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Chapter 369 - Brother Nan Personally Came Online to Slap Them in Their Faces

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Chapter 369: Brother Nan Personally Came Online to Slap Them in Their Faces

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However, no one knew if this was karma or retribution. When the couple heard the sound of the police car sirens, the were too afraid to run out of the main entrance of the house. Therefore, they decided to jump out of their windows from the sixth floor to escape through the lawn.

Since the man was already disabled, he would never have been able to make a perfect landing on one leg. Therefore, he caused serious injuries to his only remaining leg because he did not land on the ground properly.

Neither of them had a good ending because the woman ended up hitting her face in the flower bed when she landed on the ground. When she stood up eventually, her entire face was covered in blood as she had broken her nose in the process. She would definitely be disfigured after this.

But even if that was the case, there were no excuses and the police officers arrested the couple anyway.

Of course, it went without saying that the scumbag couple kept struggling and yelling, &x201C;Let go of me! Let me go. You have caught the wrong person. I did not break the law.&x201D;

The woman was especially loud as she kept screaming in her high and pitchy voice, &x201C;Don&x2019;t come near me. Let go of me. Help! Someone is going to get killed!&x201D;

The residents in the community could not stand by idly as they watched the police apprehending the couple and they started pouring a bucket of water downstairs onto the couple. Some of them also threw some items at the couple and both of them were hit in the head until they began feeling dizzy.

At this time, there were also some children who were shouting out loud. &x201C;Uncle police, please take these two bad people away already! They are too noisy. I can&x2019;t focus on my studies because of this noise disturbance!&x201D;

&x201C;Can the two scumbags downstairs stop yelling and screaming already? Scumbags like you should be left to rot and die in prison!&x201D;

After that, the couple received a lot of &x2018;love and care&x2019; from the residents and they could no longer open their mouths as the residents kept throwing things at them.

After some time, the police officers finally stepped up and stopped the residents because they were afraid that the scumbags would be smashed to death. They called the hospital to send an ambulance over to pick the scumbag couple up so that they could receive medical care before they would be dealt with under the law.

However, the police officers had to admit that they really enjoyed watching the residents throwing things at the couple because they deserved it.

Some of the residents in the community who had witnessed the entire scene took the opportunity to take pictures and videos of the couple before posting them on the Internet.

[These two fools tried to escape from police officers by jumping down from the sixth floor. They ended up sustaining some serious injuries and they were ultimately arrested by the police anyway! They really deserved it!]

[It felt like garbage was falling from the sky when both of them jumped off the sixth floor. Today is the day that justice is finally served!]

[I hope that the police officer will not let the couple off so easily this time. They are a risk to society!]

[I wish that both of them would just die already. They should kneel down and beg for forgiveness from the Xiao family!]

[I hope that this couple will go to hell soon.]

[The residents in this community are really amazing! Like! I want to give them thirty-two likes!]

[The film emperor is really pitiful. He suffered so much and he lost so many first-line endorsements and contracts just because of these two scumbags!]

[Sob. Sob. Sorry, Brother Nan. We were wrong. We should not have believed in the rumors. We should have trusted you instead. We are really sorry!]

[Brother Nan, if we want to become your fans again&x2026;will you accept us?]


It did not matter to Xiao Chennan anymore.

After all that he had gone through and endured during this time, Xiao Chennan learned that only the fans who were truly loyal to him would choose to trust him, stick by him, and support him through all the difficulties. Therefore, he no longer cared about the fans who could just abandon him and perceive him as a villain simply because of some baseless rumor.

After the storm passed, Xiao Chennan&x2019;s fan base became a little more stable.

Although Brother Nan had found them a sister-in-law whom they did not like, he was already thirty years old and it was an appropriate time for him to fall in love and have a girlfriend. They should not have reacted so negatively when he announced his relationship.

However, they did not know that the person who had contributed most significantly to turning the situation around for Xiao Chennan was in fact the sister-in-law whom they did not like.

As soon as the situation was under control, Xiao Chennan also won a wave of sympathy from the passers-by. It was at this moment that Xiao Chennan finally received a phone call from his agency. This time, it was the chairman who was calling him personally, instead of the vice chairman.

