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Chapter 82 - They Were Humiliating You Behind the Scenes

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Chapter 82: They Were Humiliating You Behind the Scenes

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A female staff member wearing a lanyard around her neck stepped up and said, &x201C;I was in charge of clearing the moss on the bridge.&x201D;

&x201C;How did you do your job? I have repeatedly said so many times that the bridge has not been reinforced and it would therefore be very dangerous and slippery for the artiste if there is moss on the bridge when it is wet. Are you disregarding my words?&x201D; The director placed his hands on his waist and yelled angrily, &x201C;You are dismissed.&x201D;

&x201C;Director, I admit that I was negligent and I made a small mistake. Is it really necessary to make it such a big issue?&x201D; the other party cried and tried to argue her way out of her dismissal.

&x201C;Do you know what the consequence would have been if my artiste had fallen off the bridge?&x201D; Shen Yichen stood up and questioned the girl indifferently.

&x201C;I have already admitted to my mistake and had not done it on purpose. Furthermore, Jiang Yuning is fine, isn&x2019;t she? Is Jiang Yuning really so great that I have to be dismissed just because of a small mistake on my part?&x201D;

&x201C;Yeah, the punishment is too harsh.&x201D;

&x201C;I am really starting to find Jiang Yuning more and more annoying. She is getting someone fired just because of a small mistake. What is so great about her anyway?&x201D;

&x201C;Everyone makes mistakes. Does Jiang Yuning think that she has made fewer mistakes than the rest of us? She really is unbelievable.&x201D;

All the staff members, who had already worked together for more than four weeks to prepare for the shooting, felt injustice for their colleague.

At this time, Jiang Yuning had already walked back from the bridge with the help of the young paparazzo.

She overheard all the arguments and complaints from the staffs who were trying to defend their colleague.

&x201C;Of course there is nothing that great about me, but I almost fell into the lake because of your negligence and mistake.&x201D;

&x201C;I think that you did not do your job well and therefore, it is completely reasonable for you to get dismissed as a punishment.&x201D;

&x201C;I was lucky and that was why I had not fallen into the lake. However, this does not mean that you can shirk from your own responsibilities,&x201D; Jiang Yuning continued. &x201C;Would you have been able to afford the consequences had I not been lucky?&x201D;

&x201C;I&x2026;&x201D; the other party stuttered, not knowing what to say.

&x201C;I know that many of you are not convinced. You would all think that this has just been a small mistake, and you are all displeased as you feel that we are making a huge fuss when nothing bad has happened. However, I want you to know that you can get a lot of work done wrong in this life. You could serve someone a cup of tea instead coffee, or you could give the wrong clothing to someone, but when it comes to any work involving the safety of others, you should not be making any mistakes at all. This is something that you must understand in your line of work. Do I deserve to fall into the lake and suffer just because I am someone that you do not like? I had almost lost my life because of your mistake. Do you think that my life is not as precious as your job? Do you feel that you are wronged? Then, what about me? Do you know how deep the lake is or how cold the water is right now?&x201D;

The other party kept quiet because she could not refute the truth in Jiang Yuning&x2019;s statement.

&x201C;I know that most of you hate me, but does that mean that my life is not worth anything, then? Everyone has their own struggles and faces their own difficulties. Therefore, I hope that all of you can pay more attention and be more responsible when you are working,&x201D; Jiang Yuning said before she turned around to the director. &x201C;I am alright now. Director, we can continue shooting.&x201D;

The young paparazzo stared at the staff before he ran down the bridge and started clearing up the moss under the rain.

The scene that he had witnessed earlier almost scared him to death.

&x201C;I do not have the time to teach you what it means to be a responsible person, but Jiang Yuning has just taught all of you a very valuable life lesson. I hope that all of you will keep in mind what she has said today and remember that every life is precious.&x201D; After speaking, the director then sat down and got ready to direct the shooting again.

All the staff members that had gathered around suddenly had nothing to say after listening to Jiang Yuning&x2019;s words.

This was because everyone felt more or less guilty upon the mention of the word &x2018;safety&x2019;.

The girl who had been educated by Jiang Yuning suddenly realized the severity of her own mistake. She stepped forward and walked towards Jiang Yuning, bowing slightly before she apologized to her. &x201C;I am sorry.&x201D;

&x201C;And I forgive you,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied as she looked at the girl.

