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Chapter 165 - Was Jiang Yuning Always So Hardcore?

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Chapter 165: Was Jiang Yuning Always So Hardcore?

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In fact, after the current episode of was aired at seven o&x2019;clock at night, the robot that appeared in the episode immediately became the hot search on the internet. Many of the loyal fans of the variety show demanded that the ugly robot be added to every subsequent episode of the variety show.

This was because the robot seemed extremely intelligent as it could react appropriately to every situation, but yet remain comical at the same time. Moreover, the robot could also portray many different sound effects which were really adorable.

Some of the fans were even demanding that the producers of the show release information on where they could buy a similar robot doll. They wanted to purchase one for themselves.

There were also some who were concerned and enquired on why Jiang Yuning had not appeared on the episode. Didn&x2019;t they announced that Jiang Yuning would be appearing on this episode of ? Could the producers have cut off the scenes involving Jiang Yuning due to the previous controversy about her participation which was plastered all over the internet?

Subsequently, the production team of stepped up and gave their comment about the episode. &x201C;You would not be able to buy this robot doll anywhere in the world because the person inside the robot suit is none other than Miss Jiang Yuning. I bet you would never have expected this! @JiangJiangLovestheScenery&x201D;

Everyone was shocked after the production team spoke up.

&x201C;Impossible! I bet the sound effects were added in during the editing process.&x201D;

&x201C;No sound effects were added during the editing process. All the different sound effects were done by Jiang Yuning using her original voice.&x201D;

The production team responded to the first comment posted by a fan, which eventually started a lively and heated discussion about the matter.

[Wow! What kind of fairy is she?]

[Well, this is really unexpected but she really is very talented!]

[The Jiang Yuning that I have known before must be fake!]

[Was Jiang Yuning always this hardcore? What is going on?]

[Oh my god. I am totally in love with her right now. I am officially becoming one of her fans right now!]

No one would have predicted this to be the outcome after the broadcast. What was even more hilarious was the fact that Jiang Yuning and the robot suit was all everyone were talking about after the broadcast. Nobody paid any attention to the other two guest artistes who had been invited onto the show.

The production team also felt extremely bad and ashamed of themselves for the way that they had treated Jiang Yuning when she participated in the show. They did not expect that she would be able to garner so much attention even though she did not show her face at all and she was hidden behind a robot suit throughout the show.

Jiang Yuning was totally unaware of this face as she slept soundly in Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s embrace. Who would believe that she would gain another three hundred thousand fans overnight just because of that broadcast?


However, early the next morning, the media then uploaded a picture of Jiang Yuning during the filming of and it was accompanied by the caption

As soon as the news came up on the internet, the netizens came forward to speak up, full of dissatisfaction once again.

[Although Jiang Yuning had become a better person recently, I do not think that she has any acting skills at all!]

[Sigh&x2026;please don&x2019;t ruin the drama.]

[Is Director Shen Guobang insane? Why would he cast Jiang Yuning in his drama?]

[It seems as though will turn out to be a disaster. Please don&x2019;t drag my darling Chenxing down with you!]

[All your loyal fans are urging you to look at the bigger picture, Director Shen Guobang! Please replace Jiang Yuning who has no talent or acting skills at all. Don&x2019;t let her ruin a potential award-winning drama!]

The netizens could not stop commenting and criticizing Jiang Yuning&x2019;s acting skills. News quickly spread across the internet like wildfire and the production crew quickly came to know of this matter. Many reporters and members of the media also came forward and approach the production team to verify if Jiang Yuning was in fact a part of the cast.

Therefore, based on the current situation, it seems as though Jiang Yuning&x2019;s presence alone had deeply affected the entire cast&x2019;s reputation.

The production crew continued discussing amongst themselves, wondering whether Director Shen Guobang would kick Jiang Yuning out of the cast and replace her with someone else? After all, she was just a third female lead. Director Shen Guobang did not need to offend the netizens and his potential audience just because of her.

The entire production crew and cast were talking about this matter throughout the day and at this time, Huang Lingling and Qian Ge were secretly basking in the moment.

&x201C;Ge&x2019;er, you just have to wait patiently. That little blacklisted bitch will get out of our sight soon and we will never have to see her again. Why would a blacklisted actress think that she would have a chance to make a comeback?&x201D;


Director Shen Guobang subsequent reaction was beyond everyone&x2019;s expectations.

