Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 29: I'll Tell You When You Come Back

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Jessica flushed because of the man&39;s words.

&34;I...I can do it myself&34;

Although she and Timothy were already married, she couldn&39;t get used to him helping her take a bath.

Thinking about the blushing scene, she was worried that she would not be able to get up tomorrow.

&34;You have to get used to it, don&39;t you think?&34;

As Timothy spoke, he began to unbutton Jessica.

Jessica had intended to stop him, but her hand was tightly held as soon as she touched him.

Jessica had no choice but to see Timothy undress her.

With Timothy&39;s help, it was Jessica&39;s first time to take a bath for more than an hour in her life.

He was like a big bad wolf and even wanted her when he helped her take a bath.

And he kept telling Jessica the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

Jessica had never been so shy.

She could not remember how many times Timothy had released.

She only vaguely remembered Timothy carrying her into the bathroom again and taking another

Finally, the room calmed down.

When Jessica got up the next day, she felt that her legs were so weak.

She looked at the man who had already got up with resentment.

Timothy, who was preparing breakfast for Jessica, smiled at her when he saw her pouting and glaring
at him with dissatisfaction, &34;Mrs.Landy, why do you get angry with me? Did I not serve you well last

As Timothy spoke, he walked towards her and directly circled her into the wall and his arms.

He was tall and a shadow appeared in front of Jessica.

&34;How dare you say that? You can only do it once in the future!&34;

Jessica pushed Timothy away and really wanted to beat him up when she saw him smile all the time.

After saying that, she felt as if she had forgotten to say something, so she continued, &34;You can&39;t do it
more than half an hour at a time!&34;

After saying that, she walked into the bathroom.

What happened this morning was just an episode for Jessica and Timothy.

After breakfast, Jessica went to the set again.

Her cheeks were much less swollen than yesterday, so there should be no problem filming.

As soon as Jessica arrived at the set, she saw Mrs.Kimi standing in the most conspicuous place calling
her with excitement.

Jessica guessed that Mrs.Kimi had got a new work for her.

Otherwise, she wouldn&39;t be so happy.

&34;Jessica, have you seen the news this morning? It&39;s definitely explosive news!&34; Mrs.Kimi was holding a
tablet, looking mysterious.

&34;No, what happened?&34;

Ever since she married Timothy, Jessica had no time to pay attention to the media reports.

Every night, Timothy made her so tired that she couldn&39;t have enough sleep.But she had to go to the
set the next day.

&34;Let me tell you, something big happened this morning.&34;

&34;What&39;s the matter?&34; Jessica asked.

&34;It&39;s about Simon and Louise!&34;

After Mrs.Kimi finished speaking, she showed Jessica the photos on the tablet, &34;Someone saw Louise
and Simon coming out of the police station in a mess.Although Simon had deleted these reports after
the incident, I had saved them.&34;

Jessica took over the tablet.

When she saw Simon and Louise looking haggard on the screen, the corners of her mouth rose

&34;There&39;s another more explosive news.I heard that Simon and Louise were kidnapped last night.They
were found in the market this morning.Neither of them was wearing clothes, but the informants were
shut up by Simon, so they were not reported.&34;

Mrs.Kimi laughed as she spoke, but she found that Jessica did not react at all.

The smile on her face disappeared and she looked confused, &34;Jessica, are you not happy about what
happened to these two scumbags?&34;

Mrs.Kimi felt that Jessica, who had been harmed by the scumbags, should applaud.

&34;I&39;m happy, but this is not the happiest time because Simon and Louise are not in the worst of times

Jessica&39;s beautiful foxy eyes were full of schemes, which let Mrs.Kimi can&39;t help but shiver.

&34;Jessica, has anyone told you anything?&34;

&34;What are you talking about?&34;

&34;You look like an innocent little rabbit, but in fact...It&39;s hard to tell what you are thinking and you exude
an imposing aura sometime.’’ Mrs.Kimi was very pertinent.

Jessica smiled, &34;I&39;m going to work.I&39;ll look the script first.&34;

Jessica found it wasn&39;t worth to waste time on Simon and Louise.

However, before she could take a few steps, Mrs.Kimi grabbed her arm again.

&34;Wait, I have another thing to tell you.&34;

After Mrs.Kimi finished speaking, she continued to swipe the tablet.

Soon, a photo of the man’s profile appeared in front of them.

