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Chapter 273 - Wait for My Lawyer’s Letter

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Chapter 273: Wait for My Lawyer&x2019;s Letter

At seven o&x2019;clock in the morning the next day, Lu Jingzhi got ready to leave the Royal Dragon Villa.

As soon as he got into the car, Secretary Ho said, &x201C;Principal, please take a look at this.&x201D;

Secretary Ho passed his cell phone over to Lu Jingzhi so that he could read the rumor that someone had spread about Jiang Yuning having a man secretly backing her up in the entertainment industry.

&x201C;The media and public are now trying their best to spy on and investigate the young mistress. They are all very keen to find out where she is currently staying at.&x201D;

Hmm. So, were they referring to him when they mentioned a man attended the dinner hosted by Guangying Media?

&x201C;I want you to create a verified public social media account under my name by noon.&x201D;

This was because the words &x2018;Lu Jingzhi is more than enough to scare anyone off.&x2019;


He was a big shot and he was going to intentionally come forth just so he could see how the media would react.


At nine o&x2019;clock that morning, the police finally determined the location that Xiao Zhou was last seen at after going through various channels and conducting a thorough investigation. Xiao Zhou was last seen at a bus station in Luo City and it seemed as though he had taken the bus to a neighbouring city.

The police quickly sent a search force to the neighbouring city to look for Xiao Zhou because according to the information and evidence that they had gathered so far, it seemed as though Xiao Zhou had not been kidnapped or abducted. In fact, Xiao Zhou had bought his own bus tickets and got onto the bus on his own free will.

After searching for more than three hours, the police officers finally found Xiao Zhou working in a factory in the neighbouring city.

Xiao Zhou was shocked when he saw the police officers coming for him and he stuttered as he spoke, &x201C;Police officer&x2026;I&x2026;I did not do anything wrong.&x201D;

&x201C;Don&x2019;t be nervous. We just want to make sure that you are alright. Do you know how difficult it has been for us to look for you? Do you know that there has been a huge commotion on the Internet for the past two days because of you?&x201D;

When the police officer saw the blank look on Xiao Zhou&x2019;s face, he quickly took out his cell phone to show Xiao Zhou the video of his grandfather reprimanding and blaming Jiang Yuning for his grandson&x2019;s disappearance.

Xiao Zhou was dumbfounded as soon as he watched the video. &x201C;My grandfather must be confused right now. I think that he is really getting more and more forgetful. I told him where I was going before I left that day. His dementia must have deteriorated. Police officer, my grandfather had always been the one to look after me ever since I was young. I had caused him a lot of trouble when I was younger, so I really want to work and earn some money in order to save enough money to buy better a hearing aid for my grandfather. I did not expect to cause such a huge misunderstanding.&x201D;

&x201C;Is Jiang Yuning your idol?&x201D;

&x201C;Yes!&x201D; Xiao Zhou replied immediately.

&x201C;Then I guess you had better hurry up and clarify this matter before the netizens completely destroy your idol.&x201D;

After listening to the police officer&x2019;s words, Xiao Zhou took out his cell phone to try and look up news regarding Jiang Yuning but he could not get his phone to work because of the broken screen.

When the police officer saw this, he handed his cell phone over to Xiao Zhou.

As soon as Xiao Zhou browsed through the comments and criticisms online, he jumped up immediately. &x201C;What are these people talking about? Sister Yuning is such a good and kind-hearted person. She built the counselling and educational platform to help students who are in need, so how could these people say such mean and malicious things about her? Police officer, please bring me back to Luo City as soon as possible so that I can help Sister Yuning to clarify this matter to the public.&x201D;

After that, Xiao Zhou quickly walked in front of the police officers.

The police officers subsequently contacted Guangying Media to inform them that they had already found Xiao Zhou and that they were already on their way back to Luo City.

Guangying Media decided that they should hold a press conference to clarify the matter but Jiang Yuning felt that this was absolutely unnecessary.

Why waste time, energy, and money just because of those keyboard warriors?

Why give them the satisfaction when you can just ignore them completely?

This matter could be resolved without using any money at all.

