Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 315 - : Yuning, You are a Wolf

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Chapter 315: Yuning, You are a Wolf

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“Cough. Cough. Yuning, you are a wolf,” Vera replied as she gave Jiang Yuning a thumbs up.

“Help me set up an account and then we will observe and see what is happening on Xia Yun’s side,” the cunning Jiang Yuning replied as she went online.

After that, Jiang Yuning logged into her official fan page to disclose the news that she was about to start a live broadcast.

The Ginger Candies were so happy that they could not contain their excitement at all.

[Don’t postpone it! Hurry up and start the live broadcast already. We are all waiting for you…]

[Yay. Yay. Yay. Hurry up and start your live broadcast! If our little fairy starts a live broadcast, I can continue watching her for two hours.]

[Stay away…stay away. Don’t stop me from delivering gifts to my fairy.]

The Ginger Candies were very excited. After all, Jiang Yuning was very unpredictable and therefore, the Ginger Candies were all very excited to see what Jiang Yuning had prepared for them.

The news of Jiang Yuning’s intention to start a live broadcast spread quickly and very soon, Xia Yun’s fans received the news. They expressed their disgust immediately.

[Our Xia Yun has already been streaming live broadcasts for such a long time. Do you feel so threatened by her that you have to start your own live broadcast? Does someone really think that she will always be successful in whatever she does?]

[Exactly! Our idol has already had so many live broadcasts in the past and each live broadcast would always generate more than a few hundred thousand views. Jiang Yuning, stop embarrassing yourself!]

[Jiang Yuning is really shameless. She really does not know when to stop, does she? Deal with her, sisters!]

That night, Vera went online to set up a live broadcast account for Jiang Yuning before she asked Jiang Yuning to record a short and casual greeting video to be uploaded onto her account.

As the room that Jiang Yuning had intended to use for the live broadcast was not fully equipped and prepared, Jiang Yuning went back to the bedroom to sleep with Lu Jingzhi immediately after recording the video for Vera. She slept soundly that night, all the way till morning when she received a phone call from Vera.

“You are on the hot search!”

Jiang Yuning turned on her laptop immediately before she looked at the hot search on the Internet.

#Jiang Yuning gains more fans overnight#

What the heck?

Jiang Yuning clicked into the hot search and she was shocked at what she saw.

[Oh my god. Jiang Yuning did not do anything at all and she already has more than 590,000 followers overnight.]

[All she had to do was just open an account and she gained more than 187,000 followers overnight. Sister Yuning is really too popular!]

[Hahaha. Our Sister Yuning is this amazing!]

[Oh my gosh. My stomach is hurting from laughing and smiling too much. I feel as though I can hear the sound of Xia Yun’s fans getting slapped across the face.]

[I really feel sorry for Xia Yun’s fans right now. Sister Yuning defeated them in a matter of seconds.]

[Jiang Yuning only needs to open an account for one night and have more followers than their idol, who has already had her live broadcast account for more than a year. Hahaha. How could she have been so confident to try and make fun of and to humiliate Jiang Yuning?]

[Imagine what would happen to Xia Yun once Jiang Yuning starts her live broadcast?]

[So, what is going on with the artiste popularity index that comes out weekly?]

[I guess Xia Yun must have bought the numbers for herself.]

When Xia Yun and her loyal fans saw Jiang Yuning’s popularity, they suddenly decided to take a step back and Xia Yun no longer dared to continue ranting on her live broadcast. She did not have the confidence to refute such popularity.

In fact, Xia Yun’s fans cannot be blamed for their behavior. This was because Xia Yun’s agency had deliberately created the illusion that Xia Yun was in fact very famous and popular right now. They even bought and created various fake data and listings just so Xia Yun would appear to be extremely famous. However, in front of the real popular artistes who had huge followings of their own, these numbers meant nothing at all.

As soon as Vera saw this, she told Jiang Yuning immediately, “You can stop fighting with her already. You have already won the battle.”

“But since we have already created the account, then I might as well go online for the live broadcast to interact with the Ginger Candies,” Jiang Yuning replied after thinking for a short while.

“Then, that is up to you. Anyway, what is most important is that you do not need to worry about Xia Yun anymore.”

Fake followers and fake popularity. Copying Jiang Yuning’s career path and trying to walk in Jiang Yuning’s footsteps. What else was actually real about Xia Yun?

