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Chapter 175 - Better Than Him?

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Chapter 175: Better Than Him?

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It seemed as though she had to create an opportunity to talk to Song Chenxing and explain everything to him properly. She already had a lover and she did not want to get too close to any other men.

Second brother really loved and doted on her. He treated her extremely well!

Therefore, Jiang Yuning felt very troubled when Song Chenxing&x2019;s assistant delivered the medicine over to her. She also did not want Yao Fan to be upset at her. Therefore, before second brother arrived at the bed and breakfast, Jiang Yuning quickly asked the young paparazzo to prepare a bottle of red wine before she went over to the hotel to look for Yao Fan.

Yao Fan&x2019;s assistant opened the door and she was about to refuse to let her in but at this time, Yao Fan caught a glimpse of Jiang Yuning from the crack of the door. Yao Fan smiled before she instructed her assistant, &x201C;Let her in.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning walked into Yao Fan&x2019;s suite and placed the bottle of red wine on the table before she said, &x201C;Teacher, can you please watch over your man?&x201D;

Yao Fan was dressed in casual white home clothes at the moment and she was holding onto her drama script as she was preparing for her scene tomorrow. She smiled at Jiang Yuning before she replied, &x201C;He had always been that way. He has always been a very cool and straightforward person. He has not changed much since we worked together in the previous drama.&x201D;

&x201C;Did you choose to be in this drama because of him?&x201D;

&x201C;Of course not. Who wouldn&x2019;t want to be in any of Director Shen Guobang&x2019;s drama?&x201D; Yao Fan replied before she put down the script. &x201C;However, I was very excited and happy when I found out that he was going to be the first male lead.&x201D;

&x201C;Why don&x2019;t you confess your feelings to him?&x201D;

Yao Fan pondered for a short moment before she looked at Jiang Yuning with a tinge of sadness in her eyes. &x201C;Confess? Do you know how scary it is to confess your feelings to someone, especially if you do not know how the other person feels about you? I am not prepared to breach the terms of my contract because of him. He is always playing it cool&x2026;I don&x2019;t know if it would ever be possible for a romantic relationship to develop between the two of us. Well, let&x2019;s stop talking about me. Let&x2019;s talk about you instead. All the other girls cannot wait to be linked to him but you are constantly avoiding him. Do you already have someone in your heart?&x201D;

&x201C;Yes!&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied as she nodded her head.

&x201C;Better than him?&x201D;

&x201C;Sister Fan, you cannot put it that way. Brother Chen is not only a teacher, but he is also a friend to me and to me, the person in my heart is the best person in this world,&x201D; Jiang Yuning quickly explained. &x201C;That is why some of Brother Chen&x2019;s actions are putting me in a tough spot.&x201D;

&x201C;I understand. If I have the opportunity, I will try to resolve this matter for you. How is your foot? Is it still hurting?&x201D;

&x201C;I am alright,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied immediately.

&x201C;That is good. I am really curious to know who the person in your heart is. He must be really amazing if you can choose to ignore the prince of the entertainment industry.&x201D;

&x201C;Haha&x2026;Sister Fan, stop making fun of me,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied as she laughed.

&x201C;Haha. Go back and rest earlier. I understand what you are trying to tell me.&x201D;

Yao Fan had clearly expressed how she felt about Song Chenxing to Jiang Yuning. That was the reason Jiang Yuning had brought a bottle of wine to see her today. Jiang Yuning did not want Yao Fan to misunderstand her and she wanted to make it known to Yao Fan that she was not interested in snatching anything belonging to her.

&x201C;Sister Fan, you do not need to worry about Jiang Yuning,&x201D; Yao Fan&x2019;s assistant suddenly said indifferently. &x201C;Even if she tried her best, she would not be able to surpass you even in a hundred years. Moreover, the only reason why she even stands a chance is because you refuse to tell Brother Chen how you feel.&x201D;

&x201C;Can&x2019;t you see that she really isn&x2019;t interested in Song Chenxing at all? Not everyone wants to climb up the career ladder so unscrupulously. You should know what kind of person Jiang Yuning really is after spending the last few days around her. Frankly speaking, I think that Jiang Yuning is really adorable and I am actually feeling rather optimistic about her future prospects,&x201D; Yao Fan patiently explained to her assistant. &x201C;Moreover, I thought you were the one who felt sorry for her in the first place.&x201D;

&x201C;I am just afraid&x2026;that she will try to snatch your role.&x201D;

&x201C;If she really has the intention to snatch the role of the first female lead, she would have already taken the role of the second female lead by now. She had purposely carried a bottle of red wine and made the trip here to see me today to show me that she really does not have the intention to compete with me for anything,&x201D; Yao Fan replied as she looked at her assistant. &x201C;I know how to discern whether a person is sincere or otherwise.&x201D;

&x201C;Alright then. Jiang Yuning is really rather pitiful. The Fan-Xing fans who are rooting for you and Brother Chen were all very harsh in their criticisms and posts earlier today. They kept belittling and reprimanding Jiang Yuning for being the third party in your relationship,&x201D; Yao Fan replied as she shook her head. She was very sympathetic towards Jiang Yuning.

