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Chapter 212 - I am Proud of You

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Chapter 212: I am Proud of You

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Initially, the audience and netizens were certain that Jiang Yuning would turn out to be the black sheep that would drag all the other guest members down with her. However, little did they know that she would turn out to become the ace of the program.

Throughout the one and half hour broadcast, the audience started to discover more and more about Jiang Yuning&x2019;s charming personality. She teased Jin Mingchen and told him not to be afraid of everything, she encouraged Tong Tong to exercise so that he could strengthen his body, and she could chat with Brother Zhuang about anything under the sun despite the big age gap between them.

However, just as the group was about to step out of the jungle, Jiang Yuning suddenly found out that Jin Mingchen had a high fever.

When they looked into their first aid kit, Jiang Yuning was extremely furious when she realized that the production team did not put any antibiotics or aspirin in it. Therefore, the three of them decided that Brother Zhuang and Tong Tong would set up camp and rest while Jiang Yuning would then bring Jin Mingchen back to the river bank to look a for willow tree.

[Why is Jiang Yuning looking for a willow tree? I am so curious right now.]

[I just looked it up online. Apparently, the oldest form of aspirin was originally extracted from the bark of a willow tree. Now, I can see that Jiang Yuning really has an extensive knowledge about the jungle and survival in the wild.]

[Oh my god! Why do I feel like I am gaining a lot of knowledge just from watching a variety show?]

[But Sister Yuning must be so tired right now. She is finally able to stop and take a break after walking for so long but now, she needs to find medicine for someone else&x2019;s team member.]

The first part of the first episode of ended as soon as Jiang Yuning brought Jin Mingchen away from the group to look for a willow tree.

At first, the audience were not interested in Jiang Yuning at all. However, after watching the broadcast for the past ninety minutes, they were pleasantly surprised upon realization that they were actually excited to watch Jiang Yuning because they were interested to see what other skills she had and what kind of antics she would come up with next.

The keyboard warriors who had criticized Jiang Yuning repeatedly could only surrender themselves at this point.

How did Jiang Yuning gain all of these skills and knowledge? They really wanted to dig a hole and hide their faces in it right now.

[The second part of episode one should be aired right now! Otherwise, I will come looking for the production team!]

[I wonder if Jiang Yuning was able to find a willow tree eventually? I can&x2019;t wait to see what she would do if she did find the willow tree.]

After that, the scene cut to a short three minute commercial before the production team then broadcasted a preview of what was going to happen during the next episode.

The production team had included snippets of several unexpected situations that all the teams encountered as they continued their journey. This included Xu Beishen disappearing to look for her plant specimens, Qi Mo&x2019;s group getting lost in the jungle, and finally, Jiang Yuning&x2019;s group of four happily ransacking the jungle to collect any food or supplies that they could use.

In a nutshell, Jiang Yuning was the scariest two-legged beast in the jungle.

After watching the preview, the audience looked forward to watching the next part of the first episode even more. This was because they could not help but to wonder how Jiang Yuning&x2019;s group, which consisted of the old, the weak, and the sick, actually had fun in the jungle when the other groups were facing so many obstacles along the way.

To make matters worse, the production team had also release a few highlights from the second episode of where filming was conducted on the desert.

@DesertIslandRescue: Even though the producers have all suffered from hair loss after planning this extremely difficult mission in the desert, we were still unable to stop a certain person from exceeding our expectations!

As soon as that comment was posted, the netizens started replying immediately.

[You are talking about Jiang Yuning, right? Hahaha!]

[Is the production team really so pitiful? I am laughing so much I am getting stitches!]

[Hahaha! The production team rocks.]

Immediately afterwards, Jiang Yuning started to gained a large number of fans.

However, there were also some who remained unconvinced. They started questioning if everything that had happened during the filming was scripted right from the start. After all, there were only three celebrities in this variety show and out of the three, Jiang Yuning had the strongest background as an artiste employed by Guangying Media. Had everything been planned and scripted from the start just so that Jiang Yuning could gain a better reputation?

Unfortunately, those comments were seen by the cameraman who had followed Jiang Yuning and her group throughout the entire recording. He quickly stepped up to refute their comments.

[Don&x2019;t make any false assumptions! Nothing was scripted, it was all live and filmed on the spot without any preparations or heads up. I myself was utterly won over by Jiang Yuning&x2019;s charming personality!]

[If you really want to say that everything has been scripted, then I can tell you for sure that the only thing that had been planned and scripted was the mission and the rules and regulations. Everything else was really impromptu.]