Everyone was once again shocked because they had expected Jiang Yuning to hold onto grudges and continue pointing out the girl&x2019;s mistake. However, what happened was totally unexpected&x2014;Jiang Yuning forgave the girl immediately because she knew that the girl had already understood that she was wrong.

&x201C;Alright, you can continue shooting now,&x201D; the young paparazzo said after he had cleared all the moss on the bridge. He quickly ran back to the canopy as he was drenched.

Shen Yichen immediately threw a towel at the young paparazzo so he could dry himself up. At this time, Jiang Yuning had already taken her spot at the bridge once again.

The wind was very strong and all the staff were wearing at least two thick coats to keep warm, but Jiang Yuning was only wearing two thin layers of skirts. She was completely unaffected by the cold breeze blowing against her and she was a hundred percent invested in her role.

Furthermore, when looking at Jiang Yuning through the lens, it really seemed as if she were a painting because she looked so flawless and beautiful, especially as she was dressed in the traditional outfit. It would have been difficult for anyone to believe that this person was in fact Jiang Yuning.

&x201C;Okay, we are done for the daytime shooting!&x201D; After two takes, the director announced the end of the shooting and at this time, Jiang Yuning could not stop shivering.

&x201C;It is so cold,&x201D; the young paparazzo said as he quickly wrapped a blanket around Jiang Yuning.

&x201C;It must have been tough on you,&x201D; Director Shen said.

&x201C;Tonight, Director Shen will treat everyone to some chicken soup,&x201D; Jiang Yuning said as she stared at Director Shen.

&x201C;Why are you not the one to treat everyone?&x201D;

&x201C;Because I am poor,&x201D; Jiang Yuning said as she laughed and shivered at the same time.

&x201C;Alright then,&x201D; Shen Yichen quickly agreed. &x201C;I will escort you to your room so you can rest or a short while. There will be one last shooting at eight o&x2019;clock tonight, and then you can get off work.&x201D;

&x201C;Wait for me to remove my makeup. I still have some energy, so I want to walk around the town and sightsee a little.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning was really very interesting and unpredictable indeed.

All the production staff were happy as soon as they heard that they would be treated to chicken soup that night.

They seemed to have stopped judging Jiang Yuning so much and started to feel that she was not actually that annoying.

Why was there so much news and rumors circulating in the past, focused on how arrogant she was and how difficult it was to get along with her?

&x201C;Have you realized that it actually isn&x2019;t that difficult to get along with Jiang Yuning? She is really very simple and easy going and she gets along with everyone easily.&x201D;

&x201C;She is also very educated and wise. I cannot stop thinking about what she had said earlier today.&x201D;

&x201C;Just continue watching her. She might just be pretending to be nice.&x201D;

Shen Yichen was waiting for Jiang Yuning at the rest area and so he heard everything that the staff members were saying about Jiang Yuning. He could not help but smirk when he heard their comments.

After all, Jiang Yuning was rather mysterious. After getting to know her, it was impossible for anyone not to like her.

Very soon, it started getting darker and when night fell, it was even colder than it was during the day because it had been raining all day. The production crew were busy preparing for the night shooting and at this time, a black car drove up and parked by the side of the bridge in a very low-key manner.

The night shooting was going to be even more difficult for Jiang Yuning because this time, her skirt was even thinner than the outfit that she had been wearing during the day.

The man sitting in the car felt his heart aching when he watched the shooting that was taking place at the other side of the bridge.

A short while later, the bridge was filled with cheers and shouting as the end of the shooting was announced.

Jiang Yuning had an extremely excited and happy expression on her face. So, this was how Jiang Yuning looked like when she was satisfied.

The production crew quickly got to work and started clearing up all the props and equipment that they had set up so that they could pack up earlier. At this time, Jiang Yuning suddenly heard one of the staff members coughing. She turned around to the young paparazzo and said, &x201C;I brought some medicine with me in case of an emergency. Take some of my medicine and give it to him.&x201D;

&x201C;But they were humiliating you behind the scenes,&x201D; the young paparazzo replied.

&x201C;He did not say anything. I have already committed to memory the faces of those who insulted mr,&x201D; Jiang Yuning calmly replied.

The young paparazzo and Shen Yichen were left speechless.

Not too far away, the driver watched as Jiang Yuning slowly walked away. He turned around and asked the man sitting at the back seat, &x201C;Principal, don&x2019;t you want to&x2026;inform Miss Jiang?&x201D;

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