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Chapter 220 - Really Hopeless

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Chapter 220: Really Hopeless

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On Tuesday afternoon, Vera and Jiang Yuning headed to Director Mong&x2019;s office. This time, Director Mong looked at Jiang Yuning in a totally different light.

&x201C;We will only start filming in three months&x2019; time. During this time, there are a lot of skills that you will have to learn and equip yourself with. Specifically, you will have to learn how to use a gun and shoot, combat fighting, and also some singing, as Li Zhimong is a very talented singer. You must also make sure to memorize all your lines and be familiar with your script. If you are not familiar with your lines when filming had already begun, I will not hesitate to replace you with another actress.&x201D;

Director Mong gave his instructions to Jiang Yuning in a very serious manner.

&x201C;Director Mong, why don&x2019;t you get a few field experts to test my skills before we start filming the drama officially? This way, you can be rest assured that I will not disappoint you. What do you think of this suggestion?&x201D;

When Director Mong heard Jiang Yuning&x2019;s words, he instantly felt relieved.

&x201C;You are really a very smart girl, just as what Director Shen Guobang had told me. Alright then. Don&x2019;t cry when I am strict with you!&x201D;

&x201C;I will not let you down, Director Mong.&x201D;


That night, the production team for finally made an official announcement that Jiang Yuning had been casted as their first female lead.

Director Mong also took the opportunity to do Jiang Yuning a favour by announcing that Jiang Yuning had already approached him to audition for the role of the first female lead of quite some time ago. Therefore, this meant that Jiang Yuning had never had the intention to rob Nan Xinyue of the role of the first female lead in .

It was not the type of drama that Jiang Yuning wanted to star in.

However, was an extremely hot youth idol drama that most of the young actresses were fighting to star in because of its popularity. So, why did it seem so worthless to Jiang Yuning?

The most surprising thing was that Jiang Yuning actually turned down the opportunity to become the first female lead of just so she could become the first female lead of , which was a historical and patriotic drama.

Was she retarded? Didn&x2019;t she know what was popular with the public right now? Was her agent snoozing instead of working?

She had actually refused to appear in a youth idol drama in favor of a historical drama?

It was really extremely shocking.

Since Jiang Yuning was not interested in being a part of their drama, the production team of did not hesitate to contact some of the other young actresses.

But Jiang Yuning did not care.

The people in the entertainment industry had mixed opinions on Jiang Yuning&x2019;s decision.

However, it became clear to everyone that Jiang Yuning did not intend to take the idol path that every other young actress was taking. Although her attitude was very commendable, how would it be possible for anyone to just choose another path? Moreover, the drama that she had chosen to star in was a historical drama with a very limited audience.

[Let&x2019;s just wait to watch a good show. When the historical drama airs, Jiang Yuning will finally know what it feels like to be smacked right back in the face.]

[It&x2019;s really a shame. I really hope that Jiang Yuning can become the first female lead in .]

[Although I can understand why Jiang Yuning wants to prove her acting skills and ability, I really don&x2019;t understand why she has chosen to act in a historical drama&x2026;it&x2019;s a bit too boring to ignite the audience&x2019;s interest.]

[Jiang Yuning&x2019;s acting skills, combined with the storyline in a historical drama setting&x2026;no thank you! I just can&x2019;t bring myself to watch it.]

[Not excited!]

[Not excited! +1]

[Let&x2019;s just wait for the variety show on Friday. I am more interested in that.]

The public and netizens expressed doubts and were not very optimistic about Jiang Yuning taking on the role of the first female lead in . Firstly, the genre of the drama was too unpopular. Therefore, there were rarely any breakthroughs for actresses staring in historical dramas. Secondly, the public felt that Jiang Yuning&x2019;s acting skills were still not good enough. Although they had to admit that her acting skills had already improved, they felt that she might not be able to portray the intensity of the character in the historical drama.

Everyone was very cynical as they criticized her decision.

Director Mong could only smirk when he saw the public&x2019;s opinion about his drama.

After all, was still in its preparatory stages and the public would not know of the power and weight that this drama would eventually hold. When the drama was finally ready, he would then hold a press conference and by then, the public would finally know that they had been wrong all along.

