Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 316 - Is Your Idol Doing a Live Broadcast?

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Chapter 316: Is Your Idol Doing a Live Broadcast?

‘Twas today, at this doorway, a year ago, her face was glowing just like the peach blossoms.

I can no longer see her face, but the peach blossoms is still here as the spring wind blows.

After Jiang Yuning finished writing her poem, she placed a chrysanthemu.m flower on top of the piece of paper.

Loyal fans…

[Ahh! Go away! I need to take a screenshot of this.]

[Oh no. We are done for. Is this the threshold for chasing after idols nowadays? Our Sister Yuning wrote the chrysanthemu.m font so beautifully.]

[This font is really so beautiful. I must really sign up for classes to learn how to write it!]

[Little fairy, please write a few more words for us. We really enjoy watching you!]

Jiang Yuning looked at the time on her watch after she was done writing before she unexpectedly said, “Alright, all students should go offline now. It is time for bed already.”

[Sister Yuning, your live broadcast was only twenty minutes! Why is your live broadcast so short?]

“Who said that it’s short?” Jiang Yuning asked immediately.

[No. Sister Yuning, please continue. We still want to watch you!]

“Forget it. Everyone should just go offline now. Your idol is going off to chase her idol too! I will write for all of you again some other time. Next time, I will teach all of you how to write beautifully.”

This was because Jiang Yuning already heard Lu Jingzhi’s footsteps outside the door.

[Our little fairy is also chasing after idols?]

[No! Little fairy, please stay online.]

[This is the shortest live broadcast in history…]

After that, Jiang Yuning went offline in the blink of an eye.


However, all the Ginger Candies were extremely satisfied because they had the opportunity to spend some time watching their beloved idol write such beautiful calligraphy with a calligraphy brush.

How could Xia Yun ever be compared to Jiang Yuning? A person’s upbringing can be seen from the way they carried themselves.

People like Xia Yun who acted like clowns just to increase their own popularity should be nailed to the column of shame.

It was not long before Jiang Yuning’s calligraphy skills appeared on the hot search on the Internet again.

This was because Jiang Yuning was hardcore. She wrote calligraphy during her live broadcast and this was something that she could not fake. This was her real talent.

Therefore, the netizens could not help but agree that this little fairy was indeed very unique and talented in many ways.

[It’s no wonder why my daughter kept insisting on signing up for a calligraphy class just now. She must have seen Jiang Yuning writing so beautifully with a calligraphy brush. Very good. Jiang Yuning is a very good influence indeed.]

[Loyalty to the country? No! I really can’t stop laughing.]

[Xia Yun’s fans, why don’t you come out and defend your idol now? Can you accept that my idol is really talented and capable right now? Do you admit that your idol is completely defeated?]

When Xia Yun’s fans saw the hot search trending on the Internet, they had no choice but to retreat immediately. This was because they knew that Xia Yun could not be compared to Jiang Yuning at all. It turned out that there were still people who were pursuing more ancient things such as playing the piano, chess, calligraphy and also painting. Moreover, Xia Yun’s fans had initially said that Jiang Yuning deceived her fans. However, Jiang Yuning looked beautiful in her cheongsam today.

[Am I the only one who heard that the little fairy is going offline to chase after her idol? Did anyone else hear what she said?]

[I want to know!]

[I want to know! +1]

[I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight if I can’t find out who her idol is!]

After that, another topic started trending on the Internet. #Jiang Yuning’s Idol# Everyone was curious and everyone wanted to know who Jiang Yuning admired.

However, after conducting much research and looking through so much materials on Jiang Yuning, no one could find out who Jiang Yuning admired.

Jiang Yuning had hidden it really well, right?

Later that night, Jiang Yuning was taking a shower in the bathroom.

Lu Jingzhi had already taken a shower earlier that night. Therefore, he pushed open the door of the live broadcast room before walking inside. At this time, he immediately noticed the banner containing the four words ‘loyalty to the country’ hanging on the wall. Lu Jingzhi could not help but chuckle to himself.

This little descendant really had plenty of tricks up her sleeves.

Jiang Yuning hugged her man from the back before she suddenly asked, “What are you doing? Are you afraid that I will be hiding a man in here?”

