Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 322 - Jiang Yuning, You Had Better Act Properly!

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Chapter 322: Jiang Yuning, You Had Better Act Properly!

Fortunately, Jiang Yuning had responded in a timely manner by using the second account to divert the Ginger Candies&x2019; attention. Therefore, Jiang Yuning had nothing to worry about at all because her fans did not start a hot search on the matter. This was because they had already gotten a ringtone version of the song as they wished for.

However, the topic #Jiang Yuning is narcissistic# was trending on Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan page.

When the passers-by saw this topic trending on her fan page, they could not help but click on it to find out what it was all about. They knew that it would not be as simple as the Ginger Candies praising Jiang Yuning for her beauty.

The reason behind the trending topic was simply because Jiang Yuning had initially wanted to write &x2018;the nation&x2019;s fairy&x2019; on the banner, but she did not do so only because Vera had criticized her for her narcissism. That was the reason why Jiang Yuning had written &x2018;loyalty to the country&x2019; instead.

[Hahaha, this is really too funny. Jiang Yuning is always making us laugh wherever she goes.]

[However, I have to admit that Jiang Yuning is really the most versatile and talented artiste that I have ever seen. She was also very skillful when she was painting on her live broadcast last night.]

[I was laughing the entire night last night because of Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fans. Are you sure that they are really her fans? How could they nickname her Short Jiang? Hahaha.]

[I really like the way that Jiang Yuning interacts with the Ginger Candies as though they are all friends. She does not put herself up on a high pedestal and she is really humble and kind when she interacts with them. She really is the best.]

Jiang Yuning looked through all of the comments and she could finally heave a huge sigh of relief after making sure that no one had mentioned anything about her song at all.

As soon as Vera arrived at the Royal Dragon Villa, Jiang Yuning could already predict what Vera was going to say to her.

&x201C;I can&x2019;t believe that you of all people would make such a mistake, Yuning.&x201D;

&x201C;Stop talking about it already!&x201D; Jiang Yuning said as she stared at Vera. &x201C;I was really scared to death last night.&x201D;

No matter what it was, this matter was already over without any hitch at all. At this time, Vera paused for a moment before she took out her cell phone before handing it over to Jiang Yuning. &x201C;Zhong Hongyu could not contact you, so she contacted me instead. She said that she would be willing to kneel down in front of you and beg for your forgiveness as long as you let her off already.&x201D;

&x201C;What has it got to do with me anyway?&x201D; Jiang Yuning asked as she chuckled. &x201C;What did I do? Did I frame her or set her up? What benefit would she gain from kneeling in front of me and asking for my forgiveness? There is nothing that I can do for her.&x201D;

&x201C;That is exactly what I told her.&x201D;

&x201C;And then?&x201D;

Vera shrugged. Nothing had happened after that.

Jiang Yuning had also thought that everything was over but a few days later, she suddenly received a phone call from an unknown person.

No, it was not an unknown person but rather, it was someone that Jiang Yuning had already lost contact with for a very long time.

This person was Yi Fan and she was one of Jiang Yuning&x2019;s roommate when they had all shared a dormitory in college.

Yi Fan was now a highly accomplished national level singer. She was very talented but she did not enjoy singing any popular songs. Moreover, it seemed as though she was seeking to rebrand and transform herself lately.

However, they had both not contacted one another at all for the past few years. Was Yi Fan trying to contact her now because of the fiftieth anniversary celebration?

There were no grudges or hard feelings between Jiang Yuning and Yi Fan, as they shared a very harmonious relationship throughout their college days. That was the reason why Jiang Yuning decided to answer Yi Fan&x2019;s call without any hesitation at all.

&x201C;Hello, famous singer!&x201D;

&x201C;Hello, popular artiste!&x201D;

Both of them made fun of one another before they started laughing through the phone.

&x201C;Let&x2019;s meet up when you are free!&x201D; Yi Fan suggested over the phone. &x201C;Zhong Hongyu&x2019;s distress calls are all coming to me now.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning thought for a while before she nodded her head and replied, &x201C;Sure! Why not? Are you back in China already?&x201D;

&x201C;Yes. I have just returned to China recently and I thought of visiting Teacher Li at B University. Are you interested in coming along?&x201D;

Teacher Li was the one composer and music teacher who had taught them in college.

&x201C;Okay, give me a heads up and let me know in advance before we visit her. I will be attending a start-up conference one of these days because I have to commence filming soon,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied over the other end of the line.

