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Chapter 384 - Protect Hou Da! No More Coercion!

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Chapter 384: Protect Hou Da! No More Coercion!

Fourthly, what is wrong with Jiang Yuning portraying the character, Duan Hanyan? She is currently a very popular artiste; she looks absolutely gorgeous in traditional Chinese outfits and her acting was pretty great in . Moreover, Hou Da really likes her, so what is your issue with Jiang Yuning? Have all of you forgotten your boundaries just because Hou Da would usually just give in to all your whims and wants? In my opinion, Hou Da has the right to decide and make her own decision on who she wants to cast for the role of the first male and female lead in her drama production. I really do not understand what is the big deal here.

Finally, I really hope that all of you will stop making judgments and trying to influence Hou Da&x2019;s decisions. This novel is one of her most beloved works and she would never cast anyone that she does not believe in to play the role of the characters we love so dearly. So, can we all just sit and wait patiently for Hou Da to make the official announcement about the actor and actress that she is going to give the roles to? Please do not push Hou Da to a dead end. Can we do that?

Do you all feel a sense of achievement and are you all so proud of yourself for pushing an established author to a dead end?

As soon as the fan posted his article, it was instantly shared by some of the other rational fans. After all, most of Hou Da&x2019;s loyal fans had been really depressed for the past few days.

Some of the fans, especially fans of the gaming version of , were especially surprised to discover that the couple that they were rooting for did not even bother to read through the novel at all. Why would they have the courage to fight Jiang Yuning?

Moreover, did the couple actually think that they would be able to get the role of the first male and female lead in the drama without even reading the original novel?

Wow. This was absolutely unbelievable.

[Are you guys finally seeing things clearly now? You are all just a group of gullible book fans who are so easily manipulated by the gaming fans! To think that you guys actually threatened Hou Da and tried to force her to give the role of the main characters to a couple who did not even read her novel at all! This is such a slap to the face.]

[I really think that the book fans must have been blind to support that couple who did not even read the novel!]

[To think that the male model actually had the guts to say it out loud in public that he has no interest in reading any romance novels at all. Why did he choose to take the advertising contract for , then? He has no sense of professionalism at all!]

[You can see from the interview that the female model is obviously not that interested in the novel either. Did you guys know that she had actually participated in a writing competition before?]

[Hahaha&x2026;the truth is finally out in the open. I wonder what kind of stories she used to write in the past when she is obviously not interested in novels at all?]

[From today onwards, we must protect Hou Da! No more coercion!]

[The gaming fans should just get lost already! You are not welcomed here.]

[The gaming fans who are supporting the love line played by the models in the advertisement should scram! Stop manipulating the book&x2019;s fans! We will support any actor and actress that Hou Da decides to give the roles to!]

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Initially, the couple who played the love line for the gaming version of were very happy to add fuel to the flames because they had wanted to pressure Hou Da and coerce her into giving them the role of the first male and female lead in the drama. However, they were wrong because they did not know that the only reason why Hou Da could come up with the novel in the first place was simply because she would never give in to anyone if it meant that she would have to give up on her own beliefs.

Empress Jiang had never intended to trample on the couple as she had never been the type of person who would take the initiative to launch an attack on anyone else. However, if someone else initiated a fight, she would certainly fight back and she would always make sure to win the fight beautifully.

The couple had expected anyone to dig up their interviews from so many years ago to use against them. Who would have known that they would suffer such a huge defeat instead?

No matter how thick-skinned they were, no one would be able to keep their heads up high after getting slapped right across their faces!

Therefore, the fans of the gaming version of also retreated because they did not dare to add fuel to the flames anymore.

Hou Da was finally happy and relieved because she could finally relax without facing tremendous pressure from her fans.

This time, if the couple&x2019;s agency had the audacity to approach her again, then she would have the perfect reason to shut them down completely.

What were they thinking?

Of course, since Hou Da had already decided that Jiang Yuning would be the first female lead, then she would have to hurry up and decide on the first male lead as soon as possible. In fact, she felt that what Jiang Yuning told her yesterday was very reasonable indeed.