Because of the angle, the man&39;s profile was clear, but his facial features could not be seen clearly,
giving people a very cold and handsome feeling.

&34;He is..&34; Jessica frowned slightly.

Mrs.Kimi thought that Jessica had thought of something and she looked expectant.

However, Jessica paused for a few seconds and then said what made Mrs.Kimi speechless, &34;Your new

&34;What new artist! He is the founder of King Group!&34; Mrs.Kimi looked at Jessica with disdain.

&34;Well, why did you show me this photo?&34;

Although Jessica had never seen the man before, she was no stranger to the King Group.

King Group was a mysterious company what only heard in the rumors.

It was founded ten years ago and the founder was very mysterious and extremely rich.

King Group operated in a wide range of fields.

Perhaps at least seven of the ten products you bought were from King Group.

Many media wanted to interview the founder of the King Group, and countless businessmen wanted to
fawn on him.

However, there were very few reports about the founder of the King Group, besides a few blurry photos
on the Internet.

Jessica knew that she would never be able to get in touch with such a successful person in her life, so
she didn&39;t know much about King Group.

&34;Jessica, do you think your husband is very similar to this man?&34;

Mrs.Kimi felt that Timothy seemed familiar since she saw him last time.

It took her a few days to figure out why she felt familiar.

Because Timothy was too similar to the founder of the King Group.

&34;Similar? Are you kidding me? This photo is so blurry that I can&39;t even see his facial features
clearly.Mrs.Kimi, I think you might have automatically brought Timothy&39;s facial features into this man’s


&34;Well, Mrs.Kimi, I&39;m going to work.&34;

Jessica then stopped talking to Mrs.Kimi.

However, she began to doubt because of that photo.

In fact...She also felt that Timothy was very similar to the man in the photo.

Was they...Really the same person?

&34;What are you thinking? Why did you ignore me after calling you so many times?&34;

Just as Jessica was deep in thought, someone suddenly patted her on the shoulder.Jessica quickly
came back to her senses and saw Justin&39;s sunny face.


&34;Here, this is for you.&34; Justin threw a bag of things to Jessica.

&34;I don&39;t want it&34; Jessica refused directly.

&34;You refused without even looking at it.Do you know that you will make me very sad?&34;

It was the first time Justin had met a woman as hard to get along with as Jessica.Was he not charmful
anymore, or was this woman a lesbian?

&34;I don’t want to hated by your fans.&34;

Jessica looked at Justin coldly, &34;I&39;m not interested in the young boy.If you want to pursue me, I advise
you to think twice.”

After that, she picked up the script and continued to memorize the lines.Justin stared at Jessica.

There was no woman that Justin could not get in the entire entertainment industry.

He was confident to pursue Jessica.

It was just a matter of time! Because there was no cooperation with Doris today, Jessica did not fail
countless times like yesterday.

However, she kept remembering the photo she saw this morning.

Timothy had told her that his identity was not as mediocre as it seemed.

Jessica also asked Timothy what his previous identity was.

But the man kept hiding it from her and didn&39;t tell her.

Since they were already married, why did he not tell her? Could it be that Timothy didn&39;t trust her?

At the thought of this possibility, Jessica was naturally in a bad mood.

After the filming in the afternoon, Jessica called Timothy on her way home.

The call was quickly answered.

Before Timothy could speak, Jessica said, &34;Timothy, I want to know everything about you.We are
married.Don&39;t we at least trust each other?&34;

After saying that in one breath, Jessica&39;s heart beat faster.

She was afraid that Timothy would refuse.

Timothy was indeed silent for a long time so Jessica asked, &34;Timothy, can you hear me?&34;

Jessica suddenly felt very aggrieved when Timothy kept silent, &34;If you really don&39;t want to answer, then
forget it.From now on, I won&39;t ask you again.&34;

He said that she was Mrs.Landy.

He said that he would naturally vent the anger for her when she had been wronged...

In fact, it was just his sweet lies! Just as Jessica was about to hang up, Timothy said, &34;When you come
back, I&39;ll tell you.&34;

All the unhappiness disappeared instantly because of his words.

Jessica felt relieved and quickened her pace to leave the set.

She couldn&39;t wait to get home and know Timothy&39;s true identity.

However, before Jessica could walk out of the filming place, a strong force came from behind and her
nose and mouth were covered.

She smelled an unpleasant smell, then became unconscious, and finally slowly closed her eyes.

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