On the way back to the villa, Vera quietly said to Jiang Yuning, &x201C;I was chatting with Director Mong&x2019;s personal assistant earlier and I used some resources from to get her to reveal some information to me. She showed the list of other actors and actresses that will be a part of the cast. No matter what the public&x2019;s opinion will be, I want you to make sure that you will hold on to the role of the first female lead for this drama.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning had a puzzled look on her face.

&x201C;There will definitely be a turn of events during the official commencement of this drama.&x201D;

Sometimes, some surprises are very unexpected indeed.

&x201C;By the way, I will arrange for you to attend some singing lessons under a music instructor as soon as possible. I will also arrange for you attend some combat and shooting lessons so that you will be prepared for the drama.&x201D;

Vera could not hide her excitement but Jiang Yuning could not be bothered to ask her about the reason behind her excitement.

However, when Jiang Yuning thought about shooting and combat lessons, she turned around and told Vera, &x201C;You can just search for a music instructor to give me singing lessons. As for combat and shooting lessons&x2026;I know of a person.&x201D;

&x201C;Do you know of someone with that kind of skills?&x201D;

&x201C;Yes.&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied softly. &x201C;I know of someone at home.&x201D;

Since Jiang Yuning already mentioned the word &x2018;home&x2019;, Vera immediately knew who she was referring to. &x201C;Do not worry. Even if you are telling me that the second young master Lu would go to heaven in future, I would also believe you.&x201D;

In fact, Jiang Yuning was not too sure.

However, since Ku Jie had told her that Lu Jingzhi was previously working in the military, then he must certainly have some combat and shooting skills.

When she thought about how Lu Jingzhi would look like holding a gun&x2026;

Oh my god. She would not be able to stop her nosebleed again!

&x201C;Hm? Why are you blushing all of a sudden?&x201D; Vera did not know what was going through Jiang Yuning&x2019;s mind, but she was asking out of curiosity.

&x201C;Don&x2019;t you feel that it is a little too hot and stuffy in here? Roll down one of the windows&x2026;&x201D; Jiang Yuning quickly sorted out her emotions before she pretended that it was stuffy in the car.

Vera rolled down the car windows and after arriving at the villa, she walked Jiang Yuning into the villa before she said, &x201C;I will come over to pick you up tomorrow to meet with the team from the cosmetics brand about your endorsement.&x201D;

&x201C;Alright, I got it,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied before she hurried into the villa.

After getting inside the villa, Jiang Yuning lay down on the sofa before she sent Lu Jingzhi a text message: &x201C;Second brother&x2026;hurry up and come home now. I miss you.&x201D;

Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s lips curved in a smile as soon as he saw Jiang Yuning&x2019;s text message. Although he knew that Jiang Yuning was definitely up to no good, it warmed his heart to know that she missed him.

&x201C;What are you intending to do now?&x201D;

&x201C;Don&x2019;t judge me like that. Why don&x2019;t we discuss this matter when you get home?&x201D;

Lu Jingzhi chuckled before he put his cell phone away. He got into his car as soon as possible after he was done with work.

Before Jiang Yuning became a part of his life, Lu Jingzhi had a life outside of work. He would often have gatherings with Xu Liangzhou and his friends, socialize with his friends in the political circle, and also participate in public welfare gatherings and attend some receptions from time to time.

However, ever since Jiang Yuning came into his life, Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s entire life revolved around her. It was now his top priority to get home as soon as possible everyday and even though he spent every second of his free time with her, he was not tired of her.

When Secretary Ho saw that Lu Jingzhi was in an extremely good mood today, he ordered the driver to speed up so that they could reach the villa faster.

After all, the principal&x2019;s mood was directly related to the person waiting for him in the Royal Dragon Villa.

As Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s top secretary, Secretary Ho understood him very well.

When he saw Lu Jingzhi smiling, he knew that the principal&x2019;s wife must have done something to make him happy.

Actually, it was not anything special at all. It was just because she needed him&x2026;he was just happy because she needed him.

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