Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 368 - : Garbage Belongs in the Trash Can

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Chapter 368: Garbage Belongs in the Trash Can

Even though the scandals involving Xiao Chennan had already turned around, his agency was still staying silent and refusing to give any response.

This was not the kind of treatment that a film emperor should be receiving. Xiao Chennan was currently facing a lot of criticism and his fans were also turning their backs on him, but it seemed as though his agency was refusing to come to his defense at all.

When Vera saw what was happening, she got increasingly anxious. Therefore, she quickly created a second social media account before she asked Qing Yan to add her into Xiao Chennan&x2019;s official fan support page. After that, she launched a control and anti-defamation evaluation initiative to gather all of Xiao Chennan&x2019;s fans to continue cheering and fighting for him. However, since Xiao Chennan&x2019;s fan base was currently in an extremely chaotic situation, Vera did not receive many responses on the fan page.

Therefore, Vera quickly gathered the information and data before she sent the link to the group chat that Jiang Yuning had for her friends and family.

Vera: &x201C;Please sacrifice a minute of your time and help me to show your support to this celebrity.&x201D;

Lost all four pants: &x201C;&x2026;&x201D;

CEO Wen is the super invincible and handsome man: &x201C;&x2026;&x201D;

Tycoon Xu: &x201C;&x2026;&x201D;

Bei Sheng Sheng Bei: &x201C;&x2026;&x201D;

Wow. Was she really asking a group of social elites to show their support for her man? Was this for real?

At this time, Jiang Jiang loves the Scenery replied: &x201C;Already did!&x201D;

Besides that, Jiang Yuning also sent another text message to the group: &x201C;It is a very sunny day and the weather is perfect for us to show some love and support to @XiaoChennan! Let&x2019;s do this!&x201D;

As soon as the Ginger Candies got the news, they started acting immediately because Empress Jiang&x2019;s friend was their friend.

Therefore, the Ginger Candies also showed some support for Xiao Chennan as they continued to root for Jiang Yuning.

Sure enough, because of the Ginger Candies, Xiao Chennan&x2019;s fans finally responded to Vera&x2019;s post. They finally recovered and decided to organize a large support movement for their beloved idol.

The Ginger Candies started rejoicing when they saw that they have finally moved the hearts of Xiao Chennan&x2019;s fans. However, no matter what it was, their Empress Jiang would always be on the top of the list.

Therefore, they started mocking Xiao Chennan&x2019;s fans.

[Are you guys zombies? You need someone to trigger you before you can start any movement for your own idol?]

[Exactly! Xiao Chennan&x2019;s agency is also very useless. Thankfully, his fans have already woken up from the dead. Otherwise, Xiao Chennan would be very unlucky if he has to deal with that scumbag couple all by himself.]

[Hahaha. Okay, we will not bully you guys anymore. Anyway, our Empress Jiang will always be on top! Who asked the film emperor to collaborate with our Empress Jiang?]

Xiao Chennan&x2019;s fans were enraged and they finally came out to fight the battle for their idol.


At this time, the scumbag couple were still firmly insisting that they had never hit Xiao Chennan&x2019;s younger brother in the head. They claimed that Xiao Chennan was making up all the stories and doing so many despicable things just to protect his brother&x2019;s image.

Even though the old man had already stepped forward to clarify the situation, the scumbag couple was still shamelessly denying everything.

[Who knows if Xiao Chennan paid this old man to make up this story?]

[Moreover, his brother was the one who came and provoke us in the first place. Who said that we started attacking him first? Where is your proof? We are law-abiding citizens and all our friends and colleagues can testify on our behalf!]

[Do you know what the most despicable thing about Xiao Chennan&x2019;s brother is? It is already bad enough that he attacked me, but as a man, I can accept it. However, what I cannot accept is the fact that he actually dared to hit my wife! What kind of person would hit a woman? There is not a single good person in the Xiao family!]


Even though there was a court order to prove the old man&x2019;s story, the couple had the guts to continue arguing and defending themselves.

At this time, Xiao Chennan could no longer tolerate it.

