Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 27: Serve Us Well or Die

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Simon was already flustered and scared.Now after hearing Louise&39;s words, he became more and more

&34;Jessica Sandgren, I will never let you go!&34; Simon roared and cursed at Jessica.

Jessica, who could not keep calm, kicked his chest.

&34;There are ten seconds left.Ten, nine, eight, ...&34;

&34;Brother, I don&39;t think they can choose.Why don&39;t we make a quick decision?&34; Ray grabbed Simon&39;s
hair with astonishing force.

&34;Stop, stop fight anymore.&34;

Although Louise could not see the way these gangsters beat up Simon, she could tell from the muffled
hum that they were very violent.

After hearing Louise&39;s words, Ray let go of Simon and walked to her side to hold her chin tightly, &34;From
your tone, it seems that you want to die for him?&34;

Even through the sack, her chin hurt so much that she felt like it had dislocated.

&34;Simon, you have a good girl.Even if she is pregnant, she is willing to die for you.You&39;ll lose your wife
and baby at the same time.&34;

After hearing his words, Simon&39;s heart, which was nervous deeply, instantly relaxed.

He really thought that Louise would die for him.

He said with a guilty tone, &34;Louise, it&39;s my fault.I can&39;t protect you and the child...&34;

Jessica, who stood by and looked upon coldly, could not mock him at his hypocritical words.

&34;Is that true love? Haha, isn&39;t it too cheap?&34;

Just as she was sympathetic to Louise, she did not expect Louise to retort, &34;Simon, are you going to
watch me die? I have your child in my belly.I am willing to die for you, but the child is innocent.Are you
willing to let our child die before he is born?&34;

After hearing what she said, Simon immediately replied.

&34;Louise, I really want to protect you and our child, but if I die, what about your parents? The Tianyu
Group will break down.I&39;m sorry, Louise.I must live..&34;&34;

When Jessica heard their conversation, she can&39;t be shocked more.

Having been lived for more than 20 years, she had seen all kinds of wretched and disgusting people.

But it was the first time she had seen a scum like Simon.

Obviously, he didn&39;t want to die, but he used a dignified reason to hide his cowardice and fear of death.

He kept saying that he loved Louise and made her pregnant.

In the end, not only did he not save her, but he abandoned his unborn child.

Jessica really thanked Louise.

If she hadn&39;t seduced this scumbag, it was her, Jessica, who fell on evil days.

&34;Simon Capen, how can you do that? I&39;ll take care of my parents myself.But our child is innocent.Even
if you don&39;t want me to live, you have to think about your child.I&39;m pregnant with your child.&34;

She was falling apart.What he said made her feel like she had never met this man.

&34;Louise...I know I&39;m sorry...But...&34;

They argued like that.

In the end, Timothy, who couldn&39;t continue listening, slapped Simon on the head.

&34;It seems that you two are very’ in love.In that case, I won&39;t kill you.&34;

Timothy looked at Simon disdainfully.

His eyes were full of ridicule.

Was such a scumbag a man? It was an insult to the word ‘man’!


There was a surprise in Simon Capen&39;s tone.Were these gangsters interested in money?

&34;If you want to live, this woman should serve us well&34;

Almost as soon as Timothy finished speaking, Jessica showed a contemptuous look.

Then Timothy looked at her helplessly.They glared at each other.

His aura immediately weakened.

Perhaps because her murderous look was so strong that Ray could only explain in a low voice,
&34;Mrs.Landy, Mr.Landy must have his own reasons for doing that.Calm down.&34;

Even if he didn&39;t say it, she knew that.

A woman&39;s sixth sense told her that Timothy would never take a fancy to a woman like Louise.But
when he said that, she still felt sad.Did...Did she fall in love with him?

&34;No way, Simon, you must not agree to him.Since I was 18 years old, the only person I have ever been
with is you.Besides, I have your child in my belly now.You must not let these beasts touch me.&34;

Although she could not see their appearance, several ugly and lewd images had already appeared in
her mind.

The thought of having sex with such lowly people made her extremely reluctant.

After hearing Timothy&39;s words, Simon became mentally confused.

Obviously, he would be cuckolded! If he could choose, he would prefer these gangsters to kill her

At least in this way, he could feel guilty about her.

