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Chapter 383 - Who Gave Them the Courage?

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Chapter 383: Who Gave Them the Courage?

Although it was common for the younger generation to want to vie for whatever resources that they could, they&x2026;should not have overdone it.

Otherwise, it would not look too good for them to be digging their own graves.


The young paparazzo came back with the background check on the young couple early the next morning.

Both of them had debuted as magazine models and gained popular as teenagers because they had appeared on several hot issues of certain popular magazines. Besides that, they had also participated in several modelling competition, thus achieving the reputation that they had today. The peak of their career was when they were scouted to play the role of the male and female lead for the advertisement of the gaming version of . The both of them were signed under the same agency and it seemed as though they intended to take advantage of the drama to make their official debut in the acting industry.

&x201C;They only have such a background but they actually have the audacity to create trouble?&x201D; The young paparazzo was very angry when he saw the results of the background check. What was wrong with them? Did they actually believe that they could do better than Jiang Yuning?

&x201C;You forgot to check up on the chairman of their agency. Their chairman has always been interested in reading novels and this is the reason why he knows how to use psychology to deal with Huo Da&x2019;s book fans. With the chairman&x2019;s background, it is easy for the couple to create a big problem for us,&x201D; Jiang Yuning could not help but reply as she read about the background of the couple.

&x201C;The fans of the gaming version of are all encouraging the book fans to support this couple to play the role of the first male and female lead in the drama version of . They even came up with a list of ten reasons why you should not be playing the role of Duan Hanyan! What is most annoying is the fact that the tenth reason they are against you taking on the role is because you have put on some weight recently!&x201D;

Jiang Yuning placed her palms on her face as she squeezed her cheeks gently. She did gain some weight recently.

She was sorry to have troubled the netizens and made them so concerned about her.

&x201C;What should we do now? How are we going to deal with them?&x201D;

&x201C;It&x2019;s very easy and simple. I will go and have my makeup done first. You can stay here today and watch all the videos of the activities and interviews that both of them have participated in throughout the years. I believe that you will definitely be able to find a way to deal with the situation at hand by doing so,&x201D; Jiang Yuning instructed the young paparazzo as she started walking out of the hotel room. &x201C;This will be your assignment for the day.&x201D;

&x201C;I will be able to find a way to deal with this situation after watching all the videos?&x201D; the young paparazzo muttered to himself as he was extremely puzzled. However, since Jiang Yuning was so confident about it, then the young paparazzo believed that there would certainly be a way to handle this. All he had to do was watch all of the videos.

On the other hand, Hou Da had completely rejected the proposal raised by the couple&x2019;s agency. She had also spoken to them and asked them to stop doing so many despicable things based on the account that everyone was in the entertainment industry together. Hou Da&x2019;s fans were already starting to get aggressive and they were all boycotting Jiang Yuning, and there was only one simple explanation for that. Who deserved the credit? Wasn&x2019;t it obvious at this point?

Even if they really wanted to push for their love line, why should they trample on others to get what they wanted?

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They had no shame at all!

Ah! Ah! Ah!

But why was there no reaction from Jiang Yuning.

Hou Da had been looking forward to observe how Jiang Yuning would deal with public relations with regards to this matter. This was because Jiang Yuning was the one who told her that it was common for the netizens, fans, agencies, and the artistes to be in conflict with one another.

Ah! She was so mad!


On the other hand, the young paparazzo spent the whole morning watching all the videos of the couple&x2019;s activities and interviews. However, he felt that he was almost crossed-eyed but yet, he had not found anything that they could use. What kind of breakthrough did Jiang Yuning mean exactly?

When Jiang Yuning was finally done filming her morning scenes, the young paparazzo ran towards her as he held his cell phone in his hand. &x201C;Sister Yuning, I have already finished watching all the videos that I could find of the couple.&x201D;

&x201C;So, what have you found out?&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied as she drank her bowl of hot soup.

&x201C;I don&x2019;t think I have found anything useful&x2026;&x201D; the young paparazzo replied as he scratched his head.

Jiang Yuning sighed before she put down her bowl of soup and gave him an idea.

