Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 291 - I am Worried

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Chapter 291: I am Worried

&x201C;Was there really nothing in the black room earlier?&x201D; Vera whispered and asked Xiao Chennan as she sat down next to him.

&x201C;It was really dark inside and I could not see anything at all. Fortunately&x2026;it wasn&x2019;t you who had gone into the room,&x201D; Xiao Chennan replied as he smiled and clasped his hands together. &x201C;However&x2026;I could hear everything that you were both saying outside.&x201D;

As soon as Vera heard Xiao Chennan&x2019;s words, she started blushing immediately. She felt extremely flustered.

What was she saying earlier?

&x201C;Hurry up! He must be suffering inside.&x201D;

&x201C;Stop worrying about the weather first. It is more important for us to save him now!&x201D;

&x201C;It has already been more than ten minutes. Yuning, have you thought of any solutions yet?&x201D;

Oh my god! Why did she talk to Jiang Yuning in such an anxious and demanding manner?

All she wanted to do was to find a hole to hide herself in right now.

This was so embarrassing!

&x201C;It&x2019;s okay. I will not tell anyone else.&x201D;

Vera was aghast.

Xiao Chennan, did you really have to embarrass her further?

However, it was obvious that they were both making great progress in their relationship and were getting to know one another. Although they were still at the start of their relationship, they could clearly feel the care and concern that they had for one another. Wasn&x2019;t this how all lovers started out in the first place?

Jiang Yuning nudged towards Vera and Xiao Chennan and Xu Beishen could not help but roll her eyes after looking at the two of them.

There was a huge thunderstorm and typhoon outside and yet, these two were still having romantic moments together at this time?

Ah! If only she could file a police report!

She felt like stabbing them.

Ah! She was envious.


The thunderstorm and typhoon continued and at this time, all the cars parked on the road had already been washed away by the flood. Even the shops located below the hotel were all flooded in water at the moment. Everyone felt extremely solemn when they looked at the current situation on the island.

No one knew when the typhoon would leave or when the thunderstorm would finally stop. Therefore, all of them were preparing their hearts because they could very well be trapped on this island for quite some time.

&x201C;We are lucky because this hotel that we are stranded in is located on high grounds. I wonder how the nearby shops and businesses are doing right now.&x201D; Jiang Yuning suddenly thought of the small villas and shops that were located on the lower part of the island.

&x201C;The hotel crew are already providing disaster relief measures and they are already reaching out to help the others in need. Those who are able to swim can go with me to help the others who are stranded because of the flood.&x201D; At this time, Brother Zhuang suddenly came up with a suggestion as he stood by the hotel entrance.

&x201C;Alright. Wait for me to change out of my clothes,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied immediately. However, Vera quickly grabbed her arm to stop her from going upstairs.

&x201C;Do you know how to swim?&x201D;

Jiang Yuning nodded her head. She could still remember the time Lu Jingzhi had trained her and left her struggling in their swimming pool just so that she could learn how to swim.

&x201C;I will come with you too,&x201D; Jin Mingchen offered as he put his quilt aside. &x201C;Just wait for me to change into more comfortable clothing too.&x201D;

Those who could swim quickly headed downstairs as soon as they changed out of their clothing. At this time, the five star hotel had turned into a temporary refuge for people to wait out the typhoon. All the nearby residents and shop owners were rescued and brought into the hotel lobby before the hotel service crew helped settle them down and make them comfortable. Moreover, those who were able to swim were already waiting outside the hotel entrance to help those in need.

The thunderstorm was massive.

&x201C;Let&x2019;s help them too.&x201D;

Knowing that they were mostly celebrities, the hotel crew members were initially reluctant to accept their help. However, after much contemplation and because they knew that there were so many people out there who still needed their help, they finally decided to accept their help and they gave each of them a life jacket. &x201C;Put this on. We know that the adults can still hold out and try to survive on their own capabilities. However, this situation is really too dangerous for the children. Since the rescuers can&x2019;t get across the shore to help us, we have to look out for one another now.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning tied her hair into a braid before she put on the life jacket.

The other guest participants also equipped themselves with the life jackets. At this time, all of them had already dropped their statuses as an artiste or celebrity and they were just ordinary people with a strong sense of justice.

The wind was blowing tremendously strong outside the hotel and it was laborious and tedious for even a strong adult man to stand still.

