Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 24: Wrong Guess

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&34;Timothy, how much wine did you drink?&34; Jessica flushed while she looked at Timothy&39;s honey-colored
pectoral muscles.

Then she shyly looked to the other side.

&34;Guess how much I drank&34;

&34;Half a bottle?&34; Timothy kissed her.

&34;Guess again.&34;

&34;A bottle?&34; Timothy kissed her again.


Jessica was furious.If she couldn&39;t guess out, would he keep kissing her? Seeing the woman puff up
her cheeks and look tsundere, Timothy got up from Jessica and held her steady.

&34;Jessica, if my family would bring you unhappiness or even danger, would you divorce me?&34; Timothy
hugged Jessica.

He had been away from the family for three years.

However, he knew that he would go back in the end.

However, Jessica was an accident in his life.

He didn&39;t want this woman to face everything he despised with him.

Jessica did not expect him to suddenly say this and looked a little nervous.

&34;Timothy, it is you who married me, not your family.You beat up Simon for me and helped me a lot.If it
weren&39;t for you, it wouldn&39;t be so easy for me to retaliate against Simon and the others.You don&39;t even
despise me.Why would I divorce you because of your family?&34; Jessica held Timothy&39;s hand.

She didn&39;t know why he said this but she was willing to go through all the difficulties with him.

&34;I really want to press you on the bed right now.’’ Timothy leaned closer to Jessica&39;s ear.

His sexy voice made her ears almost numb.

Jessica seemed to have made a big decision and her look fell on Timothy&39;s body.

&34;If you want, you can...&34;

Even Jessica could hardly hear her last words.

It was so embarrassing.

She had lived for more than 20 years and it was the first time she had said such explicit words to a

Timothy looked at Jessica while she was about to poke her chin into her chest.

&34;In that case, how are you going to film tomorrow?&34;

&34;You said as if you have the energy to insist a whole night.&34;

&34;Try it, huh?&34;

The dignity of a man was not to be trampled on, especially in that respect.

Before Jessica could realize what happened, her body was instantly held up.

Timothy carried her directly to the bed and then covered her with his strong body.

The man&39;s movements were unusually fleece this time, making Jessica so dizzy from the kiss.

She didn&39;t even know when her clothes were taken off.

The temperature in the room soared and it seemed like their late wedding night.

Outside the apartment, two sneaky figures kept swaying at the door.

Jacob took off the mask on his face and sighed while looking at the apartment in front of him, &34;Tsk, tsk,
tsk, the eldest young master of the Landy Group actually lives in such a place.It&39;s so embarrassing for
us to mention.&34;

Jesse, who was standing next to Jacob, said enviously, &34;The First Young Master is really capable.He
came out of the family penniless and bought a house in only three years.He is my idol.&34;

Jacob gave Jesse a kick.

&34;Bullshit.Call Mrs.Landy and tell her everything about my brother.&34;

Jesse showed an embarrassing expression and shook his head like a rattle drum.

&34;Second Young Master, call yourself if you want to.If I call rs.Landy, First Young Master will kill me.&34;

Jacob said with a fake smile, &34;If you don&39;t, I&39;ll kill you right now.&34;

In the end, Jesse could only take out his phone as if it was doomed.

The next day, Jessica got up from the bed, rubbing her sore waist.

Although Timothy, this timber wolf, did not torture her all night, he did it half a night! Jessica was so
angry that she kicked the one who was sleeping on the bed when she thought of how she begged for
mercy and cried under Timothy last night.

He really didn&39;t know how to control himself at all! Timothy looked at Jessica, who was walking
awkwardly with a half-smile, and said seemingly kindly, &34;Mrs.Landy, do you need me to serve you?&34;

Hearing the word &34;serve,&34; Jessica felt dizzy and her legs became even softer.

&34;No need!&34; Jessica felt so ill-affected.

Maybe it would become another kind of service if he served her himself.Jessica went to the washroom
and began to wash up.

Timothy also got up.

He had no idea of sleeping if his wife was not on the bed.

Just as Timothy was about to walk into the washroom, his phone rang.

His face darkened in an instant when he looked at the caller&39;s name.

Timothy glanced in the direction of the washroom and walked out of the balcony.

&34;Mom, what&39;s the matter?&34;

The man&39;s voice was low, revealing coldness and alienation.

&34;Do you still know that I exist? Timothy, you&39;ve been away for three years.If Jesse hadn&39;t called me last
night, I wouldn&39;t have known you were so close to us.It&39;s been three years.Why not come back now?
Mom really knew I was wrong about what happened back then.Besides, if you don&39;t come back, the

entire Landy Group may be taken away.It belongs to you and Jacob.I will never allow anyone else to
take a share.&34;

On the other end of the phone, the woman pleaded bitterly and there was even a vague sobbing tone.

