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Chapter 195 - Everyone was in Awe

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Chapter 195: Everyone was in Awe

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&x201C;What happened to Miss Xu?&x201D; Jiang Yuning could not help but ask.

&x201C;Well, this matter&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;Oh. Why can&x2019;t you just tell her? We don&x2019;t know what plant the young lady saw along the way. She kept insisting that it is a very rare and precious plant. Therefore, she insisted on searching for more of the plant regardless of the danger that she might be dragging the whole team into. The production crew tried to persuade her out of it but she refused to listen,&x201D; Jin Mingchen explained disdainfully.

&x201C;These biologists are really very weird and eccentric, aren&x2019;t they?&x201D;

The production crew who were chasing after Xu Beishen were about to break down.

How did a recording of a variety show suddenly turn into a scientific expedition? Wasn&x2019;t it too ridiculous?

Now, they even had to send a search team to go and look for Miss Xu Beishen. The entire production team had to go out of their way just because of her own selfish desires.

&x201C;Well&x2026;it must have been really hard on you guys. Okay then, let&x2019;s not waste any more time and move on now,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied as she patted one of the staff members gently on her shoulder.

The production crew could not help but sigh.

This was really disastrous.

Jiang Yuning watched as the entire group started on their journey and she helped Brother Zhuang as they led the two kids along the way.

&x201C;Wow! It is indeed very refreshing to look at the beautiful landscapes on such a clear path.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning reached out her hand and touched Jin Mingchen&x2019;s forehead to check if he was still down with a fever. She found that his fever had already receded. At this time, she gently reminded Jin Mingchen, &x201C;Did you know that you would have to go through a tougher and more difficult mission in the next episode if you lose this mission? Doesn&x2019;t it matter to you?&x201D;

Jin Mingchen could not help but cursed out loud. &x201C;Damn it. It is all that retard&x2019;s fault!&x201D;

It took the production team about two hours to finally locate Xu Beishen and persuade her to give up on her plans to gather more specimens of the mysterious plant.

However, at this time, all the members of the second group were separated and the rebellious young child could not even be seen.


At ten o&x2019;clock in the morning, Qi Mo&x2019;s group officially entered the toughest part of their mission. They entered the jungle and it turned out that it did not really matter whether they entered the jungle during the night or day. This was because even though Qi Mo&x2019;s group entered the jungle during the day, they had their own share of struggles and injuries. However, as soon as they were injured or faced any difficulties, they quickly opened up their first aid kits and started using it. They were certain that this would definitely be the most difficult part of their journey and they should make use of their first aid kits at this time.


The production crew could not help but sigh when they saw this scene. The members in Jiang Yuning&x2019;s group were really amazing.

All the other groups were already using most of the items given to them and as time passed, their supplies were depleting quickly. On the other hand, the further they walked, the more items Jiang Yuning&x2019;s group had on their hands.

&x201C;Each of them had some pine needles, bananas, some wild fruits, and even some small fishes and shrimps that they caught from the river.&x201D;

Moreover, the first aid kits that they had on them remained completely untouched as they had been depending on Jiang Yuning&x2019;s knowledge about various roots and herbs to survive thus far.

The cameraman and production crew who were recording Jiang Yuning&x2019;s group also ate some of the wild fruits or grilled fish that they had occasionally.

This was supposed to be a serious survival variety show, but how did it end up turning into a funny variety show instead?

Well, variety shows were difficult!

At four o&x2019;clock in the afternoon, Jiang Yuning&x2019;s group was already casually singing and walking along the straight road while Qi Mo&x2019;s group was still stuck in the jungle.

This was because they were lost.

&x201C;Qi Mo, do you think that the other two groups would have made it to the destination already?&x201D; the other two guests asked Qi Mo.

&x201C;No, I do not think so. This jungle is so complicated. Furthermore, the other group started out in the jungle at night. Who knows if they might still be lost and trapped in the jungle right now?&x201D; Qi Mo replied immediately.

The cameraman and production team who were on Jiang Yuning&x2019;s group could not help but laugh out loud.

Jiang Yuning&x2019;s group members were all happily swimming and fishing in the river then. This was because they were only about fifteen kilometres away from their final destination. They were all so relaxed and happy at the moment.