After reading the news that was circulating around the internet, he immediately arranged for a private interview where he spoke to the reporter directly. &x201C;I have already spoken to my lawyer and my lawyer will be contacting the people at Xingyu Entertainment. Who said that Jiang Yuning caused a repeated number of NGs that had offended me? Who gave them the courage to write all that fake news? I am very angry and offended right now. From now onwards, as long as there is any news relating to me or any of my works, I do not want to see Xingyu Entertainment publishing anything about it. What do all of you know? Do you know how to judge actors for who they are or how to truly appreciate the drama as a work of art? All you people know how to do is to criticize and give negative comments all the time. A perfectly good actress had gotten her reputation tarnished just because of people like you! You people have no sense of social responsibility at all.&x201D;

Director Shen Guobang was very stern with his words and he specifically emphasized his last sentence.

Of course, he knew that the news had originated internally. However, he wanted to stop the rumors from spreading any further before he dealt with the root of the problem.

No one could have predicted that Director Shen Guobang would defend and speak up for Jiang Yuning. In fact, everyone had initially thought that he would immediately replace Jiang Yuning just to appease the audience. However, instead of replacing her, he had even used the harshest method to deal with Xingyu Entertainment. After his interview with the reporter, he managed to subdue the criticism surrounding Jiang Yuning.

[The director is so cool!]

[If Jiang Yuning can make a comeback, it would be rather eye-catching.]

[If Director Shen Guobang is there to direct and provide his guidance, who knows&x2026;maybe Jiang Yuning&x2019;s acting skills would not be that bad after all.]

In short, the entire incident was quickly put to a halt because Director Shen Guobang stepped up and requested for an interview with the reporter.

After Huang Lingling and Qian Ge heard about what Director Shen Guobang had done, they were extremely shocked and they found it absolutely unbelievable.

&x201C;What is so special about Jiang Yuning? Why is Director Shen Guobang so willing to sacrifice his own reputation just to defend her?&x201D;

&x201C;If you ask me, who should I ask then?&x201D; Qian Ge snorted, hiding the obvious jealousy that she had in her eyes.

&x201C;Qian Ge, the director is looking for you. Please come over quickly,&x201D; one of the production crew members came up and informed Qian Ge.

Qian Ge and Huang Lingling exchanged glances with one another and they suddenly had a bad feeling in their hearts.

&x201C;There is nothing that you should be afraid of. They do not have any evidence against us. We are not the only ones in the cast who hate Jiang Yuning,&x201D; Huang Lingling said as she tried to calm Qian Ge down.

The both of them quickly headed to the spot where Director Shen Guobang had already gathered the whole cast together, including Song Chenxing and Yao Fan.

Director Shen Guobang stood on the steps with his hands on his hips as he waited for Qian Ge and Huang Lingling to arrive. As soon as both of them arrived at the scene, Director Shen Guobang made an official announcement. &x201C;I will create a team to thoroughly investigate the identity of the person who has leaked out the information to the media. As soon as I find out, this person will be asked to leave the cast immediately regardless of their role in the drama.&x201D;

When Director Shen Guobang made his statement, he was clearly looking at Huang Lingling&x2019;s direction.

In fact, the entire production crew knew that based on the past two days, the only people who would do this to Jiang Yuning were Huang Lingling and Qian Ge.

Now, the entire cast had to stand here and be reprimanded just because of Qian Ge and her agent. Naturally, this would turn everyone against Qian Ge and Huang Lingling.

Very soon, the crew returned to its normal operations and at this time, Yao Fan was standing right next to Qian Ge. She turned around and looked at Qian Ge as she said, &x201C;I have been pondering whether Jiang Yuning is smart or stupid. Now, I finally understand the difference between you and her. You are no match for Jiang Yuning. She can get rid of you without even lifting a finger. Now, you can just wait for the entire crew and cast&x2026;to feel disgusted by your actions.&x201D;

&x201C;Ge&x2019;er, don&x2019;t listen to her,&x201D; Huang Lingling said as she quickly pulled Qian Ge away. &x201C;Jiang Yuning is nothing but a mere blacklisted artiste. If she really is that powerful, why can&x2019;t she just get rid of her bad reputation? If you really dislike her, I still have some ways that we can use to get rid of her.&x201D;

&x201C;Stop messing things up for me!&x201D; Qian Ge replied immediately.

Why did she dislike Jiang Yuning? This was because Jiang Yuning was exactly the same type of person that she was. When she looked at Jiang Yuning, she could only think about how miserable and pathetic she was in the past.


Things quickly came and passed by in a blink of an eye. It was only when Jiang Yuning was having her makeup applied that the entire production crew and cast discovered that Qian Ge and Huang Lingling were the ones who had released the news about Jiang Yuning. They were targeting and bullying the newcomer in the cast!

The party involved in the incident, Jiang Yuning, was left astounded.

What happened?

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