What was even more hilarious was the fact that Xia Yun’s account was reported for abuse and indecent behaviour. This was because someone took a screenshot of Xia Yun when she was on her live broadcast and she was dancing provocatively online as she wore a camisole and a short miniskirt.

[Let me tell everyone a joke! Xia Yun’s fans kept mocking and making fun of Jiang Yuning and they kept praising their idol for outranking Jiang Yuning on the artiste popularity index. However, after an investigation was conduction, they found out that Xia Yun’s agency had committed fraud and that the figures were all fake!]

[Let me tell you another joke. Xia Yun’s fans made fun of Jiang Yuning during Xia Yun’s live broadcast. They said that someone like ‘Jiang Yuning would definitely hit rock bottom soon’. However, unexpectedly, all Jiang Yuning had to do was to open an online account and the number of followers that she had overnight already exceeded the number of followers that Xia Yun has even after owning an account for over a year.]

[Lastly, let’s talk about this in a serious manner. An artiste like Xia Yun, who has no self-respect and boundaries at all, would never be accepted by the general public. She is a bad influence to the younger generation out there.]

This was the comments given by the passers-by who had witnessed everything.

In the end, Xia Yun’s fans decided to step up and defend their idol because they did not want to keep quiet and endure any more humiliation.

[Oh, aren’t all artistes just trying to bring people more happiness and enjoyment?]

[I believe that you have some misunderstanding about the term ‘happiness and enjoyment’. What Xia Yun did is simply vulgar!]

[Jiang Yuning has already opened her live broadcast account. Let’s see how she is going to get slapped across her face soon.]

Jiang Yuning was bewildered.


Not happening.

This was because Jiang Yuning would never be as vulgar as Xia Yun. After that, Jiang Yuning instructed Sister Liang to make some more adjustments to the live broadcast room.

After everything was set up, Jiang Yuning agreed to stream a live broadcast for her fans at seven o’clock that night.

[Sister Yuning is going to stream a live broadcast soon! Move out fo the way. I want to be the first!]

[I can’t wait to see her live broadcast. I really want to see what she is going to wear and what she is going to do on her live broadcast.]

[Just wait and see. I am really curious to know how elegant someone as despicable as Jiang Yuning could be.]

Very soon, the live broadcast was online.

The fans could see an antique desk in the video and there was also a retro bookshelf behind the antique desk.

After that, Jiang Yuning appeared in front of everyone wearing a beautifully fitted cheongsam. She was holding a piece of paper, brush, and ink in her hands.

[Sister Yuning is so beautiful.]

[The cheongsam looks so amazing on her.]

Jiang Yuning then adjusted the angle of the camera so that everyone could see her and the entire layout of the antique desk.

[What is Sister Yuning going to do? Calligraphy?]

At this time, Jiang Yuning finally spread out the piece of paper on the table as she spoke to the fans on the video. “Actually, this is my first time doing a live broadcast so I am not very good at it. I will be writing some calligraphy for all of you today.”

After listening to Jiang Yuning’s, all of her fans started laughing immediately. They had already expected this.

Other artistes would broadcast on beauty regimes and also about everything to do with themselves, but their idol had actually conducted a live broadcast to teach calligraphy.

[I can’t take it anymore. I am going to laugh out loud already. Am I really the only one who noticed that our little fairy hung the words ‘Loyalty to the country’ on her wall?]

[Hahaha. I saw it too. I thought that there was something wrong with my eyes.]

[She is so ancient and traditional. Oh my god, why is our idol so adorable?]

[I can’t take it anymore. Our little fairy, why are you so cute?]

Which artiste would not be singing or dancing when they are doing a live broadcast?

Which artiste would not be interacting with their fans during a live broadcast?

What generation is this now? Why would their idol be hanging those four words on her wall?

Jiang Yuning was the only person who would do that in this entire world.

The fans could only smile to themselves as they stared at their little fairy who was busy writing the calligraphy as she stroke the brush in a serious manner.

However, everyone was shocked and impressed when Jiang Yuning finished writing those two lines of poetry.

[Oh my god. Who can tell me what font that is? It is so beautiful.]

[That is the chrysanthemu.m font.]

[Hahaha. Chrysanthemu.m font? Sorry, but are you referring to what I am thinking about right now?]

[The font is really called the chrysanthemu.m font! You can search it up on the Internet. Sister Yuning has written it so beautifully. I had never expected our little fairy to be this hardcore.]

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