Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 26: Honey, Thank You for Helping Me

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&34;Who?&34; Jessica asked.

&34;Wait a minute, and you&39;ll know later” Timothy said mysteriously.

Although Jessica didn&39;t say anything, she speeded up eating her steak.

After they finished their meals, Timothy left the western restaurant with Jessica.He drove Jessica
directly to the underground parking lot of TY Group.

Because it had already been late, there was no one here.The lights were dim, and the cold air trembled

&34;Why did you bring me here so late?&34; Jessica looked around at the empty parking lot and felt

Suddenly, Ray&39;s voice came from behind.


Ray ran up to them, rubbing his hands together to keep warm, but his face was full of excitement.

&34;Have you brought everything?&34; Timothy asked.

&34;Everything is ready.’ Ray took something out of his arms as he spoke.

There were an electric shock stick and a voice changer.

Gazing at these two things, Jessica got more and more confused.

&34;What are you two hiding from me?&34;

Jessica felt a total mess in her mind because of Timothy and Ray&39;s strange behavior.

She felt terrible to be kept in the dark.

&34;Hush...Wait, and you&39;ll know.’’ Timothy couldn&39;t help but pinch her angry face in front of Ray.

Jessica had no choice but to continue to wait.

About ten minutes later, the elevator door to the underground parking lot opened, and Simon and
Louise came out.

Because of what happened last night, there were barriers between Louise and Simon.

&34;Simon, are you going to give Jessica 25% of the shares?&34; Louise looked haggard.

&34;What else can you do to save everything?&34;

There were too many things that had happened recently.

Simon became very impatient, so he was disinclined to disguise a modest gentleman.

Louise bit her lips, looking extremely aggrieved.

&34;Hurry up and get in the car.&34;

Simon glanced at Louise&39;s pitiful face, and his expression softened a little.

Then they quickly walked to the car.

Simon had just touched the door when he felt a sharp pain coming from behind his neck.

&34;Simon, what&39;s wrong?&34;

However, Louise also fell in a faint in pain.Jessica, who was hiding in the dark, was shocked by the
scene in front of her.

How dare did Timothy and Ray do this? How dare did they knock out Simon and Louise in TY Group!

&34;Jessica, please give me a hand!&34;

Ray couldn&39;t drag Louisealone, so he asked Jessica for help.

Jessica&39;s eyes widened.

Although she knew that it wasn&39;t right, she couldn&39;t help walk to Ray, lift Louise&39;s legs, and put him into
a van with Ray.

Then, the three of them quickly got into the car and drove straight out.

Timothy drove in a relaxed look while Ray was excited.

Only Jessica was trembling.

&34;Are you crazy? How dare you knock Simon and Louise out? Do you know that there are surveillance
cameras in the parking lot? If the cameras catch us, we will get caught.&34;

&34;Jessica, calm down.Before you came, I had already covered the monitors in the parking lot.&34;

Glancing at Ray&39;s pride face, Jessica smacked her lips and didn&39;t know what to say.

Timothy drove the car to a sparsely populated place.

He and Ray tied Louise and Simon&39;s hands and feet together and put cloth bags on their heads.

&34;Wake them up ‘’ Timothy ordered.

Ray nodded, opened two bottles of mineral water, and poured them on Louise and Simon&39;s heads.



Jessica wanted to say something more, but Timothy prevented her.

Jessica had to stand aside as an audience.

Stimulated by the cold water, Simon and Louise soon woke up.


A painful whimper came from Simon.

He immediately became very vigilant after finding that his hands and feet were tied up.

&34;Where am I?&34;

Simon struggled crazily, and Louise began to cry.

&34;Simon, what happened? Did we get kidnapped? My hands and feet are tied up.What about you?&34;

&34;Simon, I&39;m scared.&34;

&34;Ouch! It hurts.Help me, Simon.&34;


Louise&39;s voice sounded terrifying on a quiet night.

Although she was the child of a servant, as an illegitimate daughter of Brant, she lived an extravagant
life these years.