As the production crew&x2019;s communication devices were all connected, the production crew following Qi Mo&x2019;s group were initially very proud&x2014;they had thought that Qi Mo&x2019;s group would turn out to be the best, since they started with the easiest route. However, who would have known that the people who were following Jiang Yuning would be so blessed instead?

They wanted to go swimming in the river too!

As soon as they thought about this, one of the staff members coughed twice before he gently reminded Qi Mo&x2019;s group, &x201C;Well, this might come across as shocking news, but the distance between the first group and their final destination is only about fifteen kilometres now. It would probably take them less than three hours to arrive at their final destination.&x201D;

When they heard of this news, all the members in group three were in awe. &x201C;How is that possible?&x201D;

&x201C;Although I find it really unbelievable and impossible, I have to admit that their group members are all very united and they have very high morale.&x201D;


When Jiang Yuning&x2019;s group finally made it to the finish line, it was already eight o&x2019;clock at night. It took them about twenty-two hours to arrive at their final destination even though they had arrived an hour later than expected.

At this time, all of them dropped their backpacks on the ground before they lay down on the ground immediately.

The funniest thing was when Tong Tong dropped his backpack onto the ground. As he did not zip his backpack up properly, all the wild fruits and small fishes that he had kept in his backpack rolled out immediately as soon as he dropped the bag onto the ground.

The production team at the finish line was shocked.

Oh dear. Are you packing the food to take home since you cannot finish it on the spot?

This group of people must have been cheating, especially Jiang Yuning! Was she an alien?

She could find everything that they needed and she knew everything that they needed to know.

The production team had really miscalculated this time. This was a bug!

After arriving at the finish line, all the members of group one quickly took a shower before they proceeded to rest at the rest area that the production team had already prepared for them.

About two hours later, the members of group three finally arrived at the finish line. When they arrived, they saw that the members of group one was all wearing eye masks and resting as they made up for the sleep that they had missed out on the previous night.

The rebellious young child arrived at the location shortly after they had. Though this kid might be very rebellious and cool, the good thing was that he made it to the final destination within the given time limit despite everything that had happened.

The boy&x2019;s whereabouts were very mysterious and nobody knew where he was or how he made it out eventually. Some of them even wondered if the production team had intentionally invited him to be the dark horse of the show to garner more audience.

Eventually, Xu Beishen was the only participant to make it to the finish line after the time limit.

The production team were all annoyed and frustrated when they thought about all the trouble that she had caused them today.

How would they calculate the results of group two then?

The production team faced some headaches but after discussing it among themselves and taking a vote, they eventually came to a unanimous decision.

&x201C;All of you have worked very hard for this episode. Congratulations for completing the challenge and making it to the finish line. All of you have successfully spent twenty-four hours on a desert island. We are particularly impressed with the performance of group one because despite having an older member and a member who is physically weak, they have managed to persevere and successfully complete the mission. Next, we are pleased to announce the results of the competition today. The first place belongs to group one, which deserves to be rewarded and given the first spot. The second place belongs to group three. Unfortunately, group two will be ranked third temporarily because of all the unexpected problems and incidents that have occurred.&x201D;

&x201C;Wait. Hold on&x2026;&x201D; Xu Beishen suddenly interrupted the staff member as he was announcing the results of the competition. &x201C;Jin Mingchen, who has made it to the finish line along with the members of group one, is a member of group two. The production team has stipulated in the rules and regulations that none of the members are allowed to give up and quit, but you did not stipulate that the entire group has to arrive at the finish line together in order for us to complete our mission.&x201D;

Everyone was in awe when they heard Xu Beishen&x2019;s words.

Wasn&x2019;t she ashamed at all? Did she not know how Jin Mingchen made it to the finish line together with group one?

At this time, Jin Mingchen could no longer control his anger. He approached Xu Beishen before he started yelling at her, &x201C;Oh my god. You are really testing my limits right now. You decided to go on your own way to collect some plant specimen all for your own selfish needs and because of that, the production crew had to disregard their own safety to chase after you. That was why I eventually followed Sister Yuning&x2019;s group and I troubled them so much until we eventually made it to the finish line. Now that they have gotten the first place, you are trying to take advantage of the situation and loopholes in the rules to try and take the first place instead. Are you really that shameless?&x201D;

&x201C;Okay, okay. Please stop fighting. Let&x2019;s discuss this again,&x201D; the staff member replied as he pulled Jin Mingchen away from Xu Beishen.

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