Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 91 - : I Will Not Touch You

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Chapter 91: I Will Not Touch You

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Lu Jingzhi suddenly thought about how Jiang Yuning looked like when she wore the traditional Chinese outfit when she was filming on the mountain and he subconsciously replied, &x201C;Yes, I want to see it.&x201D;

&x201C;Let&x2019;s go to the bedroom then.&x201D; Jiang Yuning held Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s hand and both of them quickly headed to the bedroom on the second floor.

This set of traditional Chinese outfit was not the same set that Jiang Yuning had posted earlier on her social media account.

This set was an apricot colored two-piece outfit, and the outfit was filled with beautiful handsewn embroidery. The top was filled with beautiful embroideries of white magnolia flowers and the pistil of the flowers were embroidered in gold thread. The lower part of the gradient pleated skirt was also embroidered with magnolia flowers. The entire outfit was very feminine and although it was completely different from the outfit that she had posted earlier today, it seemed to have a character of its own.

Lu Jingzhi sat himself down on the sofa as he watched Jiang Yuning removed her casual clothing. He watched as she took the top out of the box&x2026;

However, his attention was not just on the top that she had just taken out of the box.

Jiang Yuning put on the top before tying the ribbon around her back. As she was just about to put on the skirt, Lu Jingzhi suddenly stopped her and pulled her closer to him before seating her right on his lap.

&x201C;Second brother, I have not even finished dressing yet!&x201D;

Lu Jingzhi held tightly onto her slender waist and whispered in her ear, &x201C;I like it when you are just wearing half of the outfit.&x201D;

&x201C;Do I look beautiful?&x201D; Jiang Yuning blushed as she placed her hands around Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s neck.

&x201C;In future, you are not allowed to change into any traditional Chinese outfit in front of anyone else. I do not allow it even if the other party is a woman!&x201D; After that, Lu Jingzhi carried Jiang Yuning in his arms and placed her on top of the bed.

Jiang Yuning laid on the bed. With her long black hair as she wore half of the traditional Chinese outfit and when she looked at Lu Jingzhi, he felt as though this was the most lethal weapon that he had ever encountered. It was deadly&x2026;

Jiang Yuning had never imagined that her second brother would react this strongly to her wearing a traditional Chinese outfit. That night, all that Jiang Yuning could hear was the sound of her man&x2019;s heavy breathing and gasping, accompanied by the sound of her own moaning.

It was undeniable that all men loved it when a woman confidently exuded her own charm and sexual appeal.

Initially, when she was ordering the traditional outfits online, Jiang Yuning had planned to try on each and every one of the outfits for Lu Jingzhi to see. However, after what happened that night, Jiang Yuning no longer dared to do so.

When she thought about how aggressive and aroused Lu Jingzhi had been, she felt that it was more important to stay alive!


Early the next morning, the young actress who had been removed from the role of Qin Tong posted publicly on her social media account. She only posted two short sentences, accompanied by a picture. &x201C;Sneer. Lousy production.&x201D;

Everyone was puzzled and they quickly replied to her post.

[What happened, sister?]

[Sister, are you not going to be in the youth drama anymore? What does this mean?]

Zhou Jinshu subsequently replied to her fans comment by simply stating, &x201C;No, the drama is garbage anyway.&x201D;

Her comment piqued the curiosity of the netizens because after the release of the official announcement on the cast of on Guangying Media&x2019;s website yesterday, Zhou Jinshu had been extremely happy. It had only been a day since, so why was she sneering and criticizing Guangying Media&x2019;s production team and the quality of their upcoming drama?

Although the young actress quickly deleted her comment, it had already been seen by many of her fans and netizens, with some even taking screenshots of it. Some of her loyal fans started commenting on Guangying Media&x2019;s official account, demanding justice for their beloved actress. They requested Guangying Media to be fair and just, and not to bully new actresses like Zhou Jinshu.


However, Zhou Jinshu&x2019;s fans did not know that she had a rich father who had tried to use money to earn her a role and that she was merely being arrogant.

The netizens wanted justice and fairness? Guangying Media shall gladly oblige.

Therefore, Shen Yichen immediately ordered the public relations department to release the list of actresses who had attended the audition for the role of Qin Tong.

Guangying Media also released the information of the investors who had violated the terms of their contract.