Louise was always under the protection of Simon and asked Jessica to take the blame for her.

Now that she was stunned on the ground and someone splashed her face with cold water, Louise
huddled herself up.

Her usual pitiful appearance disappeared, and now she was only screaming and trembling.

&34;It&39;s okay.We&39;ll be fine.Don&39;t be afraid.I&39;m here.&34;

Even though Simon couldn&39;t hug Louise, he still said it in a protector&39;s tone.

Simon&39;s comfort didn&39;t have any substantial effect on Louise.

Louise cried, &34;Did Jessica ask you to kidnap Simon and me? I have nothing to do with Simon.Why is
she so cruel? Someone trapped us that night.&34;

Louise&39;s words made Simon Capen, who was still wondering why they were kidnapped, furious to the

He was burning with anger that he wanted to tear Jessica into pieces.

&34;That woman is so vicious.How much does she give you? I will give you double today!&34;

Jessica, who originally watched them quietly, walked to Simon and kicked him in the chest after hearing
their words.

She was worried that they would be found out at first.

Now that she was irritated for their effrontery.

They acted in collusion to betray Jessica.

Seeing that Jessica still wanted to kick Simon, Ray immediately pulled Jessica aside and whispered in
her ear, &34;Jessica, calm down.Mr.Landy will take revenge for you later”

Jessica took a deep breath, and she didn&39;t hit Simon again.

Initially, she thought that Simon had betrayed her because it was true love between him and
Louise.Now that she thought about it was ridiculous.

If Simon loved Louise from the bottom of his heart, he would never let her be an underground lover for
so many years, nor would he deliberately say that someone trapped them.

This man was selfish and cowardly.

Jessica was grateful that she had seen the man&39;s true face in time and she felt inexplicably disgusted
for his past promises.

&34;lam going to kill both of you today, but now that you are true love, I suddenly change my mind.&34;

Timothy stood in front of Louise and Simon calmly, ready to dig a pit for them.

Although Simon was very scared, he pretended to be calm, &34;What do you want?&34;

However, his voice was trembling with fear.

&34;Lintend to let one of you leave safely.Give you three minutes to say your last goodbye.Then tell me
who lives and who dies.&34;

Timothy&39;s words went into Simon and Sandgren&39;s ears with the cold wind, making them shocked.

&34;I&39;ll give you three times the money.Believe me! I&39;ll give them to you right now.Here is my bank card
number and password.There are four or five million dollars in it.As long as you let me and Louise go,
this money is yours.I promise I won&39;t call the police to pursue your legal responsibility.&34;

Simon recoiled with trembled voice.

Louise felt uneasy and nervous either.How much money did these gangsters need to let them go?

&34;Jessica, if I escape this time, I will get it back double.’’ Louise thought to herself.

&34;We murders have our code of conduct.If I take your money, I will break the rule.Cut the crap.Who are
you two going to die for each other?&34;

Timothy took out a knife and put it directly on Louise&39;s cheek.

&34;Ah! Please don&39;t kill me! Please!&34; Louise screamed in fear.

&34;Simon, help me.They want to kill me.I don&39;t want to die.I have your child in my belly.I can&39;t die.&34;

&34;Stop, you bastards!&34;

Hearing Louise&39;s screams, Simon wanted to stand up, but his hands and feet were tied up, so he finally
fell to the ground awkwardly.

Timothy let go of Louise and stepped on Simon&39;s chest.

&34;I don&39;t have much time to watch you play the show of love.You still have one minute and a half
left.Hurry up and choose who will die for love, or both of you will die.&34; Louise shivered.

&34;Don&39;t kill us, please.It&39;s a society ruled by law now.If you kill us, you can&39;t get any money, and the
police will put you in prison”

Slap! Ray, standing at the side, couldn&39;t stand Louise any longer and slapped her on the face.

&34;Shut up, or else I&39;ll rape and kill you.&34;

Ray&39;s slap worked, and Louise no longer dared to reason with them.

&34;Simon, what should we do? Tell me, what should we do?&34;

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