Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 31: When Will We Meet?

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&34;Nothing...Nothing.I was talking nonsense.&34;

Jacob closed his mouth and kept silent since then.

He felt that if he dared to say anything else, he would be doomed.

&34;Jessica, ignore what he said.Take it, this is the gift for you.&34;

Pamela changed the topic quickly and handed a red envelope to Jessica.

Jessica had no choice but to look at Timothy for help.

&34;Take it.&34; Timothy asked Jessica to accept it.

While taking the red envelope, Jessica felt that the amount of it must be huge.

This was the first time she visited Pamela.

Not only did she not bring presents, but she also received a red envelope.

Jessica felt the shame on herself.

Moreover, during dinner, both Timothy and Pamela put food on her plate constantly.

Looking at the food in her plate, she had no choice but accepted it.

She was overwhelmed by her husband and mother-in-law&39;s hospitality! After dinner, Jessica
volunteered to wash the dishes.

This time, Pamela did not stop her, but washed the dished together with her in the kitchen.

Timothy and Jacob sat on the sofa in the living room and watched TV.

Of course, Jacob was not that concentrated, he was always peeping at Timothy.

His eyes were full of curiosity, as if he was going to probe into every layer of Timothy&39;s body.

&34;Timothy, do you really love Jessica?&34; Jacob couldn&39;t help but asked Timothy.

&34;None of your business.’’ Timothy gave his brother a cold eye and then continued to watch TV.

&34;I think you must find a woman in a hurry in order to finish the task.And Jessica is a lady from a noble
family.So she is eligible for the requirement of mom” Jacob sat next to Timothy and carefully observed
the expression of Timothy.

According to his investigation, Timothy and Jessica knew each other within a month.

It was a short space of time for a man and a woman to get married.

Moreover, Jacob knew that the woman Timothy really wanted to marry was definitely not Jessica.

&34;I think you&39;ve been very free recently.Are you telling me that you want to take over a few more

Timothy didn&39;t care about his questions at all.

As Jacob was threatened, he didn&39;t dare to say anything any more.

He could only look at Timothy Landy with aggrieved eyes and murmured to himself, &34;Hmph, It doesn&39;t
matter.Time will prove everything.Let&39;s wait and see what you will do if your true lover comes back!&34;

While the two men sat in silence, in the kitchen, Jessica and Pamela were enjoy chatting.

Pemala washed the dishes and then Jessica cleaned them with clear water.

They had close cooperation in doing this job.

&34;Jessica, you can always come here with Timothy.There are only Jacob and me in this house.It makes
me feel lonely.&34;

Pamela didn&39;t know what Timothy&39;s attitude towards Jessica was, but she indeed liked Jessica, at least
Jessica was better than the woman abroad.

Jessica nodded.

Pamela felt much more satisfied about Jessica&39;s obedience.

The whole process of washing the dishes was very relaxed.

After that, Timothy and Jessica were about to leave.

But Pamela asked them to wait for a few minutes in the living room, saying that she wanted to give
something to Jessica.

About two minutes later, Pamela appeared with a small square box in her hand.

&34;This is the status symbol of the Landy family&39;s daughter-in- law.You are Timothy&39;s wife, it should be
taken by you.&34;

As Pamela spoke, she opened the box to show a jade bracelet to Jessica.

Although Jessica didn&39;t know much about jade, she knew that the bracelet was precious.

She had already received a red envelope when she came here, and now she had to take one of their
family symbol, which Jessica felt uneasy.

&34;Mom, this is too precious.You&39;d better keep it yourself&34;

Jessica hid behind Timothy and pinched his waist.

She originally wanted Timothy to help her to reject it.

Unexpectedly, Timothy did not say a word.

He took the box directly and forced her to walk out of the house by holding her waist.

Jessica was stunned by his behavior.

&34;Timothy, you&39;ve misunderstood.This bracelet is too precious.I can&39;t accept it.&34;

Jessica wanted to get out of Timothy arms, but her arms, but she was no match for Timothy.

