Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 169 - You are Not Wrong. How Could You Ever be Wrong?

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Chapter 169: You are Not Wrong. How Could You Ever be Wrong?

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No one would have expected the gentle and meek Jiang Yuning, who had been bullied every day, to finally lose her temper and lash out at Huang Lingling.

All the makeup artists were surprised at Jiang Yuning’s reaction.

“Jiang Yuning! Do you not want to continue your career in the entertainment industry anymore? I will look for Director Shen Guobang now and ask him to get another actress to take over your role as the third female lead!”

Jiang Yuning sighed as she continued glaring at Huang Lingling.

At this time, the young paparazzo was already accompanying Director Shen Guobang to the entrance of the dressing room.

“You do not need to look for me.”

Huang Lingling and Qian Ge were even more arrogant after Director Shen Guobang entered the dressing room. “Director Shen Guobang, just look at Jiang Yuning’s attitude. As the third female lead, she does not even have any basic respect for her seniors. Furthermore, she is sowing discord amongst the production crew and cast every day. Please deal with her immediately. Otherwise, how can Qian Ge act with a peace of mind?”

“She does not need to act anymore,” Director Shen Guobang replied Huang Lingling immediately.

Huang Lingling was stunned for a moment because she was in utter disbelief. “Director, what did you just say?”

“I said that Qian Ge has already been replaced with another actress. The both of you can get out of my cast immediately. Do you understand now?” Director Shen Guobang repeated his words in a loud and clear manner to Huang Lingling’s question.


“Leave!” Director Shen Guobang yelled immediately. He could not even be bothered to provide Huang Lingling any explanation. “Get out immediately!”

When Huang Lingling saw how angry and annoyed the director looked, she finally grasped the gravity of the matter. She quickly stepped forward and grabbed his arm before she pleaded. “Director…”

“This is the last time that I will repeat myself. I want both of you to leave right now!” Director Shen Guobang said as he pointed a finger at Qian Ge. “You. You can stop dreaming about ever returning to the television and drama circle in the future.”

Qian Ge only came to her senses when Director Shen Guobang spoke his last sentence.

She had managed to get the role of the second female lead in Director Shen Guobang’s drama and this would have been a once in a lifetime opportunity for her. Now, everything was coming to an end right before her very eyes.

“Yuning! Make me a cup of chrysanthemu.m tea. These people are making me angry early in the morning!” After speaking, Director Shen Guobang turned around and was about to step out of the dressing room but at this time, Qian Ge suddenly stepped forward and grabbed hold of Director Shen Guobang’s arm.

“Director Shen Guobang…I was wrong.”

“You are not wrong. How could you ever be wrong? It is always the others who are at fault!” After that, Director Shen Guobang broke free from Qian Ge’s grasp before he stormed out of the dressing room.

A completely different atmosphere took over the dressing room at the moment. Just a few minutes earlier, Huang Lingling and Qian Ge were so arrogant but now, they did not have anything else to say.

Qian Ge had already lost her role and her future in the drama industry seemed bleak now. She lost everything that she had in a matter of seconds.

“Sister Yuning, the director asked you to make him a cup of tea earlier,” one of the makeup artists reminded Jiang Yuning. “This is perfect! The entire crew can finally be harmonious again.”

“Exactly! Why do I feel so happy now?”

The few makeup artists who had been tortured by both Qian Ge and Huang Lingling for the past few days could finally heave a huge sigh of relief.

At this moment, Qian Ge and Huang Lingling were both so embarrassed that they could not even lift their heads up high. They were so ashamed that they quickly ran out of the dressing room.

However, this was not the worst thing to happen to them today. An article exposing Qian Ge’s true colours that was released by both Guangying Media and X Society had already made it to the hot search.

The article sparked a huge debate on the internet because the article seemed to contradict the public understanding that Qian Ge was one of the most humble and warm female artistes in the entertainment industry.

For instance, although Qian Ge was always urging her fans not to spend any money on her, she had actually accepted and kept a Chanel handbag that one of her fans had gifted her through the fan club.

Although Qian Ge always acted as though she loved all the gifts that her fans had given her, she was also captured throwing away the exact same gifts into the thrash can immediately after walking away.

There was also an instance where Qian Ge had informed her fans that she would be using the ordinary walkway at the airport so that she could meet and greet her fans. However, as soon as she landed at the airport, she quickly requested usage of VIP walkway and because of that, her fans had waited for more than five hours only to discover that Qian Ge had already left the airport.

There was an endless list of similar news regarding Qian Ge released on the internet.