Gu Pingsheng even took it a step further in making the entire audition process transparent to the public by allowing his public relations team to release both the lists for the first and the second auditions.

While this would not usually be doable for any other companies, it was an easy task for Guangying Media because Gu Pingsheng had never accepted any bribes or benefits from any of his investors in his entire career.

As soon as the audition lists were released, the netizens quickly looked through the list of actresses in the Group B audition and were extremely surprised to discover that Jiang Yuning had actually made it through both of the auditions but there was no trace of Zhou Jinshu attending the auditions at all.

[It turns out that Zhou Jinshu had actually tried to use money to get the role for herself but was then kicked out of the drama by Guangying Media. To think that she is so thick-skinned and even tried to blame it on Guangying Media.]

[The lousiest person here is you!]

[Although this might be a very common occurrence in the entertainment industry, I think that it is still very embarrassing to be exposed like this.]

[You are an actress who has not even graduated from the acting academy. Stop creating a scene! Haven&x2019;t you embarrassed your rich father enough?]

[So, the rumor that the role of Qin Tong originally belonged to Jiang Yuning is true. I saw the judges&x2019; scoring for the second audition and Jiang Yuning had the highest score indeed.]

[That is impossible! Jiang Yuning&x2019;s acting is terrible.]

[I do not believe it either.]

The netizens continued expressing their own comments and opinions. At this time, a few of the young actresses who had participated in the audition together with Jiang Yuning stepped out and spoke up for Jiang Yuning.

[We have also participated in the second audition. It is indeed true that Jiang Yuning was the best actress amongst us. There is absolutely no dispute about her getting the role.]

[Yes. Jiang Yuning really outdid us in the audition.]

[This role should be returned to Jiang Yuning. She is the most suitable and deserving person for the role!]

This group of actresses were the same ones who had participated in the second audition together with Jiang Yuning. They openly stood on Jiang Yuning&x2019;s side and since they were present at the audition, nobody could refute their words as they knew the situation better than anyone else.

[People should not be judged just because of their past.]

The matter slowly escalated and eventually made it to the entertainment news but even so, there was no comment or action from Jiang Yuning at all.

This was because Jiang Yuning had already decided that she no longer wanted the role of Qin Tong and therefore, she would only look forward instead of focusing on the past.

Moreover, Jiang Yuning was currently shooting the first issue of her short story in an ancient courtyard, a shooting location that that had been introduced by Shen Yichen.

She planned to make a short video that was about one and a half minutes long and after the editing process, she intended to upload it onto her public social media account.

The first issue was titled:

In this short story, she was someone in a very loving relationship with her husband. However, her mother-in-law started despising her when she was unable to conceive a child even after so many years. She was eventually poisoned to death by her own mother-in-law.

After losing the love of his love, her husband grieved and eventually buried her under a magnolia tree. The wife&x2019;s soul was attached to the magnolia tree because she missed her husband so much and she watched over him everyday until he finally died of old age.

It was a very simple story but it was extraordinarily sentimental.

The teacher responsible for teaching and guiding Jiang Yuning on the etiquette of a woman living in the ancient times looked at Jiang Yuning as she practiced diligently and performed outstandingly during the shooting. She believed that this girl would definitely achieve something great in the future.

Jiang Yuning was wearing the same outfit that she had tried on for Lu Jingzhi last night and she thought it was fortunate that she had only put on the upper half of the outfit for him, or her entire outfit would have otherwise been extremely wrinkled.

The young paparazzo was her photographer and the whole team spent the entire day to complete the shooting in the ancient courtyard.

When Jiang Yuning finally returned home, it was already eight o&x2019;clock at night.

Lu Jingzhi was sitting on the sofa in the living room and the expression on his face brightened up as soon as he saw Jiang Yuning. However, Jiang Yuning suddenly felt that her legs go very wobbly. She instantly knew that it had to be from what happened last night.

It had to be because of it!

Lu Jingzhi patted his lap when he saw Jiang Yuning before saying, &x201C;Come over here.&x201D;

&x201C;I don&x2019;t want to,&x201D; Jiang Yuning quickly replied. &x201C;My waist is still hurting now.&x201D;

Lu Jingzhi smirked as soon as he heard Jiang Yuning&x2019;s words. &x201C;I will not touch you.&x201D;

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