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Chapter 225 - Fearless

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Chapter 225: Fearless

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Three days later, the production team of made an official announcement that they had officially casted the popular and rising actress, Ling Fei, to play the role of the first female lead.

Many people still found it a pity that Jiang Yuning refused to take on the role of the first female lead of . At the same time, they also felt that Jiang Yuning&x2019;s reaction and subsequent actions were very offensive towards the director of the drama. They felt that her rejection of the role sent out a signal that she did not find the drama appealing or attractive at all, and only amplified her disdain for youth idol dramas.

However, the irony was that Jiang Yuning had previously starred in several 4.0 rated youth idol drama and she was also relying on popularity to get her roles.

Besides that, if she really starred in , she would still have to rely on the public and netizens&x2019; support to get other dramas to star in once the variety show that she was in officially ended.

[Jiang Yuning&x2019;s reputation has just improved a little but she is already putting on airs? Why does she think that she is too good for youth idol dramas?]

[Is Guangying Media saying that our Ling Fei did not get the role based on her own ability?]

[Jiang Yuning can only rely on variety shows to attract a little attention.]

[Why is Jiang Yuning so arrogant now? Who gave her that courage?]

[I agree with what everyone has said. If Jiang Yuning is already acting so high and mighty right now, who knows how she is going to be in future?]

Vera felt that she was coming down with a headache when she saw all those reviews online.

She knew that this must definitely be the work of the production team of and Ling Fei&x2019;s agency, but Vera did not have any evidence because the other party was very discreet and did not leave any traces of their actions. It was not a very large-scale operation, but the news was sufficient to change the perception that passers-by had of Jiang Yuning.

That was how the entertainment industry looked like every day. Every artiste and their public relations team would face a crisis like this every now and then.

What was even worse was the fact that Ling Fei&x2019;s agency even took the opportunity to interact with the netizens and promote the idea that Jiang Yuning looked down on youth idol dramas, and that Jiang Yuning thought that she was too good to star in one.

After reading everything that was posted all over the internet, Vera was very annoyed and enraged. &x201C;This Ling Fei is really unbelievable. She should just keep quiet and be grateful that Yuning did not snatch this opportunity away from her. However, instead of being thankful, she wants to pick a fight with Yuning. Does she want to fall the same way that Nan Xinyue did?&x201D;

&x201C;This is the perfect situation to test you and your ability to come up with something to solve this problem,&x201D; Shen Yichen replied as he rested his chin on his hand and stared at Vera.

The hardcore fans of youth idol dramas, the production team of , and also Ling Fei were criticizing Jiang Yuning and building up a good impression for themselves, but could anything good really come so easily in this world?

However, the trickiest part and the biggest issue was that if Jiang Yuning were to step forward to give an explanation to the public at this time, it would seem as though everything that they were saying about her all this while was true.

Yet, if she did not provide an explanation to the public, they would keep criticizing her even though their assumptions were baseless.


As Vera was trying to come up with the best solution to resolve this matter, the Ginger Candy who had been attacked by Nan Xinyue&x2019;s fans just a few days ago suddenly spoke up using her own public social media account.

Since the previous incident had generated a lot of attention and caused a huge impact on the public, her social media account had been verified and she had a few hundred thousand followers of her own.

[@SweetSweetGingerCandy: It has only been one week since I was a victim of cyber violence, but today, I saw my beloved idol, Sister Yuning, getting criticized and verbally abused on the internet for no reason at all. Although I had previously gone through some unpleasant events because I had spoken up for my idol, I cannot sit back and watch my idol suffer injustice. I have to speak up and defend her because she is worth it.

As a Ginger Candy, I believe in doing my part as a citizen and being responsible for my own life and all of my decisions. The Ginger Candies are constantly working hard and following the example that our idol has set for us. We are actively trying to spread positive energy to the people around us.

Therefore, I really do not understand why some people find the need to stigmatize and criticize someone that they do not even know for absolutely no reason at all.

No matter what anyone says about Sister Yuning, I will not believe them because I trust my own gut feelings and from my own experience, Sister Yuning is worthy of our trust and adoration.