&x201C;Chennan, you have already gained back some of your resources today. I received a lot of calls earlier in the afternoon. Don&x2019;t worry too much about the resources that you have lost. I will definitely try my best to help you to get back every single resource belonging to you.&x201D;

&x201C;You don&x2019;t need to anymore&x2026;&x201D; Xiao Chennan replied indifferently, as though he was talking to a complete stranger. &x201C;I will send someone over to the agency tomorrow to discuss the termination of my contract with the company.&x201D;

&x201C;Chennan, you are just kidding right? Aren&x2019;t you taking this joke a little too far? The company&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;I have already decided on what my next step would be,&x201D; Xiao Chennan replied without leaving room for any negotiation at all. &x201C;I believe that you of all people should know very well that the vice chairman had been threatening me and coercing me to succumb to his will. However, even if I chose to keep quiet without retaliating, it does not mean that I do not have a temper!&x201D;

1&x201C;Chennan&x2026;it is not entirely impossible to deal with the vice chairman&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;I will not return to the agency anymore whether you deal with him or otherwise. It does not matter to me,&x201D; Xiao Chennan replied directly. &x201C;I have always been very grateful towards the company for cultivating and supporting me throughout the years. However, I believe that there is a time for everything.&x201D;

The chairman could not help but sigh out loud as soon as he heard Xiao Chennan&x2019;s words. This was because he knew that the vice chairman was in fact the one who had prevented the agency from helping Xiao Chennan and handling the public relations issues on his behalf when things got out of hand.

Was this the way that a film emperor should be treated?


&x201C;Let&x2019;s put it this way. I will not budge or give in unless the company makes a decision to fire the vice chairman. Otherwise, my decision is fixed.&x201D;

The chairman was stunned.

How would that be possible? The vice chairman was the chairman&x2019;s own biological brother.

Of course, the chairman knew that Xiao Chennan was deliberately putting him in a tough spot by making things difficult for him. Therefore, after a short pause, the chairman could only sigh as he replied, &x201C;Okay, I understand.&x201D;

When the news of the conversation between Xiao Chennan and the chairman reached the vice chairman&x2019;s ears, he was so enraged that he slammed his hands on the table immediately. &x201C;Aren&x2019;t we giving him too much face? Does he really think that this matter has already been resolved just like this? I want to continue controlling him! He is dissatisfied with me and the company? Very well. Let&x2019;s see how tough he can be and we will finally know what he is made up of then. Release a statement to the media and state that Xiao Chennan broke the terms of his contract when he disclosed his relationship without consulting the agency. The agency will now start a lawsuit against him!&x201D;

&x201C;Vice chairman&x2026;isn&x2019;t that a little too much?&x201D;

&x201C;I can do much worse.&x201D;

1However, the vice chairman did not know the evidence that Xiao Chennan currently had on hand.

What else did Xiao Chennan had to fear?


Very soon, all the malicious comments and topics about Xiao Chennan disappeared and those topics were eventually replaced with other hot topics such as #Xiao Chennan, we support you# and #The friendship between Xiao Chennan and Jiang Yuning#.

In fact, the friendship between Jiang Yuning and Xiao Chennan gained the most attention.

This was because Jiang Yuning was the only person who was courageous and sporting enough to stand by Xiao Chennan&x2019;s side and publicly declare her support for him when he was going through the scandal. She firmly believed in him and trusted his personality and character. Besides that, Jiang Yuning had also helped to fight back against the criticism and insults thrown at Xiao Chennan.


Of course, there were some netizens who came up with the idea that Jiang Yuning was only supportive of Xiao Chennan because she already knew about his family status and his family affairs before the scandal had broken out.

[Don&x2019;t forget that Empress Jiang is very meticulous and tactical. She always lures in her enemies and garners hatred first before she finally wins over the sympathy of the netizens and public. That is her strategy.]

[I am certain that Jiang Yuning definitely knows about Xiao Chennan&x2019;s family background. After all, Vera is his girlfriend.]

[Jiang Yuning must have planned and strategized before she made her move. Everything was strategically planned and calculated.]

[Sigh. I actually thought that Jiang Yuning was sincere.]

[Are you guys insane? What are you talking about? Even if Jiang Yuning really knew about Xiao Chennan&x2019;s background and family situation, do you see anyone else who would have spoken up and show any support for him like she did?]

The netizens were amazing because they could even come up with this sort of conspiracy theory. When Qing Yan saw the netizens&x2019; dispute over this matter, he informed Xiao Chennan about this matter immediately.

&x201C;Brother Nan, you should take a look at this.&x201D;

When Xiao Chennan saw the rumors that were starting to circulate online, he logged into his official social media account before he replied to the comments, &x201C;I have never told anyone about my family before. Jiang Yuning did not know anything.&x201D;

[Hahaha. Brother Nan personally came online to slap them in their faces.]

[Some people will always think the worst of others no matter what they do.]

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