The group of people stood on the hotel steps and formed a long line so they could conveniently offer help to those who needed it.

&x201C;Let&x2019;s start helping them now,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied as she stood behind the group of men. &x201C;We will help them to settle down.&x201D;

There were children, women, and adolescents who came asking for help. Each and every person struggling was given the help that they needed as the group of people helped them up the steps and into the hotel lobby.

Some of them had also recognized Jiang Yuning and the other two celebrities but under such circumstances, they could not ask them for an autograph.

After being led to safety, those people silently wiped the tears off their faces.

In the midst of a catastrophe, there was no such thing as a high-profile celebrity.

Jiang Yuning, Qi Mo, and Jin Mingchen were all working hard and giving their best to help the people and residents in need even though they could barely keep their eyes open due to the heavy rain.

Eventually, more and more people started joining in the intensive rescue as the people on the outside thought of ways to try and rescue the people who were trapped on the island.

The &x2018;destructive power&x2019; of the typhoon and thunderstorm lasted for more than five hours on the island.

At noon, the strong winds finally calmed down a little even though it was still pouring heavily.

At this time, the lobby was filled with victims of the catastrophe.

Jiang Yuning and the other girls had already withdrawn from the frontline because they were not as physically strong or capable as compared to the men, but they continued providing their assistance by helping the hotel crew to appease the children who were frightened or to provide medical aid to those wounded or injured.

The girls could not help but burst into tears when they looked at the number of people affected by the typhoon and flood.

If they had not been shooting on the island, they might never have experienced such a ruthless natural disaster in their lifetime.

They felt especially distressed and sad when they saw the children sitting in the corner of the lobby as they shivered from the cold. Jiang Yuning quickly walked over to the children before she wrapped the hotel blankets around them to keep them warm.

&x201C;Sister Yuning&x2026;it really is you. I really love watching your show.&x201D;

&x201C;Sister Yuning, you are such an amazing person.&x201D;

The innocence and sincerity of the children was like a charm that touched not only Jiang Yuning&x2019;s heart, but also the hearts of the people who were seated around them.

Jiang Yuning gave the children a hug before she made sure that the blankets were wrapped around them properly. After that, she smiled before she said, &x201C;Make sure you sit here obediently and wait for your parents to come to you, okay? Don&x2019;t run around.&x201D;

&x201C;Okay, we understand.&x201D;

&x201C;We will listen to you and be good!&x201D;

Jiang Yuning patted them gently on their heads before she got up to take care of the other people.


The typhoon that passed through left a huge mess behind on the island.

The heavy rain continued, but at this time, the firemen and soldiers on the other side were already getting ready to head into the island to rescue the people who were stranded.

&x201C;Principal, why don&x2019;t we wait it out at the hotel first? It is still too dangerous for us to head to the island now,&x201D; Secretary Ho could not help but give his opinion when he saw that Lu Jingzhi was already making preparations to go to the island.

&x201C;I am worried.&x201D;

He needed to know that his wife was safe and sound before he could finally be at ease.

Although he was still against the idea, Secretary Ho knew that nothing he could say would make Lu Jingzhi change his mind. After all, no one in this world could ever stop Lu Jingzhi once he set his mind on doing something.

Moreover, this was something concerning Jiang Yuning.

Very soon, the power supply and communication system at the hotel were restored.

Rescue teams and reporters from various different media had also set off immediately to the island to rescue the people.

After the communication signal was restored, those on the island calmed down and started communicating with people out of the island. They even shared and posted many photos on the Internet so that people could see what was going on.

As Jiang Yuning was busy taking care of people in the hotel lobby, she did not go upstairs to look at her cell phone at all.

She did not even know that she was already a topic of discussion online at the moment.

[I saw many people posting pictures of Jiang Yuning. She does not even look like a celebrity right now. She look just like any ordinary person in the midst of a disaster. She is so ugly!]

[Jiang Yuning and the other celebrities are just too miserable. Are they trying to get more sympathy?]

[Hahaha, how could this happen to them when they are recording a television program? I must say, Jiang Yuning has really been very unlucky since her debut.]

When the residents from the island saw the nasty criticisms and comments on the Internet, they quickly stepped up to refute the criticism immediately.

[You are the ugly one! Did you even know that Jiang Yuning and the other artistes had willingly put themselves on the frontline just to provide disaster aid and relief to the people in need? People like you should just keep your mouths shut!]

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