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Chapter 75 - Let You Go? Impossible

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Chapter 75: Let You Go? Impossible

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As soon as Lu Zongye&x2019;s true identity was exposed, Huo Yuxi turned around and prepared to leave the Lu family mansion without any hesitation. However, Lu Zongye grabbed hold of her arm and refused to let go of her. &x201C;Where do you think you are going?&x201D;

Huo Yuxi tried to break free from Lu Zongye&x2019;s grasp as she yelled, &x201C;You are a liar! Your whole family is full of liars!&x201D;

&x201C;You are officially my wife now and you are carrying my baby in your stomach. Where do you think you are going now?&x201D; Lu Zongye held tightly onto Huo Yuxi&x2019;s wrist, refusing to let her go. &x201C;Are you having a change of heart already? Huo Yuxi&x2026;I thought you said that you love me?&x201D;

&x201C;Love you? Don&x2019;t be stupid&x2026;I am the daughter of Dongheng Enterprise&x2019;s chairman. Why would I fall in love with an impostor?&x201D; Huo Yuxi sneered. &x201C;So what if I am married to you? We can just get divorce right away. So what if I am pregnant with your baby? I can head to the hospital to get an abortion right now!&x201D;

Huo Yuxi prepared to leave the front door of the Lu mansion as soon as she finished speaking.

&x201C;Huo Yuxi, even if I am dying, I would never agree to a divorce with you. If you have the guts to, go ahead and have the abortion. I will make sure you suffer a fate worse than death.&x201D;

Huo Yuxi was extremely annoyed, yet also afraid of Lu Zongye&x2019;s threat.

&x201C;Go now. Go. Huo Yuxi, you know that I am capable of doing anything. Don&x2019;t you forget the fact that we are husband and wife now.&x201D;

Huo Yuxi was very scared after hearing Lu Zongye&x2019;s threats.

She had fought so hard and done so much just to get this man all to herself, but now it seemed like it would not be that easy for her to get rid of him.

&x201C;Butler, what are you waiting for? I want you to throw these two people out of the Lu family mansion right now!&x201D; Lu Zhengbai became more irritated upon seeing Lu Zongye acting as though he was still a young master of the Lu family. &x201C;I do not want to see either of them ever again in this life. I want you to get the lawyers to prepare a divorce agreement for me immediately.&x201D;

At this moment, Li Shutong was still sitting on the ground and there was no reaction from her at all.

It was only when the servants tried to pull her up to her feet that she suddenly regained her senses, breaking free from the servants and quickly crawling towards Lu Zhengbai&x2019;s feet. &x201C;Hubby, Zhengbai, we have already been together for so long and our feelings for one another have withstood so many challenges. Please do not be so ruthless to me. After all, I have already been married into the Lu family for so many years. I have also done my part for the family, right?&x201D;

&x201C;Get lost!&x201D; Lu Zhengbai was persistent as he tried to break free from the woman who was holding tightly onto his trousers. &x201C;You should have stopped expecting anything else from me from the day that you regarded me as a fool and swapped my daughter over for someone else&x2019;s son. Li Shutong, your good days have finally come to an end.&x201D;

&x201C;Even if you were to chase me out of the house, shouldn&x2019;t you give me a break-up fee or some other form of compensation? Otherwise, how am I supposed to live for the rest of my life?&x201D;

&x201C;Break-up fee? Let me tell you something now, Li Shutong. You will not be able to take even a single penny out from the Lu family. And there is one more thing that you should know&x2014;I am going to sue you until you finally end up in prison!&x201D; After speaking, Lu Zhengbai turned around and looked at the servants. &x201C;What are you still waiting for? Throw them out of the house now.&x201D;

The servants did not hesitate to quickly lift Li Shutong up before throwing her out of the front door of the Lu family mansion.

What was even more frightening at this moment was that countless reporters and paparazzi were already standing outside the Lu family mansion. They got all the confirmation that they needed as soon as they saw Li Shutong getting thrown out of the Lu family mansion.

There was no need for any further proof.

&x201C;Stop taking pictures of me&x2026;stop it.&x201D; Li Shutong quickly covered her face with both of her hands and even though her underwear was exposed, she could no longer be bothered. She had already lost everything that she had anyway.

&x201C;Go away! Go away!&x201D;

Li Shutong yelled as she crawled out of the reporters&x2019; sight. Yes, she crawled.

The reporters only stopped taking photographs after Li Shutong finally crawled into the neighbour&x2019;s house through their dog hole.