&34;You are my wife.You can take it&34;

After leaving the house with Jessica, he opened the box, took out the bracelet and put it on Jessica&39;s

Under the moonlight, Jessica&39;s wrist looked slender and beautiful with her fair and smooth skin.

&34;Okay, let&39;s go home.We still have something to do.&34;

Timothy was secretly teasing.

&34;What? What&39;s the matter?&34;

Jessica was confused at first.

After looking into his intimate eyes, she remembered what happened not long ago.

Then, her cheeks blushed slightly while her mouth and brain lost control.

At the end, she returned to the apartment with Timothy.

It was along night of sex, which lasted longer than before.

Jessica almost run out of her energy, so she was always begging for mercy.

It wasn&39;t until she called Timothy in several intimate ways that he turned to be rarely gentle.

Although it was getting too late, Jessica was forced to make love with him with bleary eyes.

In a trance, Timothy seemed to said something to her, but Jessica was too tired to hear clearly.

The next day, Jessica was woken up by a call.

She picked up her phone and pressed the answer button directly.

&34;Jessica, where are you now? Do you live in our new house?&34;

On the phone, Simon&39;s tone was full of anxiety and care.

Jessica, who was extremely sleepy, was completely awake when she heard Simon&39;s voice.

She moved her body and leaned against the bed.

&34;I&39;m together with my friend&34;

Knowing that Louise and Simon had made love on the wedding bed in her new house, she didn&39;t want
to live in that house any more.

Because...It was disgusting.

&34;I went to our new house today but found you were not there.I am afraid that you may got trouble.I just
call to make sure that you are safe.&34;

Simon&39;s tone was as gentle as before, but for Jessica, it was useless.

&34;How do you think about the advice I gave you last time?&34;

Jessica didn&39;t want to talk to Simon.This man made her sick.

As soon as Jessica finished speaking, Timothy, who was lying next to her, hugged her waist and put his
head on her leg.

Jessica was afraid that Timothy would speak, so she covered Timothy&39;s mouth with her hand.

Timothy did not make any noise on purpose.

He just found a more comfortable position and continued to sleep.

Only then did Jessica relieved and wait for Simon&39;s answer.

&34;Jessica, can I meet you? I have something to talk to you-&34;

&34;There&39;s no need to talk anything else.I&39;m just asking you, will you give me 25% of the shares of TY
Group? If you refuse, you should deal with Louise by yourself&34;

The reason why Simon called Jessica today was that he had made a choice between Jessica and
Louise after thinking for a whole day.

Louise had been dating with several men, which had cuckolded him, so he would never married her.

Compared with Louise, Jessica naturally became a candidate for his wife again.

After all, they were all Brant&39;s daughters.

It was the same for him to marry one of them.

That was why he remembered Jessica&39;s virtues and went to their new house to look for her.

&34;Of course I&39;ll give you the shares, but Jessica, I want to meet you.&34;

The bedroom was very quiet, so Timothy could hear Simon&39;s words without turning on the loudspeaker.

Although Timothy was lying with his eyes closed, he began to punish Jessica with his hands.

The sense of itching spread from her legs to her whole body, making Jessica almost let out a gasp.

Man was really scary when he got jealous.

&34;When?&34; Jessica asked Simon, as her breathing was bumpy and her speech speed got fast.

Inside her body, she felt a small flame begin to burn slowly.

Timothy&39;s action was undoubtedly to adding gasoline on this small flame.

It was unreliable that &34;a man who get up early is fragile&34;.

As a matter of fact, women were much more fragile.

&34;Jessica, you heard weird.Are you ok?&34;

Simon didn&39;t give the location and time of the meeting.

His attention was focused on Jessica&39;s strange tone.

&34;It&39;s okay.I just accidentally hit my hand.Give me the time and location first.I&39;m busy.&34;

Jessica clutched the bedsheet tightly with his free hand and felt torturous when enduring Timothy&39;s
increasingly crazy behavior.

However, no matter how she tried to dodge, she was always failing.It was badly infuriating.

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