Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 217 - Aren’t You Too Smug?

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Chapter 217: Aren&x2019;t You Too Smug?

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They were grateful towards the fan girl for writing the complaint letter, which subsequently gave them the opportunity to be heard when they expressed their feelings to the public.

There were not retarded. They only did what they had done because they had already found someone that they could look up to&x2026;

[We do not advocate using violence to deal with violence, but we hope that Nan Xinyue&x2019;s fans will get the punishment they deserve!]

[Tonight, we are all star chasers. This is such a tearjerker. Thank you for the letter.]

[I can&x2019;t stop tearing because this letter is really too amazing. I can&x2019;t hold back my tears at all.]

[The positive energy and strength of this fan girl is spectacular.]

[At this time, I must let everyone know what I have just found out. The fan girl who wrote the complaint letter is actually Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan. You can always see her actively participating in the fan club. The Ginger Candies are actually very good and obedient. Even when provoked, they have never ever cursed or used any foul words.]

[I saw that Jiang Yuning has also publicly announced that she will get back justice for her fans! Oh my god&x2026;this is too heart-warming!]

Very soon, some of the artistes started sharing and relaying the news posted by the Youth Protection Association as they expressed their views and opinions on this matter.

Because of the extensive amount of attention, the media was also involved in this matter. They spoke up and posted: &x201C;Strict punishments should be given for criminal acts so that we can encourage more positive energy!&x201D;


At this time, Nan Xinyue&x2019;s agency was exploding with many incoming complaint calls from the angry and frustrated public.

The upper management officers decided to hold an emergency meeting to control the amount of damage that the agency would suffer from. Based on the criticisms and the number of complaints that they were receiving; the upper management were certain that the damage was already beyond their control.

This was such a high-scale crusade that involved people from all walks of life. Everyone was united as one at this moment to target and criticized Nan Xinyue&x2019;s retarded and violent fans.

At this time, Nan Xinyue and her exclusive agent were both sitting in the conference room as they waited for the upper management officials to make their decision on this matter. Their heads were lowered because they did not dare to speak up at this time.

Unfortunately, they could not escape their cruel fate. Nan Xinyue&x2019;s agent was immediately dismissed from work.

&x201C;Currently, there are many other artistes with millions of fans all over the world but you, Nan Xinyue, are the only artiste who has such an arrogant and violent fan base! I have already reminded you time and time again to exert some control over your fans and restrict them from acting excessively, but both you and your exclusive agent have never taken my words to heart. You have disregarded my words and look what has happened now? Do you think that you will be able to get through this? Aren&x2019;t you too smug? Do you know how bad your reputation is right now? Even the government knows how violent and vicious your fans are!&x201D;

&x201C;Nan Xinyue, do you know what sort of things you are going to have to do now? You will have to take responsibility and apologize for the actions of your fans. After that, you will have to appease the citizens who have been shocked and upset because of this shocking matter! After completing all these duties, you will then be hidden from the public eye for who knows how long? Even if you were to volunteer to do community work for the next hundred years, you will never be able to restore your image that has already been utterly destroyed!&x201D;

&x201C;Good luck to you in future!&x201D;

The agency&x2019;s vice chairman could not help but yell at Nan Xinyue.

This was because the company had already put in so much effort and resources into cultivating this young actress to get her to where she was today. Now that her image was completely destroyed, there is no way that the company would ever be able to get rid of all the negative perspective that the public had of her now. It would be easier for the company to simply prime another artiste to replace her.

Nan Xinyue was only twenty-two years old this year. Everything had always been smooth sailing for her ever since she first debuted because she had an extremely sweet and pleasant appearance. She eventually became very arrogant because she was spoiled by all of her fans who looked up to her as though she was a princess.

Since things had always been easy for her, she could not tell right from wrong. Even when her fans overreacted and acted excessively, she had never once felt it to be a problem at all.

She finally got her retribution.