But&x2026;what should she do in the future?

She had already come to this ending and there is no other way out for her now.

The reporters could tell from Li Shutong&x2019;s attitude that the truth regarding Lu Zongye&x2019;s identity had already been revealed.

However, why was Lu Zongye not thrown out of the house?

&x201C;Do not touch me!&x201D; Lu Zongye threatened the servants as he held tightly onto Huo Yuxi. &x201C;I am warning you now that I am capable of anything. I want you to prepare a car for me to drive off in right now. Otherwise, I will continue to stay in the Lu family mansion.&x201D;

Will the butler give in to his request?

The butler quickly ordered the servants, &x201C;Beat him up! Do not hesitate.&x201D;

Lu Zongye had not expected the butler to be so heartless and decisive. Therefore, he quickly dragged Huo Yuxi out of the living room and headed towards the front door.

Huo Yuxi refused to follow Lu Zongye as she was dragged out of the Lu family mansion. She turned around and started asking for help from the Lu family and from Jiang Yuning. &x201C;I do not want to leave with him. Yuning, I was wrong. Please save me. Please.&x201D;

Save you?

Jiang Yuning looked at Huo Yuxi indifferently before she turned around and started comforting Chen Jingshu who was still sitting in her wheelchair. &x201C;Are you okay?&x201D;

&x201C;My identity has finally been restored, but what about my legs? I can never walk again.&x201D; Chen Jingshu rubbed her hands against her knees as she looked up at Jiang Yuning.

Lu Zhengbai regained his senses as soon as he heard Chen Jingshu&x2019;s words and quickly hurried over to her. Although he was still unable to adapt to the fact that he now had a daughter instead of a son, he quickly said, &x201C;Daughter&x2026;stay in the Lu family mansion. Dad&x2026;dad will find the best doctors in Luo City to have a look at your legs. We will not let those people who have hurt you go unpunished as soon as we gather enough evidence to prosecute them.&x201D;

&x201C;You can trust in what uncle had just said. You are back home now,&x201D; Jiang Yuning said as she patted Chen Jingshu&x2019;s hand gently.

Chen Jingshu took a deep breath before nodding her head. &x201C;That is the only thing that I can do now. I really hope that I will be able to witness the day when Li Shutong is finally put in a prison cell.&x201D;

&x201C;Yes, you will be able to witness it. That day will definitely come.&x201D;


At that time, the reporters were still crowding outside of the Lu family mansion.

As soon as Lu Zongye dragged Huo Yuxi out of the front door, the reporters quickly swarmed up to them. &x201C;Hurry up! Lu Zongye is out of the house. Lu Zongye came out.&x201D;

&x201C;Zongye, let go of me. I am pregnant now and cannot be put under so much pressure like this,&x201D; Huo Yuxi said as she tried to wiggle out of Lu Zongye&x2019;s grasp.

&x201C;Let you go? Impossible,&x201D; Lu Zongye replied decisively. As soon as the gate of the Lu family mansion was opened, he violently pushed the reporters who were surrounding them. He dragged Huo Yuxi out to the street and started to hail a taxi.

Huo Yuxi felt extremely uncomfortable because of the way Lu Zongye was dragging her around and she kept pleading with him, &x201C;Zongye, please let go of me. My stomach is really hurting right now. Please&x2026;&x201D;

The Huo Yuxi right now had already lost the image that a top actress should have. She was almost as pitiful and desperate as Li Shutong at the moment and she was so afraid of Lu Zongye that she did not dare to make any movement at all.

&x201C;Please save me. Save me&x2026;&x201D;

At this time, a taxi stopped in front of Lu Zongye and Huo Yuxi. Lu Zongye turned around and screamed at the reporters, &x201C;This is a personal matter between my wife and I. It is none of your business! Get lost!&x201D;

After that, he forcefully pushed Huo Yuxi into the taxi before getting into the taxi. However, when a few of the reporters held onto to him and refused to let him leave without any statements, Huo Yuxi quickly took the opportunity and opened the door on the other side of the taxi before she ran out of the taxi.

&x201C;Huo Yuxi&x2026;&x201D;

Huo Yuxi escaped and quickly hailed another taxi. She quickly instructed the driver to drive off in another direction before Lu Zongye could stop them.

After she was certain that Lu Zongye was not coming after her, Huo Yuxi finally broke down and cried.

When she thought about the baby&x2014;Lu Zongye&x2019;s baby&x2014;that she was carrying, she felt so disgusted that she wanted to vomit.

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