This was because Xiao Chennan had received a phone call from his mother and she was seriously distressed. Her life had been seriously affected and she was constantly disturbed by strangers because of the shameless couple. Xiao Chennan&x2019;s mother had no choice but to return to her mother&x2019;s house to avoid the limelight.

Xiao Chennan made a phone call to his lawyer later that night. He wanted his lawyer to help him file a lawsuit against the scumbag couple, demanding compensation for all the financial and pecuniary losses that he had suffered throughout this period. He would do whatever it takes to make sure that the couple goes bankrupt and lose everything that they had.

Moreover, Xiao Chennan also instructed his lawyer to find out who was the person who was using this incident to make waves.

At eight o&x2019;clock that night, Xiao Chennan finally went online to publish all the information and evidence that he had gathered on the Internet.

These included his parents&x2019; letter of employment, his father and younger brother&x2019;s death and cremation certificates, the transcript issued by the police officer, the court order and the court&x2019;s final judgment five years ago, and a doctor&x2019;s letter from when his younger brother had gone abroad for critical illness treatment five years ago. The doctor&x2019;s letter contained a diagnosis and a list of treatments used to treat the injury suffered by Xiao Chennan&x2019;s brother. Xiao Chennan had also published several photos of the fight online.

Hit a woman?

Judging from the photos, it was as clear as crystal that the woman had pinned the old man and a young teenage boy firmly to the ground.

This woman might even be able to win against a muscular man who weighed three hundred pounds man in a fight.

How could they still ask such a shameless question?

After uploading the photos, Xiao Chennan wrote a caption in his post: &x201C;Garbage belongs in the trash can.&x201D;

[Is the film emperor declaring war?]

[The scumbag couple has no humanity or morals at all! How could they continue lying and blackmailing after slandering the dead? Please catch them and imprison them for life!]

[They blackmailed and threated Xiao Chennan, they insulted Xiao Chennan&x2019;s deceased younger brother and they kept harassing Xiao Chennan&x2019;s mother. This scumbag couple took two lives because of their actions. Why were they only sentenced to three years in prison? Is this even justified at all?]

[I will give one hundred thousand yuan to anyone who can make that scumbag couple disappear!]

[This is really too sickening. I just want to slap that couple when I look at their faces now.]

[The film emperor is really very pitiful. He lost both his father and his younger brother because of that scumbag couple and now he has to continue suffering because of them. I heard that Xiao Chennan had already lost many first-line resources in the last three days.]

[Furthermore, almost all of his fans had abandoned him initially. They only returned to join the fight after the Ginger Candies provoked and prompted them to do so.]

[I really hope that the court will re-examine this case. They should be given a life sentence instead of being sentenced to prison for three years, for causing the deaths of two innocent victims.

[I already found out the identity of the scumbag and his wife. The man&x2019;s name is Lin XX. His ID number is: XXX and the couple is currently staying at Xinghe Community 302. That woman&x2026;]

[The film emperor is really very miserable. As the film emperor, his agency is not doing anything for him and he has to come out and handle his public relations matter on his own.]


The scandal took a one hundred and eighty degree turn after Xiao Chennan uploaded the evidences online.

Some of the netizens and fans who had scolded and reprimanded Xiao Chennan prior to this quickly came forward to apologize to him and his younger brother because of their guilty conscience. Some of the netizens were even more extreme because they paid a visit to the scumbag couple&x2019;s house and left all sorts of things at their front door. This included a bucket of pig&x2019;s blood, paper money, and wreaths. The scumbag couple was so afraid that they did not even dare to step out of the house.

Could they continue having a filthy mouth?

Did they have the courage to continue spreading rumors in public?

Now, they would finally have a taste of their own medicine.

There was no need to pity people like them even if they died in their own homes.

Xiao Chennan subsequently released a second post on his social media account: &x201C;The police officers and my lawyer are already on the way to arrest the couple. I assure you that they will definitely pay for their actions and be sent to prison.&x201D;

However, the netizens were still not contented.

[I just wish that someone can beat that scumbag couple up to teach them a lesson!]

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