Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 414 - A Rumor Can Start Spreading Because of One Person

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Chapter 414: A Rumor Can Start Spreading Because of One Person

Both of them continued lingering in the car for a while. When they finally exited the car to enter the villa, Jiang Yuning had already fallen asleep in Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s arms.

Jiang Yuning had been busy filming the variety program for the entire day. Moreover, because of the major confrontation that she had with Lin Kaiyan, Jiang Yuning had stayed behind at the television broadcast station until almost two o&x2019;clock in the morning. The little descendant was really exhausted.

Lu Jingzhi did not wake Jiang Yuning up but he brought her to the bathroom and carefully washed her up before carrying her to bed.

In the past, the little descendant would always come to him and ask for his help whenever she encountered any problem but it seemed as though the little descendant no longer needed his help anymore. Jiang Yuning was very independent and she no longer needed to rely on Lu Jingzhi to resolve any problems related to her career.

So, what else could he do for her?

He could only wait patiently for her.

He could only pamper her and dote on her when she was home.

However, when Vera sent the blanket to him earlier that night, Lu Jingzhi knew that he was always on her mind no matter how busy the little descendant was. She would always be worried about him and he would always be her priority. Therefore, Lu Jingzhi was contented as long as he knew that Jiang Yuning would always love him no matter what happened. That was more than enough for him.


The Ginger Candies were still fighting with Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s fans early the next morning. Although one whole day had already passed by, neither one of the parties were retreating at all. Both sides continued fighting and commenting as though they were out for blood.

Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s fans were extremely upset because they kept complaining about the fact that Jiang Yuning actually threatened their idol.

Take note! She threatened him! Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s fans were absolutely certain that Jiang Yuning did in fact threaten Lin Kaiyan simply because Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s assistant said so.

Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s fans believed that the only reason the filming of the variety program was interrupted several times was simply because of the personal grudge that Jiang Yuning held against Lin Kaiyan.

How exactly did Jiang Yuning threaten him? What did she threaten him about? No one knew any details.

[An entire day has passed and Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s fans are still as aggressive as ever. I am really amazed.]

[I can already memorize all the insults and foul words that Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s fans are using to curse at Jiang Yuning and her fans. This is just too nauseating.]

[So, can&x2019;t any member of the audience who was at the scene yesterday tell us what exactly happened yesterday?]

[I really do not believe that Jiang Yuning threatened Lin Kaiyan. Moreover, how can we know for sure that this information is true when everything has just been decided on the basis of Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s words alone? Just think about the incident involving Yi Fan previously.]

All the netizens and the passers-by were seeking the truth.

Since the production team had not stepped out to clarify the situation and express their position on this matter, there was no way for the netizens to know what exactly happened during the filming process.

At this time&x2026;

[I cannot watch this any longer. Here is the video that everyone is asking for. However, I would like to first clarify that I am not a fan of Jiang Yuning or Lin Kaiyan. I am a fan of another artiste. I am just sharing the footage that I recorded when I was seated among the audience yesterday.]

The video that the netizen uploaded was indeed taken from the angle of the audience.

The netizen somehow managed to record the scene where the filming of was abruptly interrupted for the first time.

From the video, everyone could see Lin Kaiyan making an obnoxious remark at Jiang Yuning and at this time, Jiang Yuning responded by making an X gesture at the host as she requested for a ten-minute break. After that, Jiang Yuning got up from her seat before approaching Lin Kaiyan. When she was standing in front of Lin Kaiyan, she bowed politely in front of him before speaking to Lin Kaiyan for several minutes.

The netizens could tell that Jiang Yuning&x2019;s emotions varied a lot from the time she stood up until the time when she finally returned to her seat.

She had always been very easygoing and harmonious, but it seemed as though the expression on her face was hard and serious when she got up from her chair. However, the netizens also noticed that Jiang Yuning seemed to have calmed down a little when she returned to her seat and at this time, it seemed as though they had both already resolved the misunderstanding between them as filming commenced once again.