The day after the police concluded their police investigation into the intimidation case, Sister Yuning wore a full black sports attire and a cap to pay me a visit at my house.

She sat on my small and messy bed without despising me, she took some pictures with me, and she even wrote me a very kind and encouraging message. Before Sister Yuning left, she gave me some financial aid so that I will not have to worry about my education. After that, she left in a very quiet and discreet manner.

Therefore, I have to disagree when you portray Sister Yuning as a selfish and ungrateful person.

If she had only visited me because she wanted to put on a show, she could have alerted the reporters and media, or she could have brought her agent along with her so that she could use me for self-promotion.

However, she did none of that.

That is the reason why I will always protect and defend her.

Sister Yuning is a person who is willing to go camping in the mountains for two whole days and she came back with scars all over her hands and legs just because she wanted to be prepared for a variety show.

She is someone who would willingly give up her chance at victory just because she wanted to obtain some medicinal herbs for someone else&x2019;s team member.

She is someone who was willing to give her best when they were all stranded in the jungle, even at the expense of her own image and reputation.

Do you really think that everything that she did was just an act?

I do not believe that someone like Sister Yuning would despise or look down on anyone or any dramas at all.]

The fan girl did not only show her indignation and dissatisfaction with the netizens by expressing her own opinion, she also posted a picture of the message that Jiang Yuning had written for her and the photograph that she had taken with Jiang Yuning the other day.

The fan girl was showing how fearless she could be for her beloved idol.


Vera was moved when she saw the reaction of the fan girl because Vera herself did not know that Jiang Yuning personally paid a visit to the fan girl&x2019;s house.

However, Vera knew exactly how the fan girl felt because although she could not tell anyone, the only reason why she could be where she was today was because of Jiang Yuning&x2019;s help and support.

Moreover, since the fan girl had already paved the way for them, Vera could naturally put her public relations skills into action as she launched a counterattack.

Vera used her social media account to publicize Jiang Yuning&x2019;s upcoming schedule and plans that was already in line.

The production team of had never once contacted or expressed their interest in Jiang Yuning prior to the incident involving Nan Xinyue. At that time, Jiang Yuning was already preparing to attend the audition for the role of the first female lead of .

The production team of only contacted Guangying Media to invite Yuning to take on the role as the first female lead after they dissolved their contract with Nan Xinyue. At that point, Yuning had already fell in love with &x2019;s storyline and she had already decided that she wanted to be in that drama. That was why Guangying Media apologized and rejected the offer.

Yuning has never once criticized or expressed any negative opinions about any youth idol dramas or even . Therefore, we do not know how the public and netizens have come up with the idea that Yuning is arrogant and ungrateful.

Yuning is currently in the midst of preparing herself to join the cast to film the third instalment of and is also memorizing her script for . Therefore, we hope that the public and netizens can be more understanding towards her.

Vera expressed the meaning behind her words in a very clear and precise manner.

Firstly, the production team of only approached Jiang Yuning because of the hype created by the incident involving Nan Xinyue.

Secondly, the production team of were dissatisfied and unhappy because Jiang Yuning had rejected their invitation.

Thirdly, the production team of started the rumors and criticisms about Jiang Yuning.

Last but not least, Ling Fei was only a substitute for Jiang Yuning. Even though she was the one who secured the role of the first female lead of the drama in the end, she was undeniably only a substitute for Jiang Yuning.

Vera turned off her laptop and she was in an extremely good mood after she posted her comments online.

It had already become her habit to protect Jiang Yuning and it might even become her instinct in future.

When this matter was going wild online, Jiang Yuning was busy practicing her shooting skills at the shooting range. She did not even have a single clue about what was happening.

Why was she being criticized again?

How did it get resolved so quickly?

Jiang Yuning could not help but sigh when she found out that the Ginger Candy and Vera had stepped up to resolve this matter on her behalf.

&x201C;Could you please let me know first when this kind of things happen in future? I would love to resolve this matter on my own&x2026;grr!&x201D;

If she could get rid of Nan Xinyue so easily, why wouldn&x2019;t she be able to deal with Ling Fei?

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