&x201C;You really are a good artiste who is constantly trying to save money for your boss.&x201D; Shen Yichen could not help but laugh over the phone. &x201C;I still think that it is necessary to hold this press conference.&x201D;

&x201C;It is really unnecessary. When this matter comes to light, there will definitely be righteous people and my fans and followers who will step up and clarify this matter for me on the internet. If I rely on Guangying Media to hold a press conference to clarify this matter on my behalf, people will think that we are merely putting on a show after paying and buying the old man and his grandson&x2019;s silence,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied Shen Yichen in a firm and resolute manner. &x201C;Just don&x2019;t worry about this matter and leave it to me, okay?&x201D;

&x201C;Well, that&x2019;s good then. Not only are you saving money for your boss, but you are also saving me some time.&x201D;

&x201C;I am a good person, right? Remember to treat me to a nice dinner next time!&x201D;

&x201C;Seems like you are trying to take advantage of me now.&x201D;

Shen Yichen could not help but laugh out loud and at this time, his personal assistant suddenly knocked on his office door. After she entered the office, she immediately handed a tablet over to Shen Yichen. &x201C;Director, something unexpected has happened.&x201D;

&x201C;Director Shen, you can go ahead and do your work first,&x201D; Jiang Yuning, who was on the other side of the line, replied as she got ready to hang up the phone when she heard Shen Yichen&x2019;s personal assistant&x2019;s voice.

After looking at the tablet, Shen Yichen told Jiang Yuning, &x201C;Don&x2019;t hang up first. Take a look at the trending news on the Internet now.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning did not know what was happening, so she put her cell phone on hands-free mode before she switched on her laptop. As soon as she logged onto the Internet, she saw the words that were trending on the hot search. The words that she saw were actually &x2018;Lu Jingzhi&x2019;.

Jiang Yuning&x2019;s heartbeat quickened and her mind went blank immediately. Why was second brother trending on the internet?

Jiang Yuning quickly clicked into the hot search and she was shocked when she saw a verified public social media account with the user ID: @LuJingzhi commenting on a message posted by @StarEntertainment.

@LuJingzhi: Wait for my lawyer&x2019;s letter. @StarEntertainment: &x201C;Let me share some juicy news with all of you. There is someone who is backing Jiang Yuning up all these while&x2026;&x201D;

What was happening?

Lu Jingzhi?


Lu Jingzhi had actually replied to a comment posted by an entertainment site just to clarify matters and to defend Jiang Yuning? No&x2026;this could not be true. In everyone&x2019;s eyes, Lu Jingzhi was someone who was worthy enough to be living in heaven with the gods and not be a part of this world at all. He was not someone that any ordinary human being could ever get close to.

[What is going on? Lu Jingzhi has just threatened someone online&x2026;his profile picture is so dashing!]

[Oh my god. Lu Jingzhi has always been a very low-key person, so why is he suddenly posting and replying to comments online? Besides that, why is he asking Star Entertainment to wait for his lawyer&x2019;s letter just because of Jiang Yuning?]

[It&x2019;s actually Lu Jingzhi&x2026;]

[Did I see wrongly? Lu Jingzhi actually created a verified public social media profile just to threaten Star Entertainment that he would be sending a lawyer&x2019;s letter to them? Is he the guy who has been backing Jiang Yuning up all along?]

[No way! Both of them are childhood friends and they&x2019;ve known each other ever since they were young. Jiang Yuning has never once used the Lu family&x2019;s name or gotten them involved to get what she wants. There must be something more than this!]

[I really can&x2019;t pay attention to anything else right now. Lu Jingzhi is really too handsome! He is even better looking and way cooler than any of the actors in the entertainment industry!]

Hehehe. Although Jiang Yuning also felt that her second brother was indeed the coolest and most handsome man on earth, couldn&x2019;t he just give her a heads up before doing something like this?

She almost had a heart attack.

After that, Shen Yichen quickly asked over the phone: &x201C;Did you ask the second young master Lu to do this?&x201D;

&x201C;What do you think?&x201D; Jiang Yuning questioned him instead.


That was not important anymore because what was even more important was the fact that Star Entertainment immediately deleted the post about Jiang Yuning and even made a public apology to Jiang Yuning after Lu Jingzhi replied to their post.

@StarEntertainment: &x201C;The material that we posted earlier was actually sold to us by a certain artiste who is also signed under Guangying Media. After getting hold of this information, we wanted to make use of the opportunity to use Jiang Yuning to gain some attention and publicity. That was the only reason why we accepted the payment and helped add fuel to the flames by spreading this rumor so that Jiang Yuning would be taken down. We are certain that the rumor about Jiang Yuning having a man backing her up is false because if it were true, she would have been the first female lead of many dramas and she would not have to suffer through attacks or criticism all the time. We are truly sorry for posting fake news to gain more attention.&x201D;

[Why did their tone change all of a sudden? Why are they apologizing now?]

[What else could it be? It&x2019;s all because of Lu Jingzhi!]

[How shameless can they be? However, I really don&x2019;t understand why Lu Jingzhi is getting involved in this situation when this is clearly related to Jiang Yuning.]

At this time, Shen Yichen quickly contacted Gu Pingsheng and said, &x201C;Chairman Gu, I am afraid that it seems as though it is now impossible to hide your relationship with the Lu family.&x201D;

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