The knuckles of Timothy&39;s hand, which was holding the phone, protruded, and there were faint white
marks around it.

&34;I&39;m not interested in the inheritance of the Landy Group at all&34;

&34;I know but are you willing to hand over the inheritance to someone else? If you inherit the Landy
Group and donate the whole thing to charity someday, I won&39;t say anything but the situation is different
now.If the Landy Group is given to someone else, we are all losers.I have been trampled on by that
person for so many years.Timothy, come back, please! I&39;m begging you now.&34;

&34;I have something else to do.I&39;m hanging up.’’ Timothy hung up the phone and turned it off.

He took out a cigarette and bit it in his mouth.

The blue light of the fire seemed to be extinguishing at any time in the morning fog.

The smoke blurred the man&39;s expression.

After Jessica washed up, she saw him leaning against the balcony and smoking.

His tall body bowed slightly and his long legs crossed which made him look unusually sinister.

&34;If you have something on your mind, you can tell me.&34; Jessica walked to the back of Timothy and
hugged him.

Since last night, she had felt that something was wrong with this man.

Timothy put out the cigarette in his hand and turned around to hug Jessica.

&34;You&39;re wearing so little.You would suffer a lot if you catch a cold.&34;

After that, he carried Jessica in his arms and went back to the room.

He took off the nightgown that Jessica was wearing and paused for a few seconds watching her body
before he began to dress her.

Jessica knew that the man didn&39;t want to tell her so she stopped asking.

It seemed that they had only known each other for three or five days.

Timothy showed a helpless look when he dressed Jessica and saw her obviously cold look.

He wanted to pinch her face but she dodged him.

&34;It&39;s getting late.I&39;m going to the set.&34;

After Jessica finished speaking, she casually put on a pair of shoes and walked towards the door.

&34;I&39;ll give you a ride.’’

&34;No need.&34;

Timothy Landy was speechless.

Jessica didn&39;t know why she was angry at Timothy for hiding something.


She really fell in love with this man.

She just felt really upset seeing he want to hide some truth.

Half an hour later on the set.

Jessica put aside the unhappiness in the morning.

She didn&39;t like to be emotional at work.

However, to Jessica’s surprise, Brant, Louise, and Simon appeared on the set early in the morning.

Simon was beaten badly yesterday.

Although his good-looking face was not bruised and swollen, there were obvious traces of being

&34;Dad, why are you here?&34;

Jessica felt very strange while looking at the man she had called &34;dad&34; for more than 20 years.

&34;Jessica, it&39;s okay if you don&39;t answer Simon&39;s phone but why don&39;t you answer my phone?&34;

Brant was finally relieved when he saw his daughter appear.

&34;Why should I answer the call from a cheating scumbag?&34; Jessica glanced at Simon coldly.

Simon instantly lowered his head perhaps because he felt guilty.

&34;Simon told dad about this.He really did something wrong.Therefore, I brought these two bastards to
apologize to you today.’ &34;Do you think it&39;s not embarrassing enough?&34;

Jessica looked at the slowly gathering crowd and her tone became a little cold.

Brant coughed softly.

&34;Shall we talk in the car?&34;

Jessica really wanted to leave without saying so much but she finally nodded stiffly when she thought
of her current situation.

If she let go of such scumbags and bitches and those who killed her mother so easily, the punishment
for them would be too lenient.

Therefore, Jessica got into the car with Brant.

As soon as she got into the car, Louise grabbed Jessica&39;s hand and tears fell down her face.

&34;Jessica, I&39;m sorry.I&39;m really sorry.I really don&39;t know what happened that night.Someone set me up with
Simon.We went to the hospital for a checkup and there was a drastic remedy in our bodies.If you don&39;t
believe me, I can show you the report.I really didn&39;t expect this to happen...&34;

&34;Dad, what do you want to say?&34;

Jessica didn&39;t even give Louise a look and looked straight at Brant.

&34;I know that you are very aggrieved as a victim and I&39;m also very angry after knowing this.No matter
whether it was designed or not, Simon and Louise really did something wrong to you.&34;

Brant seemed to be really heartache for her but his words suddenly changed in the next second, &34;The
two of them are hateful but there are other employees in the company who are innocent.We can&39;t let
the whole company pay for their mistakes.Our Sandgren family has also invested a lot of money in the
TY Group.From yesterday onwards, the shares of the company have been in a loss and now we have
lost several million&34;

&34;So, dad, what exactly are you trying to say?&34; Jessica frowned slightly.

It seemed that these people were trying to plot against her again.

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