When Qian Ge’s fans saw the hot search regarding Qian Ge surfacing on the internet, they naturally did not believe that what was mentioned in the article was true. They even approached some of the well-known entertainment bloggers to ask them for help in overturning the news about Qian Ge. However, the bloggers unexpectedly responded with, “Everyone in the entertainment industry already knows what kind of person Qian Ge is. Unfortunately, everything mentioned in the article is true.”

“Why would people actually believe such absurd news?”

However, this kind of news was not sufficient to make Qian Ge’s fans give up on their beloved idol. Some of Qian Ge’s fans even thought that the article was just a vicious act by Guangying Media in order to help Jiang Yuning.

[Hm. Jiang Yuning may not have a huge fan base, but she sure has a strong backer to help to back her up.]

[Is Jiang Yuning not afraid of getting condemned? Who gave her the courage to frame our precious Sister Qian Ge?]

[Guangying Media is so powerful, who can compare to them? It’s not surprising why our Qian Ge is getting bullied now!]

[Don’t be afraid, Qian Ge. All of us in your fan club will definitely protect you! Jiang Yuning is just too vicious.]

Qian Ge’s fans desperately defended her and they would immediately target anyone who dared to say anything bad about their idol.

[I only said one bad word about Qian Ge and her crazy retarded fans yelled and chased after me for more than ten blocks!]

[These crazy fans are targeting Jiang Yuning every single day. Can’t they see that Jiang Yuning could not even be bothered about them?]

[I have unexpectedly become a fan of Jiang Yuning. All the cute fans in Jiang Yuning’s fan club, don’t worry! I am joining your team!]

The debate between Qian Ge and Jiang Yuning’s fans grew more and more intense. At this time, it was reported that Qian Ge had been kicked out of the cast of and that her role would be taken over by another actress.

As soon as the news broke out, Qian Ge’s fans grew even more frustrated and they flooded the official blog of immediately. They kept posting comments questioning things such as why their idol has been replaced and why the contract that the production team had signed with their idol had been breached. They also demanded to know who gave them the right to kick Qian Ge out of the cast. Why would the production team bully Qian Ge for no reason?

The production team of did not bother to take any action but after a long time, they finally replied with a single sentence. “The art of virtue is more important than anything else.”

Although Qian Ge had only joined the cast for a few days, she had already exhibited many different problems. She was always dispirited when she had to shoot a scene in the morning. She would often practice her singing until late in the night and this would interrupt the other production crew and cast members’ sleep. She was always late and the production team had to reschedule a couple of times because of her. She was always the last one to arrive at the filming location but she would always be the first one to leave. Furthermore, she was also using her status as the second female lead to bully the newcomer. She had all the bad traits that nobody in the entertainment industry would tolerate.

[I still find it hard to believe that this is true. Our Qian Ge had gone through so many difficulties before she made it where she is today. Qian Ge will always be our beloved idol. I will not believe all this news about her.]

[Everything in the entertainment industry is all about capital operations now. How would our Qian Ge be able to stand against those big bullies?]

[Qian Ge, I am sorry that we are unable to protect you because of our incompetence!]

[Our Qian Ge must really hate Jiang Yuning now!]

However, just as Qian Ge’s fans were busy criticizing Jiang Yuning, something that seriously shook their beliefs happened.

A girl named Xue Li, who was one of the founders of Qian Ge’s fan club, suddenly posted a message in the fan club. “Sorry. From now on, I am going to be Jiang Yuning’s fan instead!”

Initially, most of Qian Ge’s fans thought that Xue Li was merely joking and making a sarcastic remark about Jiang Yuning as Xue Li was one of the founders of Qian Ge’s fan club.

However, they eventually realized that Xue Li was serious.

This was because Xue Li was one of the fan girls who had made the trip to visit their idol, Qian Ge yesterday. In fact, Xue Li was the fan girl who had announced that she was going to become Jiang Yuning’s fan in front of Huang Lingling.

Xue Li quickly shared what she experienced the previous day with the other fans in the fan club. She started off with how they were involved in a car accident to how they were blackmailed, deceived by Huang Lingling, and also how Jiang Yuning had stepped up to help them resolve the matter. As one of Qian Ge’s longest fans, she could not help sounding depressed as she shared what she had experienced to the other fans.

“As a loyal fan of Qian Ge for the past ten years, I used to spend a lot of money to support Qian Ge and I spent my entire youth supporting and promoting all of Qian Ge’s work. I have always thought that I would definitely be a loyal fan to Qian Ge for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I encountered difficulties when I went to meet Qian Ge to show my support. At that time, I was facing one of the most desperate moments in my life. However, the person who had lent me a helping hand was not Qian Ge…in addition to all that, I was also utterly humiliated in front of Qian Ge…”

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