Novel Name : Billionaire's Daring Wife

Chapter 25: Take the Blame

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&34;Jessica...Well, can you do it just one time for the Sandgren family and TY Company.Tell the media that
you and Simon broke up a long time ago.Louise is Simon&39;s girlfriend now.And Simon didn&39;t cheat on
you.This is the only way to cut our losses.&34;

When Brant had finished speaking, he looked at his daughter expectantly.

Jessica sneered, and her chest was heaving heavily.

She said in a mocking tone, &34;How much blame have I taken for Louise and TY Company in the past
three years? Are you used to letting me take the blame whenever bad things happen?&34;

How could they? Their shamelessness really crushed Jessica&39;s brain.

&34;I&39;m sorry.I know I&39;ve made things difficult for you, but Jessica, the Sandgren family required the
combined efforts of me and your mother.We can&39;t be dragged down by TY Company.’’ When saying
these, Brant&39;s expression was full of pain.

&34;It&39;s me, your father, who&39;s useless.I didn&39;t protect you well and made you suffer so much.I&39;m useless.&34;

&34;I can clarify the relationship between me and Simon’’ Jessica said.

This made the three pairs of eyes in the car kindle.

&34;Jessica, if you help TY go through this crisis, we will get married.&34; Simon said in an excited tone.

If it weren&39;t for him sitting in the back of the car, he might have hugged Jessica directly.

&34;I&39;m not done yet.&34;

Jessica glanced at Simon coldly.

&34;I can take the blame, but you have to give me 25% of TY&39;s shares.&34;


Simon froze, and his dark eyes looked especially funny for the astonishment.

&34;Jessica, did I just hear you right? 25% of TY?&34;

Is this some kind of joke? He only had 60% of the shares in his hands.

If he gave it to Jessica, he would only have 35%.

Although he still had the most shares, if someone wanted to buy his shares, his position as the CEO of
TY Group might be shaken.

&34;Well, if you don&39;t agree, forget it.I&39;m going to film now”

After Jessica finished speaking, she got out of the car.

In the past few years, she had done a lot for TY and even had more than half of the credit for Simon&39;s
position today.

So it&39;s not too much for her to ask for 25% of the shares.

If they wanted to plot against her and let her take the blame, they had to pay for it.

As soon as Jessica got out of the car and returned to her original seat, she found Justin sitting in her
chair playing with his cell phone.

&34;Your boyfriend cheated on you and found an artist in his company.Why don&39;t you cheat on him? I can
be you boyfriend.You should serve him with the same sauce.&34;

Justin said in a playful tone, and he looked Jessica several times up and down.

Louise couldn&39;t be compared with Jessica no matter in face or figure.

Any man would choose Jessica at first glance.

Simon really had a unique taste.

&34;I told you, I don&39;t play with second-hand&34; Jessica said.

&34;I&39;ve been a movie star since I was young.Even if it&39;s just a rumor, being with me is better than getting
some news with TY company, right? Jessica, are you blind? What&39;s wrong with second-hand?&34;

Justin was annoyed by Jessica&39;s indifferent and arrogant attitude.

His possessiveness raised suddenly.

He was curious about the day this woman was conquered and what would she look like.

&34;No, I preserve my moral integrity.&34;

Justin was totally despised by Jessica&39;s words.

Was it so embarrassing to be with him? In the morning, Jessica was playing with Doris.Jessica did not
think too much.

On the contrary, Doris gazed at her jealousy, just like her image in the script.

&34;Jessica, you vixen, you seduced Justin again this morning, didn’t you?&34;

Doris was so aggressive that every time she looked at Jessica, it was as if she was going to eat her

&34;Spend more time with your man.If it were me, I wouldn&39;t like women who are always suspicious.&34;

Jessica was holding the script and reciting the lines.

&34;Your...Your good time will come to an end soon.&34;

Doris hated the arrogance on Jessica the most, especially when she spoke gently and arrogantly.

Because this would make her feel despised.

Jessica ignored Doris&39;s words directly.

After a while, the shooting began.

Slap - Aloud sound of slap surprised Jessica and the other people.

In this scene, the lead Actress, Jessica was going to be slapped by the second actress, Doris.

Originally, the director planned to use misplaced photography, that is Doris could touch Jessica&39;s face

And adopted post-processing to achieve the wanted effect.

Who knew that Doris would actually give Jessica a slap? &34;Bitch, who told you to seduce our elder

After Doris finished speaking, her eyes were filled with the joy of revenge.

&34;Stop, stop.&34; the director called for a stop hurriedly.

&34;Doris, what&39;s wrong with you? Didn&39;t I tell you to give a fake slap?&34;

Doris withdrew her hand which felt a little numb for the slap, &34;Director, how can a fake slap reach a
realistic effect? As a qualified actress, I think it&39;s better not to treat the audience as fools.&34;

The other cast members began to whisper after her words.

&34;That&39;s right.We don&39;t even complain of the wind and rain.What&39;s wrong with a slap?&34;

&34;Shush, keep your voice down.I heard she has a strong background.&34;

&34;Money can do everything.Our entire crew is here to play with her.”