&x201C;Vice chairman&x2026;please do not give up on me!&x201D; Nan Xinyue begged as she desperately grabbed the vice chairman&x2019;s arm. &x201C;I admit that I was wrong. I was too ignorant. Please do not hide me from the public&x2026;please do not give up on me. I do not want to go back to my old life.&x201D;

&x201C;No one would ever want that but Nan Xinyue&x2026;things have already come to this state. Even if we do not hide you from the public, no one would dare hire you in future! You should go home and self-reflect on your attitude!&x201D;

The vice chairman broke free from Nan Xinyue&x2019;s grasp as soon as he spoke before he continued chairing the next part of the emergency meeting.

Since there was no way that they would be able to eliminate Nan Xinyue&x2019;s bad image at the moment, they had to do everything within their power to maintain the company&x2019;s image and reputation as far as they could.

Therefore, Nan Xinyue&x2019;s agency immediately blocked and shut down Nan Xinyue&x2019;s fan club without any hesitation at all, even though she already had sixty million fans pledging their loyalty to her. After that, the agency then released a public statement, announcing the dissolution of Nan Xinyue&x2019;s fan club and that Nan Xinyue was no longer the first female lead for . Besides that, the agency also announced their decision to officially cut off all the film, advertisement, and fashion resources for Nan Xinyue.

The agency also had to issue a formal apology to the public and the fan girl in an attempt to show the public the stance that the agency was taking in this matter. The agency had also declared that they would give their utmost cooperation in helping the police in their investigation.

When the vice chairman realized the huge number of actions that they had to take to resolve this matter, he lost his temper and slammed his hands directly on the table. &x201C;What the heck! Even I hate these retarded fans right now.&x201D;

Nan Xinyue&x2019;s fans, who were so smug and arrogant just last night, would never have imagined that they would be utterly defeated early in the morning.

Nan Xinyue&x2019;s public social media had already been blocked and the agency had already announced the official dissolution of her fan club.

Weren&x2019;t they smug?

Weren&x2019;t they arrogant?

They would finally reap the consequences of their actions.

The most important thing was that the group of violent fans who had intimidated the girl and her family would now be investigated by the police and would then be sentenced according to the law.

The public and netizens were finally appeased after seeing the immediate and stringent actions that Nan Xinyue&x2019;s agency had taken.

They finally calmed down a little.

[This is exactly what has to be done! Our country should not tolerate any violence towards any artistes or any of their fans. Well done!]

[Good job! I hope that all the other artistes can learn a lesson through what happened today. It is not a shameful thing for anyone to chase after their idols, but it is shameful to be vicious and violent when chasing after their idols!]

[I hope that everyone will always remember this complaint letter and always remember the reason why they are chasing after their idols!]

[I also hope that Nan Xinyue&x2019;s fans will reflect on their actions and realize their own mistakes!]

Of course, there were many of Nan Xinyue&x2019;s fans who took the initiative to step forward to apologize to the public.

[We lost our home in the blink of an eye. This is a very good lesson for me. I have learnt that there are some mistakes that we cannot make in this life and that there are also some lines that should never be crossed. I am very sad to see the fan club dissolved but I am also very grateful to everyone who have taught us a lesson today, allowing us to learn and understand what it truly means to be a fan. I will focus on my studies and work hard in future! I also hope that the fan girl who was intimidated can forgive us and get well soon.]

[I can&x2019;t find our base and I feel lost at the moment. I have already been chasing after my idol for the past three years but I am finally awake now.]

[I really want to apologize for what the Ginger Candy had to go through.]

[There will no longer be a Nan family in future.]


So, why had they done that in the first place?

Oftentimes, many injustices would occur without any retribution though one day, it would all come back to those responsible for them.

After such a strong impact, many of the fan clubs started reflecting on themselves and adjusted their attitudes to varying degrees. They had also publicly stated that they would watch and control the actions of their fans to prevent the occurrence of such extreme and violent behaviour in future.

Chasing after an idol was not an excuse to act however you like to get whatever you want.

The real reason to chase after an idol should be for self-improvement&x2026;

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