By evening that day, both Song Chenxing and Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fans had already fought back and forth more than a few hundred times.

The Ginger Candies had made vast improvements in the way they dealt with and replied to the enemies&x2019; insults and criticisms.

Although Song Chenxing had a very large and powerful fan base, Xue Li knew the best way to retaliate in order to gain and win the favor of the passers-by.

[Jiang Yuning is a terrible person who could even send her own mother to prison. I am sure she would definitely be banned from the entertainment industry sooner or later.]

[Ginger Candies should just retreat already!]

[Don&x2019;t try to get close to our Song Chenxing just so you can get a little more attention. Please stay away from my brother! Thank you.]

[After kicking the second female lead out of the cast, Jiang Yuning is now diverting her attention to the first male lead. She is really vicious!]


The Ginger Candies were all very frustrated when they saw all these vicious comments about Jiang Yuning. Therefore, Xue Li also decided to step in and deal with the matter personally.

[Our Sister Yuning just likes the fact that you would never be able to get rid of her even though you hate her so much!]

[Our Sister Yuning is already famous. Why would she need to rely on your idol to gain more attention? Stop being so dramatic, dear friends.]

[Why can&x2019;t the attention be on Song Chenxing instead? What is your justification?]

[Does your idol know how vicious his fans are?]


The fans of both side of the party continued bickering endlessly. Song Chenxing came to know about the situation eventually.

Moreover, the young paparazzo also dropped by to return the medicine that Song Chenxing had asked his assistant to pass to Jiang Yuning.

&x201C;Brother Chen, isn&x2019;t Jiang Yuning being too arrogant?&x201D; the assistant asked as he was very displeased. How could she return the medicine that the prince of the entertainment industry had specially sent over to her?

&x201C;What I am more interested to know right now is if these people who are cursing and writing vicious comments online really are my fans?&x201D; Song Chenxing asked as he handed his cell phone over to his assistant.

&x201C;Well, this&x2026;Brother Chen, you have a very huge fan base. Therefore, it is inevitable that there would be a few irrational and extreme people amongst the other fans. Generally, we tend to just ignore this kind of situation unless it escalates and gets out of control.&x201D;

Song Chenxing did not reply but he was frowning because he was obviously unhappy.

&x201C;But Brother Chen, do you really like Jiang Yuning&x2026;&x201D;

Song Chenxing did not know what to reply to his assistant&x2019;s question. This was because he had never been in any relationships or emotional entanglements before. He had always placed all of his focus on sharpening his acting skills. Therefore, he did not know how to figure out if he liked or disliked her.

&x201C;What would I be feeling if I liked her?&x201D;

&x201C;Well, then let me ask you another question. Who do you think is more important to you between Sister Fan and Jiang Yuning?&x201D; the assistant asked Song Chenxing once again after rephrasing his question.

Song Chenxing was deep in thoughts for a moment but he did not reply.

He did not have an answer at the moment, but he was certain that Jiang Yuning was avoiding him.


It was already nine o&x2019;clock at night and it was pouring heavily in Luo City.

At this time, Lu Jingzhi had just stepped out of his office building and got into his car under the protection of Secretary Ho.

&x201C;Principal, it is already so late today. Why don&x2019;t you go back to the Royal Dragon Villa to rest instead?&x201D; After getting into the car, Secretary Ho made the suggestion to Lu Jingzhi after he looked at the time on his watch.

The business meeting had been extended and Lu Jingzhi looked extremely exhausted.

However, Lu Jingzhi simply loosened the buttons on his shirt before he looked out the car window and answered, &x201C;Go to the bed and breakfast.&x201D;

&x201C;Alright then. Principal, there are a few issues that you need to take note of.&x201D; After that, Secretary Ho passed the cell phone over to Lu Jingzhi.

The first issue was the scandal involving Song Chenxing and his wife.

The next issue was that Xu Beishen was still unrelenting and she kept texting him on his work cell phone. &x201C;Then&x2026;could I ask for your private cell phone number then? Please give it to me, Brother Lu!&x201D;

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