Lu Jingzhi leaned his head sideways as he looked at Jiang Yuning through his perfect side profile, “Would you dare to?”

“Well, I just told my fans that I was going offline because I had to chase after my idol.”

“Who is this idol that you are chasing?”

“Who else do you think it is?”

Lu Jingzhi closed the door of the live broadcast room before he turned around and carried Jiang Yuning up in his arms. “So, what would you like your idol to do for you?”

“Wow. You know the meaning of idol too? Second Brother, my requests are not that simple…I am not that easy to please. I want you to kiss me, hug me, and carry me in your arms everyday.”

Lu Jingzhi spent time on the Internet every day checking out news about his wife. From time to time, he would also take the time to look at his wife’s social media profile and check out her official fan page.

Therefore, it was not that difficult for Lu Jingzhi to learn the terms that were frequently used in the entertainment industry.

“I will give myself to you.”

“Second Brother, you cannot do this if I am your fan.”

Lu Jingzhi walked towards the bedroom before he rubbed his nose against the tip of Jiang Yuning’s nose. “I am legally allowed to do it anyway.”

The poem that Jiang Yuning had written for her fans was screenshotted and posted on Jiang Yuning’s official fan page the very next day.

Your idol did a live broadcast? She wrote calligraphy and ended the live broadcast in less than twenty minutes?

[Hahaha. Everyone should look at Jiang Yuning’s official fan page. I really can’t stop laughing.]

[She did a live broadcast just to teach her fans how to write calligraphy? And she was only online for twenty minutes before she went offline to chase after her own idol?]

[Loyalty to the country? Hahaha…Sister Yuning is really hilarious.]

[What kind of fairy is she? She is really different compared to all the artistes out there.]

[Sorry. All of us are helpless over here…]

[I laughed so hard last night. Jiang Yuning is really amazing!]

Everyone had already forgotten all about Xia Yun and no one was paying any more attention to her.

This was because it was really embarrassing for Xia Yun to have faked the votes and data. Moreover, the number of followers that Jiang Yuning had outnumbered Xia Yun’s as soon as she created her account.

Therefore, the Ginger Candies decided to send a message to Xia Yun’s fans at this time.

[It’s not that we didn’t want to report any information at all. It’s just that the time wasn’t right!]

What was even more important was the fact that the report about Xia Yun’s provocative dancing on her live broadcast caused her live broadcast channel to be suspended immeidately.

This was definitely harmful to an artiste’s reputation.

In the future, once you have already climbed so high up the ladder, you had better make sure to guard your own reputation.

Xia Yun’s fans were all completely beaten and shattered because Xia Yun was already all the way at the top and it hurt to see her fall so badly.

They were constantly mocking and making fun of Jiang Yuning but they did not expect that everything was in fact a set up and fraud by Xia Yun’s agency.

Xia Yun had no choice but to be low-key because of this matter. Moreover, she knew that Jiang Yuning would definitely have a way to deal with her if she tried anything funny again.

Everything passed by in the blink of an eye.

At this time, Jiang Yuning was busy preparing for the filming of .

However, Jiang Yuning had unexpectedly received a special letter, which was an invitation from B University to all the alumni from the music course. B University sent the invitation to invite all the artistes who were alumni of the music course to return and participate in the university’s fiftieth anniversary celebration. The event would take place in November and the timing was close to the broadcast date for the drama .

She was a student who had dropped out of college even before completing her freshman year. So, how could she participate in their fiftieth anniversary celebration?

Therefore, both Jiang Yuning and Vera were very troubled over this matter.

Vera did not dare to bring this matter up deliberately in front of Jiang Yuning,

This was because she knew that it would hit Jiang Yuning’s sore spot. There were not many artistes who graduated from B University. Jiang Yuning was very popular right now and therefore, B University had decided to extend their invitation to Jiang Yuning to show their generosity. This way, they placed the burden of deciding to attend the event onto Jiang Yuning’s shoulders.

This meant that Jiang Yuning was placed in a very difficult spot.

If she participated…she would lack the confidence and feel as though she was not worthy.

If she chose not to participate, then the public would definitely make fun of Jiang Yuning for not completing college. It seemed as though there was no right thing to do at all.


“I am fine,” Jiang Yuning replied as she shook her head indifferently. There was no emotions in her eyes at all.

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