&x201C;You should know that is a female romance novel. It might be normal for the female model to have read the online novel but then again, it could be highly possible that she did not read the novel at all. However, I dare to bravely conclude that the male model has never read the online novel before. Do you know that this is the one thing that book fans would never accept? How could anyone fight to play the main characters in the novel when they have never read the novel before? How do you think the book fans will respond if they find out about this?&x201D;

&x201C;The reason why I asked you to watch those videos is because I hoped that you would be able to find some evidence to prove that the couple has never read the novel before. So, does this ring a bell at all? Did you see anything related to this point in the videos?&x201D;

&x201C;Yes, yes, yes! It was not only the male model, but the female model had also made several errors during her interviews. There was even an incident where she had actually referred to a character in the novel by the wrong name during an exclusive interview. Moreover, when one of the reporters asked the woman to name her favourite supporting character from , the woman could not even come up with a single name,&x201D; the young paparazzo said excitedly as he recalled what he had just seen from the video clips. &x201C;Furthermore, the male model did not even bother to pretend but he simply told the reporter that he has never read the novel before in his life because he has no interest in reading romance novels.&x201D;

&x201C;Then, you should edit all of the video clips and make a compilation of the videos before passing it to Hou Da,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied after listening to the young paparazzo. After that, she picked up her bowl of soup and continued drinking it to keep herself warm.

&x201C;Do you need me to start spreading the video on the Internet?&x201D;

&x201C;No, you don&x2019;t have to do it. All you have to do is to edit and compile the videos. Someone else will definitely do the rest for us.&x201D;

The young paparazzo could not help but sigh when he thought about Jiang Yuning and Ku Jie. Both of them were clearly brothers and sisters, there was no denying that fact at all. In fact, it seemed as though both Jiang Yuning and Ku Jie were made for the entertainment industry. They were sensitive to public relations strategies and often time, they could assess and predict exactly what was running through the netizens&x2019; minds. The young paparazzo could not imagine what kind of psychological or magical skills the siblings shared.

As soon as the young paparazzo thought about the reaction of the book fans, he quickly got to work and he successfully compiled all of the videos in less than two hours.


Initially, Hou Da thought that Jiang Yuning did not make any move at all. However, she suddenly received a big gift later in the afternoon.

Hou Da was extremely enraged after she finished watching the video compiled by the young paparazzo. Although she was not qualified to interfere with the other party&x2019;s advertising choices and decisions as she had already sold the gaming copyrights to the company, she was still very annoyed! Hou Da did not think that it was that big of an issue if the couple did not read her novel for the gaming advertisement, but what were they thinking when they tried to fight for the role of the first male and female lead in the drama?

Who gave them the courage?

Later that evening, one of Hou Da&x2019;s loyal fans suddenly came forward and uploaded a post stating: &x201C;The couple from the gaming advertisement has not even read the novel before! Please do not harass Hou Da again!&x201D;

Everything was stated clearly in the post itself.

A couple who played the love line of the male and female lead in the gaming version of actually won your loyalty and support just because they were lucky enough to secure the advertisement contract in the past?

This was completely unbelievable! All of you actually spoke out and tried to force Hou Da to change her mind just because of this two people? Are you guys retarded?

First of all, I am against this couple playing the role of the first male and female lead in the drama despite their beautiful appearance because no matter what, they are still models at the end of the day. All of you should know that Hou Da has dedicated all that she has to the drama production of . So, how could you be so selfish to just jump the gun and ask Hou Da to act according to your own will and wishes just to satisfy your own selfish needs? How could you ask Hou Da to cast a pair of models with little to no acting experience to play the role of the main characters in her novel? Hou Da invested everything that she had into this drama, so why should she act according to your needs?

Don&x2019;t you think that you guys are thinking too greatly of yourselves?

Secondly, this couple has never even read the novel before in their lives! I have attached a compilation of some video evidence below my post to prove that I am not making this up. If you do not believe me, you can check it out for yourself. What do you guys think about this situation? Do you really want Hou Da to give the role of the main characters to people who do not even appreciate or enjoy the novel at all? If your answer is yes, then are you truly a fan of the novel? All of you are constantly pushing Hou Da to a dead end. Do you know that you are placing Hou Da in a very tough spot?

Thirdly, can fans of the gaming version of stop manipulating the fans of the book already? Please do not go out of your way just to cause more harm to people. We need the actor and actress who would be portraying the main characters to be worthy of the roles that they are playing. We do not want models with no expressions or acting skills to ruin the drama for us!

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