Hou Da agreed that well-known actors such as Lin Kaiyan were always very arrogant and proud. They would also have very high demands for themselves and their filming environment and conditions. Lin Kaiyan might have a very stable and consistent fan base, but he lacked the freshness and excitement that a newcomer had. Although it might prove to be much more challenging to give the role of the first male lead to a newcomer, Hou Da was not looking for a comfortable and easy filming journey. If she had wanted to take the easy route, she would not have chosen Jiang Yuning at all. In fact, all Hou Da wanted was to prove that there was potential in everyone.

What was even more important was the fact that Lin Kaiyan was already almost thirty-four or thirty-five years old. Hou Da might as well look for a young and handsome male actor in his early twenties to play the role of the main character instead. As she thought about this, Hou Da quickly called her investors to discuss their plans to search for a new male actor instead.

As for the upcoming awards ceremony, let&x2019;s see who would be more embarrassed when Jiang Yuning brings an award home that night!


After exposing the couple who played the love line for the gaming version, Jiang Yuning received less hostility and criticism from the book&x2019;s fans. The situation on the Internet was also much more peaceful. Although Jiang Yuning used to be a fan of the couple, she suddenly felt a sense of disgust when she thought about them.

Even so, there were still some netizens who had their doubts about Jiang Yuning playing the role of the first female lead in .

[Although I know that Jiang Yuning has an amazing personality and her acting skills are actually bearable, I can&x2019;t help but feel that there are so many other candidates who are more suitable for the role of Duan Hanyan.]

[I feel a sense of emptiness in my heart. I don&x2019;t even know if Empress Jiang has actually read the novel before. Will she really be able to portray the character Duan Hanyan?]

[I think she is more suited for the role of Qiu Xue. Somehow, I feel that Jiang Yuning is really suitable to play that kind of hateful characters.]

[Hahaha, why do I feel the same way too?]

[Jiang Yuning has already read the novel. In fact, she read the novel a long time ago. In the past, she used to throw shade at Hou Da because she felt that she was releasing the new chapters too slowly! I think that everyone has forgotten about it because it was too long ago&x2026;]

[How do you know that?]


Of course she knew, simply because this was her second account! When Jiang Yuning first received the script of from Vera, she already felt that this script was extremely familiar. In fact, she was even more certain about it after she reviewed the plot. She suddenly remembered that she had been really bored a few years ago when she was filming a youth idol drama. Therefore, she ended up reading and chasing after online novels.

This incident had occurred so many years ago and she only managed to get back her reading account a few days ago.

Of course, Jiang Yuning could not reply to the netizen&x2019;s question.

Therefore, Jiang Yuning decided to go offline and video call Lu Jingzhi instead.

However, the reader ID that Jiang Yuning used raised a lot of suspicions because some of the netizens pointed out the fact that this person spoke like Jiang Yuning herself. But was that really possible?

Why would it be impossible?

Nothing was impossible with Empress Jiang.


At this time, Lu Jingzhi was drinking tea with Grandpa Lu in the courtyard of the Lu family mansion when his cell phone started ringing because Jiang Yuning was video calling him. Lu Jingzhi was spending more time with his grandfather because Grandpa Lu could not stand the cold climate in Luo City and he was about to return to his home in a warmer climate for the time being.

In the past, Lu Jingzhi used to be extremely cautious before he answered Jiang Yuning&x2019;s phone calls in front of his grandfather.

However, this time, Lu Jingzhi had intentionally placed his cell phone on the table so that the old man could see the caller ID. After that, he deliberately ignored the call until the old man started urging him to answer the call.

&x201C;Why aren&x2019;t you answering the call? Isn&x2019;t it Yuning who is calling you? Pick up the phone now!&x201D;

&x201C;It is already so late at night.&x201D;

&x201C;That young girl has already been filming for the whole day and she just wants to talk to you even though she must be feeling so tired. What is the matter with you?&x201D; the old man asked in an anxious manner as he took the initiative to pick up Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s cell phone before pushing it into Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s hand. &x201C;Take your cell phone with you. You don&x2019;t need to accompany me anymore. You should also drop by Yuning&x2019;s filming set if you have the time to do so. I heard that they have actually allow people to visit the filming location. Stop wasting your time on all those unnecessary people every day! Do you understand me, Lu Jingzhi?&x201D;

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