Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 170 - She is Really Quite Impressive!

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Chapter 170: She is Really Quite Impressive!

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&x201C;Someone told me that an idol who is truly deserving of all of our love and affection would never let us sacrifice our own interests and rights just because of her. In the beginning, I did not understand what they meant by that. However, I am finally able to understand why they could say that with such confidence. I realize now that should be idolizing someone who has the courage to stand up against strangers just to defend her own fans. With an idol who cares for me just as much as I do for her, I would be able to grow as a better person and love myself more.&x201D;

&x201C;When I went home that day, I thought long and hard about what it truly means to idolize someone.&x201D;

&x201C;In the past, I had always put my idol first. I would chase after everything that she was up to and I was willing to sacrifice everything that I had for her. Now, I realize that to have an idol is simply to become a better person, with your idol setting an example for you.&x201D;

&x201C;I have already gotten the answer that I needed, as well as gathered my courage to make the necessary decision.&x201D;

&x201C;I had already decided to follow Jiang Yuning the moment she stood up to defend us, worried about our safety, and showed her concern by asking about us the next day.&x201D;

&x201C;This is because Jiang Yuning has a charming and sincere personality, and this is what I have been seeking all along.&x201D;

&x201C;Therefore, as the founder of Qian Ge&x2019;s official fan club, I would like to announce the official disbandment of this fan club starting from today.&x201D;

&x201C;I will not stigmatize someone that I used to love and adore, but&x2026;I cannot keep going on like this.&x201D;

&x201C;Right now, I really just want to offer my support and love to my new idol, Sister Jiang Yuning. I believe everyone here knows that Sister Yuning is a blacklisted artiste in the entertainment industry and therefore, the public will judge and criticize her even when she is helping someone in need. Even though Jiang Yuning rolled her eyes at me that day, she did not flinch or give up on us when she was facing the evil villain to protect us. She was really very lovable that day.&x201D;

&x201C;Therefore, my fellow friends and family, I am sorry that I did not make it all the way to the end with you.&x201D;

What was most ironic was the fact that this incident actually occurred when so many of Qian Ge&x2019;s fans were stepping up and proclaiming how much they hated Jiang Yuning. Yet, when Qian Ge&x2019;s fan was facing extreme difficulties, it was actually Jiang Yuning, and not Qian Ge, who stepped up and went out of her way to help them.

Eventually, some of the veteran fans of the fan club who even had fans of their own suddenly stepped up and decided to share their side of the story too.

After what they had encountered last night, they had to expose Qian Ge for who she really was.

&x201C;I am not as kind and patient as Sister Xue Li. All that I want to do right now is to tell Qian Ge and her agent that I must have been blind in the past to have idolized and supported someone like her. When I went out to buy breakfast this morning, I came across one of the production assistants who is working under the executive director of the drama. He told me that Qian Ge would always stay up late and sing in her room very late into the night every day. That is why she would always be late and unprepared when she had to film her scenes the next morning. I think that the production crew has already been very magnanimous in handling this matter. Moreover, he told me that the rumors of Qian Ge bullying Jiang Yuning are not simply rumors. The entire production crew and cast know the truth about this matter.&x201D;

Another veteran fan of Qian Ge&x2019;s also posted in the fan club, &x201C;Please give me the contact information of the support team for Miss Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan club. I am good at editing pictures, organizing events, and diminishing any criticisms against my idol!&x201D;

With the departure of some of the most important and veteran fans, the profile picture of Qian Ge&x2019;s fan club was changed to a picture of a white lotus. The fan club also issued a statement stating that they would be officially dissolved. Most of the fans turned to Xue Li and followed in her footsteps by changing their nicknames and also changing their own profile information to state that they were now officially a fan of Jiang Yuning.

At the same time, Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan club was suddenly flooded with a huge amount of &x2018;refugees&x2019; who had come over to the fan club because they were disappointed with Qian Ge and her agent after reading what Xue Li had posted on the fan page. Some of them even contacted the support group to offer their help in managing Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan club.

Xue Li also took the initiative to directly contact the young paparazzo as she had his personal contact number.

She did not say much, but she simply texted him saying, &x201C;You are managing Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan club in the wrong manner. You should just hand everything over to me so that I can manage it the right way.&x201D;

The young paparazzo: &x201C;What the heck&x2026;&x201D;

However, the young paparazzo had to admit that this sort of matter should be handed over to the professionals for the sake of faster development and growth of the fan club.

This was the first time that the young paparazzo had ever encountered such a situation. This was because no hardcore fan of any idols would announce that they were leaving their fan club only to jump to the opposition camp.

