Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 28: Help You Take a Bath

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In the end, she said as if she had finally made up her mind, &34;I choose the first one.Don&39;t kill me.I don&39;t
have any sexual disease.&34;

Since Simon could give up on her and her baby in order to survive, why would she keep her chastity for
this scumbag? It was not worth it! The expression on Jessica, Timothy and Ray&39;s faces were full of
ridicule and contempt.

It was just like the saying went, &34;husband and wife are like birds in the woods; when trouble comes,
they flee separately.&34;

Ray laughed, &34;Things would be easier if you had said earlier.Don&39;t worry, my brother and I are highly
skilled, and you will be gratified.&34;

After saying that, he began to tear Louise&39;s clothes.

Louise didn&39;t wear much, when Ray tore her clothes, her underwear was revealed immediately.

&34;You look pure, but actually are so coquettish.Just see your sexy underwear “ When Ray saw the
clothes Louise was wearing, he felt more disgusted.

Although she was good-looking, she had no sexual attraction for him at all.

Louise&39;s cheeks were burning in the cloth bag.

She dressed so sexily because she wanted to seduce Simon! Men like women who looked pure but
were actually dissolute, didn&39;t they? But who knew what would happen today? If Louise had known,
she would never have dressed like this!

&34;Let&39;s start.As long as we don&39;t kill her.’’ Timothy urged.

Ray nodded and began to pinch Louise.

&34;Ah...It hurts...&34;

&34;Stop...What are you doing? It hurts!&34;

Louise screamed, and her voice made Simon&39;s mind go blank.

This bitch was unfaithful to him! Simon felt being bullied but he could do nothing, only bear it! It was
such an aggrieved feeling.

Although Simon could not see anything, he had already imagined several men having sex with Louise

Of course, he didn&39;t know that Louise, who had been dragged into the car, was fainted after receiving
electric shocks.

The sound coming out of the car was not Louise&39;s screams, but a woman&39;s enjoyable voice, which
made people become shy.

Actually, the sound came from Ray&39;s phone.

He and Timothy had been preparing for tonight&39;s plan for a long time.

But even though Jessica knew it was not real sex, she still blushed.

Because the woman&39;s voice from the phone really made people excited.

&34;I&39;ll take Jessica back first and leave the rest to you.&34;

Timothy got out of the car and told Ray in a low voice.

Ray nodded and patted his chest confidently, &34;Timothy, don&39;t worry.The experience I learned from you
for the past three years would be in vain If I can&39;t deal with such a trivial matter.You just take Jessica
away and leave this couple to me.&34;

Timothy nodded, walked to Jesseca, then took her away.

Ray continued to turn up the volume of his phone and called out to Simon, &34;Simon Capen, your woman
is really too flirtatious.We were even unable to satisfy her.I think there are many men who have taught
her these sex skills.As we both have slept with this woman, I kindly remind you that you can&39;t control

The despair in Simon&39;s heart gradually expanded, mixed with disappointment toward Louise.

A few men who were close to Louise appeared in his mind, and his cheeks hurt as if he had been
slapped by many people.

Did this bitch really cuckold him? When a man was so cowardly that couldn&39;t protect his woman, he
would find an excuse to comfort himself and reduce the guilt in his heart.

Simon was that man.

He became angrier, especially when he heard Louise&39;s very enjoyable voice.

Bitch! What a bitch! Jessica, who left with Timothy, could not see this scene.

She walked with Timothy for a short distance, then saw two or three men appear.

These men looked at Timothy with admiration.

After throwing acar key to Timothy, they headed to the place where Timothy came from.

Timothy took the keys, got into a car with Jessica, and left in the dust.

Jessica sat in the passenger seat, looked into the rearview mirror, and asked, &34;Who are the men that
just passed by?&34;

&34;They&39;re my friends.Don&39;t worry.They&39;re just teaching Simon and Louise a lesson.They won&39;t go to

Timothy&39;s words have a kind of power that always makes people trust him.

Jessica nodded.

She felt that those men wouldn&39;t do anything to Louise, because Louise......was not worthy!

&34;Timothy, you and Ray must have had prepared for a long time for what happened today, right?&34;

This plan was all for her.

In order to help her vent her anger, this man kidnapped Louise and Simon and did so many things.

Jessica felt that her heart, which was deeply wounded by her lover and relatives, was healing bit by bit.