The netizens were finally convinced after the cameraman who filmed the show spoke up and defended Jiang Yuning. The netizens then turned their focus to Jiang Yuning&x2019;s public social media account.

Come on out and meet your fans!

[Upload a picture of yourself so we can appreciate you now!]

[Sister Yuning, you were really amazing on the show! How did you manage to do all of that? I really adore you so much!]

[I am suddenly in love with geography because of you! You make nature and the jungle seem so interesting!]

gained popularity among the audience and the rating was also sky high due to Jiang Yuning&x2019;s performance. Moreover, with the addition of Qi Mo and Jin Mingchen&x2019;s fans, quickly ranked first among all the variety shows that were currently showing.

The production team even posted a cut of Jiang Yuning&x2019;s scenes under the public profile page to allow fans to keep watching her scenes over and over again.

No one would have ever imagined that Jiang Yuning would be able to conquer the audience in this manner!

Later that night, the young paparazzo, Yao Fan, and Director Shen called to congratulate Jiang Yuning on her achievement.

The young paparazzo and Yao Fan were exceptionally excited and they felt as though they wanted to go to a desert island too.

Yao Fan even wanted to contact the production team to ask if she could join Jiang Yuning and participate in one of their episodes.

Jiang Yuning could not help but roll her eyes before she said, &x201C;Teacher, can you just promise me that you will live well?&x201D;

Who knew what other tricks the production team would come up with for the next episode?

&x201C;Chenxing and I are celebrating your success with champagne right now&x2026;&x201D;

Jiang Yuning was taken aback.

&x201C;If you want to drink, you can just drink. Why are you using me as an excuse?&x201D;

&x201C;Hehehe&x2026;otherwise, he will not let me drink!&x201D;

This was because Song Chenxing could still remember how drunk Yao Fan had been the last time she drank.

&x201C;I would never have expected someone to love and dote on me like this.&x201D; Jiang Yuning could not help but clench her fists when she heard Yao Fan&x2019;s words. Right at this time, Lu Jingzhi suddenly opened the door as he entered the villa. As soon as Jiang Yuning saw him, she quickly rushed over to him and complained, &x201C;Second brother, someone is trying to make me jealous right now.&x201D;

Lu Jingzhi took his coat off before he thought about it for a split second. Out of all the people in Jiang Yuning&x2019;s circle right now, the only people who were in a relationship right now were Yao Fan and Song Chenxing. However, both of them had only just gotten together recently.

After thinking about it, Lu Jingzhi sat down on the sofa with Jiang Yuning by his side. He put one arm around Jiang Yuning before he kissed her loud and clear on her cheeks.

&x201C;Tell her you have to hang up now. The reason is because&x2026;we are husband and wife, and we are about to get very busy soon.&x201D;


Second brother was amazing!

&x201C;Teacher, did you hear what second brother just said? As husband and wife, we are about to get very busy!&x201D;

Busy with what? They were a married couple. Of course they would be busy at night.

When Yao Fan thought about the fact that she had only ever held hands with Song Chenxing so far, she could not help but feel envious. &x201C;Sigh. Why on earth did I try to compare in the first place&x2026;I am so jealous right now.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning was elated. After hanging up the phone, she threw her arms around Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s neck before she smiled and exclaimed proudly, &x201C;Second brother, I gained a lot of new fans today!&x201D;

&x201C;Has the variety show aired already?&x201D;


In fact, Lu Jingzhi had already heard about this matter from Secretary Ho on the way back to the villa and he was also one of the secret weapons that Jiang Yuning had spoken of.

&x201C;This time, you can be rest assured and watch the entire program from start to end because there&x2019;s no 4.0 rated acting! It is 100% natural!&x201D;

Lu Jingzhi patted her gently on her head as he looked at the silly child-like smile on her face.

He had already watched the videos that were posted online as he was on the way back to the villa and each time the production crew focused on any injury or scar on Jiang Yuning&x2019;s body, he could feel his heart aching.

The audience and netizens were merely watching the variety show as a form of entertainment, and whenever they were not satisfied with something, they would open their mouth and criticize the guests immediately.

However, Lu Jingzhi knew how much pain and hardship Jiang Yuning had suffered and endured just so she could record and participate in this program.

As the two of them were walking upstairs towards their bedroom, Lu Jingzhi could not help but hugged Jiang Yuning tightly as he whispered in her ear, &x201C;I am proud of you.&x201D;

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