is also a celebrity with a reputation to maintain. Finally, I really want to thank X Society for helping me get justice for my daughter after so many years. I can finally be at peace with myself.&x201D;

In fact, Su Jinhang did not expect Jiang Yuning to pass the information over to X Society.

That was equivalent to directly abolishing Lin Kaiyan from the face of this earth&x2026;

Moreover, wasn&x2019;t X Society the ones who constantly posted negative news about Jiang Yuning in the past?

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