[I was present at the scene yesterday and I can cross my heart and say that Jiang Yuning really went out of her way to take care of Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s feelings. However, I can tell that Lin Kaiyan did not seem to appreciate Jiang Yuning&x2019;s kind gesture at all. I heard that the first time the filming was interrupted was because Lin Kaiyan started insulting Jiang Yuning and reprimanding her for pretending to be stupid when she knew the answer to the question. He said that Jiang Yuning was simply acting that way because she wanted to show off. At that time, Jiang Yuning got up to explain the situation to Lin Kaiyan. She even bowed to show her respect for him as her senior. All of us know that Jiang Yuning has a temper too but she did not lose her temper at all yesterday. Instead, she tried her best to talk to Lin Kaiyan as politely as she could. I also feel that there was nothing wrong with the way Jiang Yuning had acted during the second half of the recording, but Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s assistant suddenly rushed in and complained that Jiang Yuning was targeting and making a fool out of Lin Kaiyan. He even accused Jiang Yuning of threatening Lin Kaiyan. I feel that Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s assistant has some mental issues.]

[I feel the same way. I seriously feel the same way. Even though Jiang Yuning is just a high school graduate with no higher education, she was amazing when she answered all the questions yesterday. It was the exact same situation as when she had performed on previously. Moreover, I feel that Jiang Yuning really went out of her way to take care of the other guest participants&x2019; feelings. She did nothing wrong at all. I just feel that Lin Kaiyan is just trying to find fault with her no matter what she does.]

[Threaten Lin Kaiyan? Is this a joke? Lin Kaiyan did not even communicate with any of the other guest participants at all. Moreover, he kept to himself and was so arrogant throughout the entire filming process. I did not see Jiang Yuning approaching him at all. Both of them might have exchanged a few sentences with one another during the short break, but how could she have threatened him in that short ten seconds? I admit that Jiang Yuning really did not hold back or give Lin Kaiyan any face at all during the second part of the recording, but there is nothing wrong even if she had done so. Lin Kaiyan cannot accept the fact that someone is smarter than him? Is his heart made out of glass?]

[How could he turn around and just leave when they were almost 80% done with the filming process? Lin Kaiyan is really one of a kind. He even dares to push the blame to Jiang Yuning when it was clearly his fault. Did all of you know that the production team and crew actually had to work overnight just because they had to come up with a way to resolve this issue? Lin Kaiyan, don&x2019;t you feel embarrassed at all? How can you say that a young girl is bullying you?]

[To be honest, I almost spat out my food when I heard that Lin Kaiyan was accusing Jiang Yuning of threatening him. Why would Jiang Yuning threaten him? How would that benefit her? What would she threaten him for? For him to take on the role of the first male lead in ? Huh? However, I feel as though Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s fans cannot grasp the reality of the situation. A rumor can start spreading because of one person.]

[Anyway, whatever it is, Jiang Yuning was really actively participating in the filming process and she had been extremely courteous and mindful of the other guest participants&x2019; feelings. Why would she bully Lin Kaiyan? I really want to laugh out loud because Lin Kaiyan and his fans are equally delusional! I would also like to advise Lin Kaiyan&x2019;s fans to stop creating a scene already. You are only making matters worse for your idol. If the production team decides to replace Lin Kaiyan, there would be no way for him to turn this around anymore then.]

These were the views of those present at the recording studio when they were filming yesterday. Of course, the evidence provided was extremely solid as it was a full video recording and not just a photograph alone.

The passers-by were also actively analyzing the entire situation.

At this time, Xue Li and a few other Ginger Candies took advantage of the situation to proceed with the second part of their plan.

They created several hot searches for Lin Kaiyan.

#Lin Kaiyan accused Jiang Yuning of acting dumb#, #Lin Kaiyan showed a black face as he left the recording set#, #Lin Kaiyan is very unprofessional#.

Moreover, they had also attached a video of Lin Kaiyan leaving the recording set in a haste right below the hot search.

The passers-by smiled when they saw the video because they finally got the answer that they were looking for.

[Mark my words. Empress Jiang will definitely be retaliating soon.]

[Hasn&x2019;t the war already begun last night? Why do I always feel so excited whenever Jiang Yuning is at war with someone else? Can anyone explain this to me?]

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