&34;Miss Wellons, please have a self-reflection before criticizing others acting skills.&34;

Kimi rushed to Jessica&39;s side and examined her flushed face, feeling distressed and angry.

She just left for a while yesterday? Why did Jessica come cross Doris, such an unruly and willful young
lady? The Wellons family is a famous family with a long history, and the Sandgren family can&39;t compare
with it.

&34;Kimi, I&39;m fine.’’ Jessica knew that if it weren&39;t for her, Kimi wouldn&39;t have talked to Doris like this.

It didn&39;t matter if she had a conflict with Doris.But if Kimi was hated by Doris, it&39;s not good for all of her

&34;I also think that as a qualified actor, you can&39;t treat the audience as fools.&34; Jessica smiled.

So, in this scene, Jessica was slapped more than ten times by Doris.

This scene could have be finished very quickly, but Doris caused all kinds of problems deliberately.

In the end, it was Justin, who was sitting by the side, couldn&39;t stand it anymore.

He rushed directly to Jessica and blocked Doris&39;s falling hand.

&34;Enough, don&39;t you think it&39;s embarrassing enough? I have nothing to do with Jessica, but you, Doris,
acting like a jealous shrew.I, Justin, will never like you.&34;

When saying these Justin&39;s eyes were full of indifference, and he looked at Doris as if he had never
known her before.

Doris watched in a daze as Justin took Jessica away.

She had punished no less than a dozen woman who had been a little close to Justin.

But no matter how she punished those people, Justin would not say anything.

However, because of Jessica, Justin not only take a good poke at her on the spot but also insulted her
with the most vicious words.

Doris looked grimly in the direction where Jessica and Justin left and bit her lips tightly.

In the lounge.

Justin threw a box of medicine into Jessica&39;s arms.

When he saw her red and swollen cheeks, his tone turned angrily obviously.

&34;Jessica, are you fucking stupid? Why did you let Doris tease you when you knew that she was on
purpose.’’ Jessica was the most beautiful actress Justin had ever seen and was also the most stupid
actress he had ever seen.

Jessica took the medicine and rubbed it on her face carefully.

&34;I have suffered all this today because of you.&34;

Jessica had explained her relationship with Justin for many times.

But Doris didn&39;t believe it, so there was nothing she could do.

The anger on Justin&39;s face subsided instantly.

He glared at Jessica and left the lounge finally.

Kimi hurried in, grabbed the medicine from Jessica&39;s hand, and helped her wipe it.

&34;Oh, my little girl, how did you get into trouble with Doris and Justin? I don&39;t think you&39;re taking the
revenge route, but self- destruction route.”

In the entertainment industry, no one didn&39;t know that Doris likes Justin.She even made the woman
who had an affair with Justin unable to get pregnant.

Getting involved in the relationship with these two was like hit the muzzle of the gun.

Jessica told Kimi what happened yesterday helplessly, and Kimi, who knew the truth, was also

In the end, she could only say, &34;Jessica, you really good at getting into this kind of trouble.’ Jessica...&34;

Because of the thing in the morning, Jessica, who had a swollen face, couldn&39;t act anymore and could
only read the script on the set.

Timothy called her near the afternoon.

&34;Mrs.Landy, are you still angry?&34;

The man’s deep and sexy voice was especially charming on the phone.

&34;Why are you angry?&34;

&34;In order to make up for my mistake, I wonder if Mrs.Landy can give me a chance to atone tonight?&34;

&34;You...You want me to be unable to get out of bed again?&34;

Hearing the word &34;Tonight,&34;

Jessica&39;s legs went limp.

A chuckle came from the other end of the phone.

&34;I want to treat you to dinner ‘’

Jessica:” ...&34;

What a humiliation.

After leaving the set, Jessica went straight to the place that Timothy said on the phone.

lt was a western restaurant with a good reputation.

When Jessica arrived, Timothy was already sitting there waiting for her.

Jessica walked to Timothy, and the man&39;s eagle-like eyes fell on her.

&34;What&39;s wrong with your face?&34;

Jessica said disapprovingly, &34;It was an accident.&34;

After that, without caring about Timothy&39;s expression, she lowered her head and began to eat the

&34;Why are you so incautious?&34;

&34;The steak is quite good&34;

Jessica did not answer Timothy&39;s question and began to eat by herself.Seeing that Jessica didn&39;t want
to explain, Timothy was speechless.

The woman was still angry about what happened this morning.

&34;Jessica, give me some time.I&39;ll tell you everything.It&39;s good to know only some things.&34;

Timothy cut the steak in front of him while he was talking.

Then he changed his to Jessica&39;s steak and let Jessica eat the one he cut already.

&34;Oh, I won&39;t force you if you don&39;t want to say it.&34;

Jessica did not look up from the beginning to the end.

Timothy was amused by her appearance like a little girl and he had no choice but to say finally, &34;Don&39;t
you want to know how I play a trick on others? Hurry up and eat.I&39;ll take you to have a look “

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