A fan who wanted to switch camps would usually be scolded by all the other fans in the fan club. Unexpectedly, when Xue Li announced her decision in the fan club, everyone could understand why she had made that decision.

It was not because Jiang Yuning was too good. She had made her decision simply because Qian Ge was too terrible.


[Hahaha. The people who are just dropping by Qian Ge&x2019;s fan club to watch the show must be extremely satisfied now.]

[Qian Ge&x2019;s fan club had changed their profile picture to the picture of a white lotus. It is really very beautiful! o (&xFFE3;&x25BD;&xFFE3;) d ]

[The profile picture is very well selected! Somehow, I really admire this fan girl.]

[Well! Let&x2019;s just sit back and watch the rest of the show now.]

[I heard that someone named Xue Li would be joining the support group of Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan club. Xue Li, are you already in the fan club now?]

[I suddenly feel that Jiang Yuning is very cool. What is going on?]

Subsequently, some of the people from Shuofeng Film City came out to confirm that a car accident had indeed taken place near the bed and breakfast last night. They also confirmed that Jiang Yuning had been the one to approach the crowd and help the fan girls settle the dispute between them and the other party. Some of them even noted that they saw Jiang Yuning rolling her eyes at Xue Li.

Some photographs taken during the incident were also posted onto the internet.

Jiang Yuning was pictured crouching in front of the old man and in the pictures, she really looked like a female forensic agent.

Some of the netizens even took the time to enlarge and focus on the picture where Jiang Yuning was captured rolling her eyes at Xue Li.

[She is really quite impressive&x2026;]

[I was present at the scene at that time. I was actually very surprised that Jiang Yuning had such good judgment and skills. She seems to possess some knowledge about medicine and she also knows how to deal with bad people. She is a really good person.]

[In , she is playing the role of the third female lead, Lin Ping&x2019;er, who is supposedly a Chinese physician with really incredible medical skills. Did she really study medicine to play this role?]

Anyway, Qian Ge&x2019;s fans had gone from criticizing and tearing Jiang Yuning down to announcing their departure from Qian Ge&x2019;s fan club and ultimately, turning into a fan of Jiang Yuning.

All the passers-by would also be surprised at how things panned out in the end. If a person was truly charismatic and capable, she would still turn out to be a bright and shining star in the end, no matter how much anyone tried to obstruct or get in her way.

Now, what was going to happen to Qian Ge?

She had already been kicked out of the drama by Director Shen Guobang and she would also be blacklisted from participation in any television shows or dramas in future.

Furthermore, most of her veteran fans had already switched alliances and were on Jiang Yuning&x2019;s support team right now.

&x201C;Why didn&x2019;t you tell me about the incident involving my fans last night? Even if you didn&x2019;t tell me about it, what gave you the right to humiliate them the way you did?&x201D; Qian Ge asked Huang Lingling as soon as they got back to the hotel.

&x201C;How could I have known that the fat girl would be the founder and veteran member of your fan club? Anyway, even if I had really told you everything that had happened last night, do you really think that you would have gone out of your way to stand up for your fans the way that Jiang Yuning did last night? No one knows you better than I do, Qian Ge. We both know very well that if you had known about the incident, you would have humiliated and trampled on them even more ruthlessly.&x201D;

&x201C;Now, I will no longer be able to act nor sing anymore! My career is over. It&x2019;s all over!&x201D;

&x201C;I have already told you and reminded you time and again that you need to be extremely disciplined when you enter Director Shen Guobang&x2019;s cast. Why did you practice your singing even in the middle of the night? Did you really think that no one would know what you were up to late at night? The executive director&x2019;s room was located right next to yours! Qian Ge, just accept the truth already. If you really had a good voice and if you could really sing, would you even need to be transformed into an actress?&x201D; Huang Lingling replied as she glared at Qian Ge ruthlessly. &x201C;Everything is really over now. You will not need to act, nor will you have the chance to sing anymore, because nobody would want to listen to you in future.&x201D;

Qian Ge sat down on the ground in dismay after listening to Huang Lingling criticize her.

Yes. She had just lost everything, from her fans&x2019; support to her career.

What about Jiang Yuning?

Jiang Yuning had benefited the most out of this entire situation. She even gained half of Qian Ge&x2019;s fans&x2019; support&x2026;

As soon as she thought about this fact, Qian Ge immediately took out her cell phone and made a phone call to Yao Fan. She wanted to deliberately provoke her so that she could sow discord between Jiang Yuning and Yao Fan. &x201C;Sister Fan, just wait and see. Now that I am already gone, Jiang Yuning will immediately take over the role of the second female lead and when that happens, she will eventually snatch the role of the first female lead from you.&x201D;

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