Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 30: Different Offer

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Timothy did not know what had happened to Jessica.He was still waiting for Jessica to come back,
organizing his thoughts.

What exactly did he have to say to minimize this woman&39;s anger? However, after waiting for more than
an hour, Jessica still did not come back.

In the end, Timothy called Jessica.The call was quickly answered.

Timothy asked, &34;Haven&39;t you come back yet?&34;

There was a pause on the other end of the phone for three seconds and then a very annoying voice
came out.

&34;Oh, my good brother.I&39;ve lived for so many years but it&39;s the first time I&39;ve heard such a gentle tone
from you.I&39;m deeply touched.&34;

Jacob&39;s tone was so annoying that Timothy wanted to beat him up.

Jessica&39;s phone was actually in Jacob&39;s hand.

A trace of unease flashed through Timothy&39;s heart.

His handsome face darkened in an instant.

Timothy&39;s tone was so cold.

&34;Why do you have Jessica&39;s phone? Where is she?&34;

&34;Of course she&39;s in our house, my dear brother.It&39;s too unkind of you not to tell your family even after
you get married.I&39;m so considerate that I...Beep beep...&34;

Before Jacob could finish speaking, Timothy hung up the phone mercilessly.

&34;Damn! How dare you hang up on me! Timothy, how dare you!&34;

Jacob was so depressed that he began to doubt whether he was Timothy&39;s biological brother or not!
[Half an hour later in a villa.] Jessica, who was asleep, was awakened by a loud knock.

She slowly opened her eyes and became excited when she saw the unfamiliar scenery around her.

She remembered that she was in a hurry to get home but her nose and mouth were then covered by
someone.She lost consciousness after that.Was she...Kidnapped? This idea was immediately given up
by Jessica just a second after it appeared.It couldn&39;t be a kidnapping.

After all, the decoration of this room was too classy.

Which gangster would let her stay in such a good room when kidnapping her.

Just as Jessica was about to get out of bed, the door of the room was opened.

She saw Timothy who was being so anxious and a man and a woman she had never seen before
behind him.

Timothy rushed straight to Jessica.

&34;Are you okay?&34; Jessica shook her head.

However, Jacob was unpleasant before she could say something.

&34;What do you mean by asking her if she is okay? You seemed to mean that mom and I tortured your
woman.Let me tell you, Timothy, if I wanted to torture her, you probably wouldn&39;t be able to find your
woman by now.&34;

Jacob looked as if he was humiliated but Jessica found the keyword in what he said.

The man and woman in front of her couldn&39;t be Timothy&39;s mother and brother, could they? Timothy&39;s
face was still frighteningly dark but Jacob ignored his brother&39;s murderous gaze and smiled at Jessica.

&34;Sister-in- law, I&39;m your husband&39;s younger brother, Jacob Landy.&34;

Maybe Jessica rarely heard of Timothy but Jacob was different.

Since Jessica entered the entertainment industry three years ago, the name &34;Jacob Landy&34; would have
been on the trend every other week.

Why? Because he was the most fickle of the rich second generation, he changed his date every now
and then.

&34;Playboy Jacob Landy?&34; Jessica couldn&39;t believe it.

She hoped that the man in front of her just had the same name as the young master of the Landy

Otherwise, if he was Timothy&39;s younger brother, wouldn&39;t Timothy be the young master of the Landy
Group too?

&34;Jessica...I think you might have some prejudice against me.I&39;m not a playboy at all! Jacob wanted to
establish a good image in front of Jessica but he felt so depressed after hearing her description of him.

&34;Let&39;s go back.&34; Timothy glanced at Jacob and said to Jessica.

Jessica nodded.

However, after she got out of bed, the woman who had always been silent said.

&34;Timothy, as you didn’t come back often, why not eat at home tonight.&39;&39; The woman&39;s face was full of

After saying that, she looked at Jessica.

&34;After all, this is the first time my daughter-in-law has come.I&39;m afraid it&39;s not good for her to leave now,

Jessica gently tugged at Timothy&39;s arm and the man&39;s look finally softened.

Although Timothy didn&39;t say anything, the three people present knew that this man acquiesced.

&34;Then I&39;ll ask the servant to prepare dinner and call you when it&39;s prepared.&34;

Timothy&39;s mother Pamela seemed to be afraid that her son would go back on his word and quickly
dragged Jacob out of the room.

Inthe huge room, only Jessica and Timothy were left.

Timothy didn&39;t look well.

Jessica poked the man on the cheek and asked tentatively, &34;Are you angry with me? If you don&39;t want
to stay, we&39;ll leave now.”

Jessica had now confirmed Timothy&39;s identity.He was the eldest young master of the Landy Group.