Aman&39;s promise is the most unbelievable thing in the world.

But Timothy, this man, fulfilled his promise to her step by step.

&34;More than a week.&34;

Timothy was focused on driving, showing Jessica his side face.

Under the dim light, his face looked mysterious and attractive.

&34;Why are you so nice to me? We haven&39;t known each other for long...&34; Jessica was touched and said

Timothy stopped the car at the side of the road after driving for a while.He was a little angry and
amused, &34;Mrs.Landy, you are my wife.What&39;s wrong if the husband helps his own wife to vent her
anger? Besides, if you look at me like this again, I will have sex with you.&34;

Timothy finished speaking, then leaned close to Jessica.

It was so narrow inside the car, and Timothy approached suddenly without warning, forcing Jessica
directly to the door.

Jessica knew she had no way out when she felt cold on her back.

She looked at Timothy blankly, with nervousness in her eyes.

It was like a young girl who had met a man she liked and became shy.

&34;Actually, it&39;s ok to do it now.’ Timothy grabbed the back of Jessica&39;s head and pressed her into his
arms, &34;You...Ah...&34;

Jessica couldn&39;t finish a sentence as her mouth was covered by Timothy.

Timothy&39;s every kiss was so charming and attractive as if he wanted her to respond.

When Timothy&39;s cold finger touched Jessica&39;s waist, she trembled slightly.

Her mind was cleared up from dizzy caused by the kiss, then she pushed Timothy away.

&34;It&39;s outside.We can continue when we get home.’’ Jessica was already over twenty, but still an idiot for
this kind of thing.

She was very thin-skinned.

She had heard of such things and read the report about some people having sex in the car.

But when it happened to her, it was still too exciting! She didn&39;t want to be on social media tomorrow

&34;Okay, go home.&34;

Timothy chuckled and took a deep look at Jessica&39;s chest.

Then he tidied up her clothes.

Timothy started the car again and drove to his apartment.

At the same time, there were two &34;flowers&34; swaying without wind in a flower bed near Ray&39;s car.

The darkness covered their bodies, but it could not cover their surprised eyes.

Seeing several men carry Simon into the van and drive away, the two &34;flowers&34; fell to the ground.

Jacob and Jesse stood up from the flowers.

&34;I didn&39;t expect Timothy to be so abnormal.It&39;s really surprising.’’ Jesse said.

They had followed Timothy all the way from the parking lot to here, didn&39;t expect to see a free show.

It was definitely more shocking than a blockbuster.

&34;I didn&39;t know that woman is so attractive to my brother.It&39;s totally unexpected.&34; Jacob said.

He took out his phone and called, &34;Mom, I&39;ve found a way to get my brother back...&34;

Jacob&39;s eyes were shining when he spoke.

Jesse stood aside and muttered, &34;Jacob, aren&39;t you afraid that what happened tonight will happen to
you if you scheme against your brother?&34;

When Jessica and Timothy returned home, Timothy did what he said again.

As soon as the door closed, Timothy locked Jessica in his arms behind the door and kissed her

&34;I...I&39;m...going to take a shower...&34;

Jessica&39;s breathing was disordered.

She found that every night was enriched ever since she was with Timothy.

&34;It&39;s okay.I don’t mind.&34;

Timothy didn&39;t want to let her go and pressed himself closer to the woman.

Jessica&39;s felt difficult to breathe, &34;But I&39;ve been busy all day and my cheeks hurt.I want to take a good

Jessica&39;s tone softened, with affection in it.Timothy saw Jessica&39;s swollen cheek, and a hint of coldness
flashed through his eyes.

&34;Well, okay, go take a shower first.&34; He let go of Jessica and opened the door for her.

&34;Thank you.&34; Jessica walked into the bathroom, Timothy followed.

&34;No need to thank me.&34; Timothy didn’t want his wife to be so polite with him.

&34;Thank you...&34; Jessica repeated the words on purpose.

After seeing Timothy&39;s face slowly darken, she said again, &34;Thank you, my husband.&34;

Timothy smiled as he could accept the word &34;Husband&34;.

&34;Okay, you can go out now.I&39;m going to take a shower.&34;

Jessica turned on the shower rose and spread her hair.

Unexpectedly, Timothy hugged her from behind, &34;Your husband wants to help his wife take a shower”

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