&x201C;No problem!&x201D;

Both of them exchanged a few more sentences before they hung up the phone.


Two days later, Jiang Yuning attended Fairy Tale&x2019;s commercial shoot before she went to the studio to take some pictures that would be used as posters for .

As Jiang Yuning was the first female lead, she had to take three different set of pictures in three different makeup styles and three different sets of outfits.

She had to take pictures in a set of mens&x2019; clothes, a set of cheongsam, and also a set of military uniform.

Since there was no love or romance in this drama, there was no need for Xiao Chennan and Jiang Yuning to take any intimate pictures together. Therefore, the director had already arranged for Xiao Chennan to participate in other promotional activities as Jiang Yuning focused on her photo shoot.

Later that night, Yi Fan sent Jiang Yuning a text message asking her if she would like to go to B University in the morning on the day after the next to visit their teacher.

Jiang Yuning had agreed to meet up with Yi Fan because her start-up conference would be held on another day.

One of the most important reason why Jiang Yuning wanted to visit her college teacher was because she felt as though there were a few parts that needed improvement in her song, but she did not know what changes she could make to it. Therefore, she wanted to ask her teacher for some advice.

After that, Jiang Yuning contacted Vera to ask her to clear her schedule for the day after the next. She also took this opportunity to tell Vera about Yi Fan.

&x201C;Anyway, I feel that everyone in your dormitory are not as straightforward as they seem. People like Zhong Hongyu might seem really difficult to deal with but it was easy to deal with her because she crumbled at the slightest challenge. However, those who pretend to be friends with you are in fact the people you should be wary of. You have to be careful and remember to protect yourself.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning could not help but smile when she heard Vera&x2019;s nagging. &x201C;Do you really think that I am so gullible and that it is so easy to deceive me?&x201D;

&x201C;Well, who would ever be able to deceive someone like you?&x201D; Vera knew very well that Jiang Yuning was in fact a sly and witty fox.

A short while later, started publishing and releasing the official posters of Jiang Yuning in her full outfit for the drama.

Although many of the Ginger Candies were not interested in the historical drama genre at all, they were still extremely supportive because it was their idol after all.

When they saw Jiang Yuning dressed up as a man, they could not help but feel that their idol was really very cool and charming.

They could not stop their hearts from thumping when they saw the picture of Jiang Yuning wearing the military uniform and holding a gun in her hand.

Lastly, everyone had to hold their breaths as they saw the picture of Jiang Yuning dressed in the cheongsam. She looked extremely beautiful.

If Jiang Yuning was the only one starring in , then it would be obvious that there would not be many passers-by who would come to support her.

After all, not everyone was interested in watching an actress with 4.0 rated acting skills.

However, things were different because Xiao Chennan would also be starring in the drama. Xiao Chennan was the face of the drama and because of his representation, the passers-by had a feeling that this would be a well-made drama. Xiao Chennan was the actor that guaranteed the quality of the drama.

[I really hope that Jiang Yuning will not drag Brother Nan down. Jiang Yuning, I hope that you know that my brother&x2019;s reputation is dependant on you now!]

[Although I really feel that my brother must be crazy to even agree to act in a drama beside Jiang Yuning, I will always support Brother Nan! Jiang Yuning, please do your best for the drama!]

[Jiang Yuning, please show us the same power and talent that you showed us in your variety program.]

[Jiang Yuning&x2026;]

They were obviously Xiao Chennan&x2019;s fans but everyone was leaving comments for Jiang Yuning instead.

Although they did not hate Jiang Yuning now, they still did not have any confidence in Jiang Yuning&x2019;s acting skills at all.

This was a drama that would definitely be winning one of the awards next year.

Therefore, Jiang Yuning really had to prove herself this time.

[Jiang Yuning, you had better act properly!]

When Jiang Yuning saw so many people commenting and cornering her, she quickly responded in a short and simple manner.&x201D;Okay!&x201D;

[Jiang Yuning is really too nice. We are so mean but she is still so polite to us!]

[She is a very interesting person. She is a good friend of our brother!]

[Hahaha. Short Jiang, please do not infect our brother. Our brother is a man&x2026;]

[I suspect that the person commenting above is drunk driving.]

[This is not a kindergarten!]


Two days later, Jiang Yuning asked Vera to drive her directly to the parking lot at B University.

Jiang Yuning was wearing a cap and a pair of sunglasses because she was afraid that someone would recognize her. She was very careful because she was afraid that the students of B University would throw eggs at her if they saw her.

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