The true favored son of heaven and the dragon among the ordinary people.

However, since he didn’t want to come back and even hide everything.

Jessica knew that something he couldn&39;t let go of must have happened.

&34;I&39;m not angry.I just came back to this place after three years and felt very strange.’’

If he could choose, Timothy would never step into this place again.It would only remind him of those
painful things.

&34;If you have any questions, just go ahead.’’ Timothy lay on the bed that Jessica had been lying on not
long ago with his hands behind his head.

Then his look fell on the ceiling.

&34;Before I came here, there were a lot of questions I wanted to ask you.However, I suddenly didn&39;t want
to ask anything after I came here&34; Jessica lay next to Timothy.

Although she did not know what had happened to Timothy, she knew that it was definitely not a good

She couldn&39;t tear the man&39;s wound open again just to satisfy her curiosity.

Timothy rolled over and pressed against Jessica.

He held the woman&39;s cheek in his big palm and said, &34;No matter what happened to me, it&39;s
over.Jessica, what I want is your present and future.What about you?&34;

Jessica wanted to take the big palm off her face but her hand was held by him.

The man put her hand on his lips and kissed it.

Jessica&39;s body trembled slightly.

She didn&39;t answer him.She was slowly falling in love with Timothy.

Before Jessica could finish her sentence, she didn&39;t expect Timothy would kiss her on her lips directly.

The man imprisoned her hands on both sides of her head and then kissed her without stopping.

Jessica&39;s head went blank from the kiss and cven her breathing became disordered.

&34;Promise me that no matter what happens in the future, you are my wife and I am your husband.We will
live our whole lives together.&34;

Timothy seemed to be afraid of something and spoke in a hurry.Jessica could only calm the man down.

&34;Well, we&39;re husband and wife&34;

After she finished speaking, her lips were kissed by him again.This time, Timothy vaguely wanted to
have sex with Jessica in this room.

However, he was stopped by Jessica finally.

&34;Not here...We&39;ll continue when we get back tonight.&34;

Jessica didn&39;t want to be eaten up by him in such a new environment.

She couldn&39;t put her heart and soul into it here.

Moreover, she remembered that the door of this room was not locked and someone might come in at
any time.


Even when he was about to go crazy at this moment, Timothy stopped in time.

He reluctantly let go of Jessica and turned to take a shower in the bathroom to calm himself down.

Jessica was a little happy when she saw the bathroom door closed.

Aman who could stop at such an important moment must like her very much, right? While Timothy was
taking a shower in the bathroom, Jessica began to take a careful look at the decoration in this room.

Judging from the decoration style and furnishings, Jessica guessed that it should be Timothy&39;s

This man had always liked the simple style and the style of this room was exactly simple and imposing.

There was a photo on the bedside table.

The photo was facing down.

Jessica put it in the right manner.

This was a photo of the whole family, including five people in it.

They were Timothy&39;s mother, Jacob, Timothy, a strange girl, and Timothy&39;s father from left to right.

Who was this girl? Jessica&39;s look fell on the girl in the photo who was smiling sweetly at the camera.

She might only be in her teens when she took this photo but she was really good-looking.

Of course, Jessica had no idea how much damage this good- looking girl would bring to her life with
Timothy in the future.

Jessica put away the photos and stayed in the room waiting for Timothy to come out.

About ten minutes later, Timothy, who had finally extinguished the fire in his body, opened the door.

The man&39;s look fell first on the photo on the bedside table, which was set in the right way, and then his
look instantly became sharp.

&34;Are you done?&34; Jessica did not notice the strange look in the man’s eyes and she couldn&39;t feel his
emotion in his tone.

&34;Well, I&39;m done.Let&39;s go down and have the meal.&34;

Jessica nodded and followed Timothy downstairs.

When the couple came downstairs, the servants had already put the bowls and chopsticks on the table.

&34;Come on, Jessica, sit on mom&39;s side&34; Pamela called her enthusiastically when she saw Jessica.

Jessica took a look at Timothy and sat next to Pamela as she found that the man did not object.

&34;Auntie...&34; Jessica called politely.

&34;Auntie? You&39;ve already registered with Timothy.Call me mom in the future.&34;

Pamela personally scooped a bowl of soup for Jessica.

Jessica looked a little embarrassed but still said awkwardly, &34;Mom.&34;

As soon as Jessica called her, Pamela took out a red envelope from her pocket and handed it to her.

Her look was full of relief.

&34;It sounds so nice.&34;

&34;Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, my dear mommy, you&39;re really discriminating.Didn&39;t you chase my brother&39;s
woman away last time...&34;

Jacob wanted to say something more but Pamela&39;s look was like a knife flying to him.

He immediately lowered his head and had the soup.

Jessica was confused.


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