&34;That&39;s what Jessica gave you, isn&39;t it? Let this bitch see me.I have something to tell her.&34;

Simon&39;s voice was full of roars and he was struggling all the time.

Timothy put the knife in his hand to Simon&39;s cheek, letting him feel the shape of the knife.

Simon shut his mouth in an instant, not daring to say a word.

&34;I&39;ve shown you a way to live.If you don&39;t want to, you can only die.’’ After Timothy finished speaking,
he increased the strength of his hand.

&34;Mr.Landy, I saw on the Internet a few days ago that there was a way of death that tearing someone to
pieces.The person, who was cut off the flesh piece by piece, would die after suffering the last cut.Why
don&39;t we try it out? I think it&39;s very interesting.&34;

Ray gave Timothy some advice by the side.

Timothy chuckled, &34;Good idea.Shall we cut the man or the woman first?&34;

They discussed the method of killing with ease as if they asked someone whether he had eaten or not.

But Simon and Louise shuddered with fear.

&34;I beg you, don&39;t kill me.I can&39;t die.I really can&39;t die.&34;

Simon, who was a 1.8-meter man, was crying.Her words were full of sobs.

Hearing that, Jessica felt that he was really a good-for-nothing.

&34;Lou...Louise, even if you are having sex with these gangsters, I will never change my love for you.We
will live a happy life when we go back.&34;

Hearing his words, Louise suffered a head-on blow, &34;Simon Capen...You can&39;t even protect your
woman.Are you still a man? I&39;m pregnant!&34;

The man she had given everything to was now worse than an animal.When Timothy heard Simon&39;s
words, he burst into laughter, &34;That&39;s the way to be a man.As long as the green hills last, there&39;ll always
be wood to burn.Anyway, there are plenty of women like there are plenty of clothes.&34;

After saying that, he changed the topic and said to Ray, &34;Take her to the car.We could have a good

Simon, who knew that he was guilty, did not dare to say anything after hearing Timothy&39;s words.

He could only comfort himself over and over again.

Over the years, he had helped Louise so much.

Now it was normal for her to repay him.

Louise, who was carried to the car by Ray, completely broke down.

&34;Simon Capen, you&39;re not a man.Are you worthy of me and the child in my belly? I, Louise Sandgren,
am really blind.You actually agreed to let another man rape me.&34;

In the solitary and unmanned place, her voice sounded particularly miserable.

Throwing her in the car, Ray slapped Louise who had been twisting her body uncooperatively.

&34;Behave yourself, or you will suffer later.&34;

&34;I beg you, don&39;t touch me, okay? Don&39;t touch me...&34;

She knew that it was useless for her to ask Simon for help now, so she could only place her last hope
on the gangsters.

She longed for them to let her go! Timothy walked slowly to her side and said, &34;It&39;s okay not to let us
touch you.If you want to defend your chastity, we can help you.You have two choices now: one is to
serve us well; the other is to commit suicide.&34;

He had made it clear that being a chaste martyr was a dead end.

If she choose to be a bitch, she could live.

It suddenly quieted down.

Louise, who had been crying and screaming, seemed to have been held in place.

Simon had been praying in his heart that she would choose the second method because his self-
respect didn&39;t want to see her choose the first one.

&34;Five, four, three, two, one, zero.’’ Timothy grabbed her neck and his voice became colder and colder,
&34;Time&39;s up.Tell me your choice.”

She kept her mouth shut and the hand that was holding her neck tightened.

&34;Brother, I think we&39;d better not play with her.People in the entertainment industry were
promiscuous.God knows if she has any sexually transmitted diseases.We&39;d better kill them and get the

Standing aside, Ray couldn&39;t help but add the scene.

Seeing this scene, Jessica now understood Timothy&39;s intention to let her watch the play.

He had once told her that the best way to deal with the enemy was not to kill one thousand enemies
and lose eight hundred people of us but to let them fight with themselves.

Tonight, his actions seemed random.

But in fact, he destroyed the last line of defense between Louise and Simon step by step, revealing the
ugliest side of human nature.

After what happened tonight, Simon and Louise couldn&39;t live like before.

&34;Don&39;t...Don&39;t kill me...I don&39;t want to die...Don&39;t kill me...&34;

Louise struggled to speak, and her voice became lower and lower.

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